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Max and the Crew
Our son Max, left, joking with the camera crew. Enjoy a free subscription to French Word-A-Day via Email or RSS 

émission (ay me syon) noun, feminine

: transmission (television), broadcasting; program; emission (sound, fluid)

Audio File and Example Sentence listen to 15-year-old Max pronounce these words: Download MP3 orWAV

Jean-Marc va à Marseille pour l'enregistrement d'une emission télé.
Jean-Marc is going to Marseilles to tape a television program.


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse
"Chief Grape goes to Follywood"

Not everything that could go wrong did... and only a few mésaventures yesterday morning when a film crew showed up at our winery. 


Par exemple, I hadn't planned to mop the floor (minding all those camera cords) minutes before the interview, but who could blame Smokey for loosing his "waters," what with all the commotion?

(Can you see Mama Braise in the background?)


While the équipe de France 3 scoped the property, my husband—for whom all this mise-en-scène came about (he will be appearing soon on a TV program called "Talent")—had a word with me:

"C'est bon, chérie," that's good enough, Dear, Jean-Marc said, shooing me away from the balai espagnol and the wet kitchen tiles in time to get fitted with a microphone. It was time to chat with the interviewer... about Chief Grape, our talented winemaker!

(Notice the pink rose trémière or hollyhock... one must always stop and look at the roses. By the way, it is September 1st and this beauty is still giving us flowers—since the second week of June! P.S.: meet the crew: Frédéric (above, left) and Franco, right and below, left. Jeff, below (middle) and Hervé, right)

So far the set is looking good, and the crew, too! Only one thing they forgot to bring... a make-up artist!

"Pas de souci!" I dashed back through the kitchen, over the wet floor, and up the stairs to fetch my trousse de toilette. Returning with a powder and a giant brush, I dusted the journalist


"Sérieusment," I said to the crew, "si vous avez besoin d'une maquilleuse... je suis disponible!" If you need a make-up artist—I'm yours!  


Instead they politely asked me to take a seat.... C'est l'heure!

I told Hervé, pictured above, middle--arms in the air--that he was just begging to be tickled guili-guili, standing there like that. Teasing the lighting engineer and the crew helped ease any green-room jitters (the green room being all those grape vines in the fields beyond.)


After a half-dozen takes—illico presto!—we were done. Next, they wanted our son!

Max, right, talking about life as a winemaker's son.


Meantime, Chief Grape (right), Mama Braise, and Alexis (Jean-Marc's apprentice) carry on. A farmer's work (seemingly glamorous) is never done!

Post note: For those of you who live in the South of France, you might tune in to France 3's émission "Talent" on September 25th at 4:15!  And many thanks to Jeff, Franco, Frédéric, and Hervé for coming out here to film us!

Le Coin Commentaires
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French Vocabulary

une mésaventure = mishap

par exemple
= for example

l' équipe (f) de France 3
= the team at France 3  

la mise-en-scène = the stage setting 
la balai espagnol = mop

pas de souci = no worries

C'est l'heure = It's time

le guili-guili = tickle tickle 

la trousse de toilette = makeup bag (also toiletry case) 

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Jean-Marc was not interviewed for this segment. Here he is, taking a break from cellar work. The swelling around his eye (from the wasp sting) has gone down....

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This is such a fun blog! And what a great post!

Margaret Dennis


What fun! As luck would have it, we will be in Provence on September 25. Our check in at the house is 4:00 so we will have to rush through that so we can be in front of the TV at 4:15! Do you know if the will run the show again in case we miss it?

Love the picture of Braise filtered by Smokey's collar.

Margaret in yes, hot and humid Durham, NC. Will it ever end?

Angela Sargent

Nice to see the hirondelle in the background of the photo of you applying the make-up to the camera crew!
Angela - just back from Normandy.sunny day here in England

Jon Foster


Once your TV program airs, why don't you see if you can get a copy and post it somewhere (a link on your site?) so your "global fans" can see your world? Not sure if you mentioned your blog and your reach beyond France.... The TV people would be interested in reaching a greater audience. (I was a former news cameraman and would love to see this program!)


C'est une poste magnifique! We love your blog here in the hills of Massachusetts. We read and dream.


How do you say the entire phrase?

"He was just begging to be tickled."


What a fun 'episode' at Domain Espinasse!

But watch out, Kristin- I know from experience it can take only one encounter with a camera crew for someone like Max to be totally sucked into the Film/Video business!

The same thing sort of happened to me.

And once I saw those guys in action-I was in! and had to have a career in the Film Business......albeit I've traveled and worked all over the USA......never worked France, tho.

Good Luck!


I agree with a previous poster who stated it would be great if we, your global audience, could have access to the TV program.

I love your blog, not only your wonderful stories but your interesting and fun photography.

Herm in Phoenix, Az

Salut Kristin,

Great post! It was great to get a glimpse of your world.

Yesterday, I made your “le gâteau au yaourt” with one variation. I folded three containers of fresh blueberries into the batter. It turned out SUPER! Thanks!

À bientôt,

Jeri Famighetti

Do you know if the program will be shown on TV5 for those of us not lucky enough to be in Provence?

Candy in SW KS

How exciting! Your family will be "celebre" - les etoiles! Of course, we already think you are, without the TV press. Glad to see Jean-Marc and Smokey healing. I do hope you can find us a link to the "emission". Merci et bonne chance avec la vendange. (Another HOT day starting here in SW KS - but I'm off to cool CO for the weekend! hooray!)

Tamara Dever

What fun for the family! Congratulations on this television exposure. I hope you all enjoy watching the segment. Thanks for continuing to allow us into your always interesting personal lives. Blessings!


Bonjour and merci for these kind words!

Margaret, I don't think it will re-run -- at least that is what the interviewer replied when I asked the same question.

Jeri, I doubt it will be on TV5 as this particular emission is a regional one (covering Mediterranean France only)

Herm, I'm on my way to the grocery store and will be looking out for berries! Thanks!

Sonja and Jon, I will try to get a link to the segment - thanks for asking.

Candy, "He was just begging to be tickled" might be something like: "mais là--vous criez pour les guili-guili." Maybe Newforest can help, for I can't remember how I said it (or perhaps: bras en l'air comme ça, vous êtes en train de demander les guili-guili!"

Angela, And I was wondering if that was an Hirondelle. Glad you pointed it out!


Kristin, you look great! I wish I would be there to see the show. Maybe we can find a link on the wonderful world of online. Hope you are enjoying your day!


Can you get a copy of the program and attach it to this website or as a YouTube movie? that would be awesome. SO now that you've gone Hollywood on us, will we still be hearing from, you? Don't forget your faithful fams from when you were an "unknown"! ha


That is a great idea Jeanne!



How very Anthony Bourdain de votre emission!
Love his show and just saw the making of a recent shoot in India. Your pictures of your shoot looked very similar. But I digress.........
I will be in Cap Martin, my yearly month on the Rivier, Sept. 25 and hope my little house has France 3. Hope so. Now on my list of things to do in France.
Smokey is looking great! Great reflection shot.
Have a good week Kristin.


Those pictures . . . the sun, the vines, la reportage, YOU and your family.... it makes me want to twirl around three times, click my heels and I would be magically transported to Domaine Rouge-Bleu. Truly, xo R

Jacqui McCargar

On my way to Provence Monday, not picking grapes this time...just visiting my favorite place! See you and Chef Grape in a couple of weeks! Can't wait!


Beautiful.......what a handsome son!! And now on television. Thanks for sharing a great day. Smokey is still wearing the cone?? Such a good boy.

Julie Dufaj

It sounds like it was one exciting day, and I hope it brings a hundred thousand more customers to you!
P.S. You are one beautiful family.


What fun Kristine, congratulations! Wish we could see the emission here in the US. Have a great one! xo

Marianne Rankin

I loved the scenery, as well as scenes, from this post. Along with everyone else, I'm hoping there will be a way for us to eventually view the program. Since videos have been on the Rouge-Bleu website in the past, could the France 3 show somehow be shown there, if not on the blog?

Good luck with the vendange as it gets under way.


How fun is that?! I wish I could see the program. Max look's comfortable in front of the camera's :)
Plus you can now add "make up artist" to your business card ;)
Glad to see that Smoky's progressed to a clear-er cone for a while.
Enjoy the busy,fun filled time of year!

joie  carmel,ca

how exciting! Could you ask the tv station if you could tape it and post it on your for all of us over the water.


How exciting for all of you! It certainly is a busy time chez toi!

By the way, I notice Smokey has a new "bonnet". Very fetching! Seriously, I hope he'll be able to go without it soon.


I'm sure that if you ask you should be able to get a copy of the TV 3 segment. I was part of a TV 3 interview once and I have a copy of the footage, so you should be able to get a copy of your segment, and then maybe you could post it on YouTube. We'd all love to see it.

Alicia Deavens

If you can, please post some of the video on YouTube!! It would be a treat for me to watch it. Thanks

Pat Cargill

Big day at Domaine Rouge-Bleu! Les etoiles! Hope this can somehow be linked to youtube...would love to see it.

Darling Smokey B Dokey - Well, I see, chere one that you did NOT get your Lizzybeathan collar fact, it appears you have a new collar apparently made from a tougher, more resilient fiber! But you - you with your ways and means, I am sure you will find a way to foil the vets et famille. Oh, yes, of course let me remind you: je t'adore, bisous, bisous, Auntie Pat

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin!
How exciting! I wish we could see "Talent" here in the states. I love the photo of you dusting the bald man's head....looks like he is enjoying it! Wow...I did not recognize your brother-in-law the other day. He looks so much like Jean Marc!


Salut Kristin!
I have been reading about your belle mere plusieurs fois, so I'm finally writing to you. I know its a very late post but I cant stop myself now. I loved your story and it reminds me of my grandmother. She is 74 and really active.She washes her clothes and never allows us to do her laundry in machine a laver.Although she sometimes is quite angry with my mom but its okay. She never minds it and continues to bake her favorite saffron-cardamom cake whenever my granny tells her to. I love it when she takes a slice of cake, takes a mouthful(she has no teeth) and closes her eyes enjoying it thoroughly.She never appreciates my mom or her delicious food but eats well if she likes a particular dish so we always know.She demands that I bake a cake for her(indirectly saying that my mom should do it as she is a great cook). She tells us incidents of her childhood, re-living them in her mind, and we all love to sit with her. I thank god for her.
Now-a-days, the belle-fille here in India either leaves the poor belle-mere in old-age home or shifts to some far-off city to avoid taking care of her. It seems cruel to do this as usually the belle mere is already old at the time of her son's marriage and needs a hand of support every time she does the work.
Its good of you to be with your belle mere and spend some quality time with her.
I love dear Smokey and mother Braise.I lost my pet parrot,Johnny,on 10th May.He was just a yr and 5 months old and the most amazing bird I ever saw. He'll always remain in our hearts. Tears of remembrance are all thats left. We got him buried with his favorite bed sheet. He used to sleep with this green bed sheet covering his cage.
I would like to share my memories and incidents related to Johnny with everyone. Do you think I should write a blog or something? Whats the best way to do this?


Fun post today! I just can't believe how your son has grown, and his voice has changed. I will miss that young boy voice!

New Orleans, beautiful weather today, the temps and the humidity are down a bit, with sunshine!

Karen W  (Towson, Maryland)

Love the photo journal aspect of this post as well as the exciting and humorous story.

You guys are STARS!


Thanks, Kristin.

Carolyn Tate

Dear Kristin
Love your blog! We're from Australia and have only just started our own French adventure for four months. Its just me and my son Billy. We are living in Aix and Billy is going to the IBS school of Provence and I am writing my next book. We'd love to visit your winery. Not sure where you are but would be great to connect.
Warmest regards
Carolyn and Billy


Regarding how you said to crew member that he was "just begging to be tickled," I would say, "les bras en l'air comme ça, vraiment, vous les cherchez, les guili-guilis!" Or even, "les bras en l'air comme ça, vraiment, on dirait que vous flirtez avec les guili-guilis!"


Have you looked into a YouTube channel for Rouge-Bleu or for French-Word-A-Day? I understand they're free and it would be a great companion for either/both sites!

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, Marshall. I have looked into a youtube channel. So far this is the only video available:

For videos from Jean-Marc, check out his site, where he post videos.

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