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Max and the Crew
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émission (ay me syon) noun, feminine

: transmission (television), broadcasting; program; emission (sound, fluid)

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Jean-Marc va à Marseille pour l'enregistrement d'une emission télé.
Jean-Marc is going to Marseilles to tape a television program.


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse
"Chief Grape goes to Follywood"

Not everything that could go wrong did... and only a few mésaventures yesterday morning when a film crew showed up at our winery. 


Par exemple, I hadn't planned to mop the floor (minding all those camera cords) minutes before the interview, but who could blame Smokey for loosing his "waters," what with all the commotion?

(Can you see Mama Braise in the background?)


While the équipe de France 3 scoped the property, my husband—for whom all this mise-en-scène came about (he will be appearing soon on a TV program called "Talent")—had a word with me:

"C'est bon, chérie," that's good enough, Dear, Jean-Marc said, shooing me away from the balai espagnol and the wet kitchen tiles in time to get fitted with a microphone. It was time to chat with the interviewer... about Chief Grape, our talented winemaker!

(Notice the pink rose trémière or hollyhock... one must always stop and look at the roses. By the way, it is September 1st and this beauty is still giving us flowers—since the second week of June! P.S.: meet the crew: Frédéric (above, left) and Franco, right and below, left. Jeff, below (middle) and Hervé, right)

So far the set is looking good, and the crew, too! Only one thing they forgot to bring... a make-up artist!

"Pas de souci!" I dashed back through the kitchen, over the wet floor, and up the stairs to fetch my trousse de toilette. Returning with a powder and a giant brush, I dusted the journalist


"Sérieusment," I said to the crew, "si vous avez besoin d'une maquilleuse... je suis disponible!" If you need a make-up artist—I'm yours!  


Instead they politely asked me to take a seat.... C'est l'heure!

I told Hervé, pictured above, middle--arms in the air--that he was just begging to be tickled guili-guili, standing there like that. Teasing the lighting engineer and the crew helped ease any green-room jitters (the green room being all those grape vines in the fields beyond.)


After a half-dozen takes—illico presto!—we were done. Next, they wanted our son!

Max, right, talking about life as a winemaker's son.


Meantime, Chief Grape (right), Mama Braise, and Alexis (Jean-Marc's apprentice) carry on. A farmer's work (seemingly glamorous) is never done!

Post note: For those of you who live in the South of France, you might tune in to France 3's émission "Talent" on September 25th at 4:15!  And many thanks to Jeff, Franco, Frédéric, and Hervé for coming out here to film us!

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French Vocabulary

une mésaventure = mishap

par exemple
= for example

l' équipe (f) de France 3
= the team at France 3  

la mise-en-scène = the stage setting 
la balai espagnol = mop

pas de souci = no worries

C'est l'heure = It's time

le guili-guili = tickle tickle 

la trousse de toilette = makeup bag (also toiletry case) 

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Jean-Marc was not interviewed for this segment. Here he is, taking a break from cellar work. The swelling around his eye (from the wasp sting) has gone down....

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