pouet pouet

Window in Bollene (c) Kristin Espinasse
Breast Cancer Awareness Day is everyday. Read on—and honk!

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pouet pouet (poohet poohet) onomatopoetic

    : beep! beep!, honk honk (klaxon, honk)

also spelled pouet-pouet
...and the expression pouet pouet camembert. Would anyone like to translate it, here?


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

I started a prayer list this week after learning that yet another friend has cancer. 

Je suis navrée, very sorry, if the following video is not to your taste, or goût, but it sure does have its effect! So pouet-pouet! honk-honk! listen in: do not forget to breast examine; there is the daily monthly check up (à faire soi-même, and also the yearly (or every otherly) visit to the physician!

The following zany video, titled "Pouet-Pouet" for French audiences, is a blaring reminder about le cancer du sein. Share it with a friend and click here to view the campaign klaxonnant if you are reading this letter via email. 

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French Vocabulary

je suis navré(e) = I am very sorry

le goût = taste

à faire soi-même = to do oneself

pouet-pouet! = beep-beep!

le cancer du sein = breast cancer

klaxonnant = honking 

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