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préservatif (preh sair vah teef) noun, masculine

    : contraceptive, condom  => synonym: capote


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

When Max returned from school waving a stamp-size packet containing a... well a... that is a... contraceptive device, I held my breath until he explained: "...every kid got one—they were handing them out at school." OK, so it was sex ed day for 7th graders.  I could almost deal with that without hyperventilating.

But when my daughter returned home, two years later (last week) with the same "hand-out", well, enough was enough was enough!   

So that's it! I thought, the school has taken matters into their own hands, as if we parents were going to chicken out of our parental "Birds and Bees" duty!

On second thought... chickens, birds, bees — good the school's straightening out things, which is more than she can say, this here chickadee.


As for the throes of passion, for which such a device exists, I shared some supplementary instructions with my teenagers (information such as one might find on a carton of milk): "best after marriage". Well, it was worth a try.

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