Aussi Froid Que Le Cul d'Un Mort
Je T'aime

A la recherche du temps perdu

                                                   "Jules & Frida."

À la recherche du temps perdu

    : in search of lost time; remembrance of things past*

*One of the English translations to Proust's famous "A la recherche du temps perdu". Have you read it? Pick up a copy, here.

A Day in a Mexican Life... by Kristin Espinasse

In Search of Lost Time

On this journey I had the privilege to get to know my step-dad, who, all these years I misunderstood.

After asking John for his forgiveness, I listened meekly for his reply.

John answered, with a twinkle in his eye.

"Kristi, one thing you will discover about Mexico, is that the expats here are either "Wanted"... or Not Wanted."

With that, John confided, "Something I have learned in life is that everything changes. What's important is to be grateful for every moment."




"Angel Wings". When John presented me with this delicate poncho, I realized I had recovered those lost wings.

This story was written in February 2011. We are sad to say that John passed away on August 7th, 2016. Thank you for taking the time to read the story, HERE


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Frank Levin

What a great day! Wow!

Bill in St. Paul

John's a wise man. Love Jules' cape in the first picture.

Paula Behnken

Beautiful post! Thanks, you made my day.


Kristin, isn't forgiveness wonderful? It lightens and cleanses the heart. It can bring us closer to God, not to mention he or she who is forgiven. Good for you!!


Forgiveness is a powerful and liberating state of being. So many blessing on this trip. Thanks for sharing.

Mike Hardcastle

It's always good to clear a bad situation and best done as quickly as possible. I'm sure that by resolving your misunderstanding with John you have also increased the happiness of your mom.

Best wishes,



wow indeed........

Margie Smith

Your wonderful journey brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve.


Lynell K

You have made my day yet again. These gifts with your mother have had be captivated and in ahhhh! Such a wonderful time to share! Thank you!!!

Karen from Phoenix, AZ

So Beautiful!

Claudette Kunsay

Olà Kristin ! Un voyage dans le temps, un voyage merveilleux qui vs a fait retrouver vos ailes et votre beau-papa ! Je suis si heureuse pour vous ! A trip très "fructueux"
en sentiments.... Et le coeur de maman Jules doit vraiment sourire de bonheur !
J'adore votre puncho Kristine !!!! Et vous êtes très jolie le portant !
Clo de Sutton, QC



Lawrence J. Krakauer

Hi, Kristin. I enjoyed this blog entry, particularly the beautiful pictures of you in Mexico, with a halo and wings!

I played with the Proust title in both English and French in my own blog entry, “Remembrance of things breast (À la recherche des seins perdus)". It's about my wife Margie's successful battle with breast cancer, which, after a mastectomy, has not returned in 25 years. It can be seen at:

You're my blogging idol. I post to my blog only once a week, not three times a week like you.

- Larry

Lawrence J. Krakauer


Many years ago,I too had a reconciliation with my stepfather who I had "misunderstood" for too long. It was such a gift to my Mother to know that --and will bring much happiness to your lovely Mom too. Good for you !

Jeanne of Maumee, OH

How wonderful that you are a family again. I love your poncho and the one of Frieda Kahlo on your mother! Fabulous. J

Candy in SW KS

And now you have new wings - a new beginning. How wonderful!

judith dunn

Your reconciliation with your step-father brought tears to my eyes, as I believe you are such a loving and giving person... and that came back to you from him! His adage... of CARPE DIEM. .. is wisdom we all need to embrace... we are here in this time and place but for a fleeting instant...the three of you have bonded with love and respect for one another.... How touching and wonderful... and a lovely poncho to treasure and a keepsake... I love you word day and admired your 'true grit'! Judi Dunn

Suzanne Laws

Ain't life grand (Pardon my poor English, but it just has to be said that way!)

Mary Paulson

Kristin, you have a beautiful story here. So
gently told. Surely there is a book in you.
One that I would definitely read.


Pat Cargill

Quelle good day. Beautiful poncho and lovely remembrance--so happy for all of you.


Hi Kristin:

A very beautiful touching story. Thank you for sharing this personal occurance with us. It's a great lesson to be learned.


from Canada

Eileen deCammp

Hi Kristin,
It was nice that you were able to reconcile with your step-dad. Nice picture of the three of you. Tell us about the winged sculpture please.

Marianne Rankin

Mr. Krakauer, thanks for the link to your site. I read about Margie, and am so happy her treatments worked. I love happy endings.

Similarly, I'm so glad the relationship issues were worked out, so that Kristin, Mom, and John are on a new plane, and I wish you many more joyful days together.

Carole Buschmann

For those of us so fortunate to catch hold of the life as you live it, and discover new revelations of a life as you live through it. Thank you for revealing your discoveries. I think this is your book, it is complete the manner in which you currently write is lovely.

Carmen Clarke

Happy for you and John

Vance Anderson-Inks

Hi Kristin,
I spent 12 years in Mexico, and now David has passed to his own heaven. I have known both your Mom and John for that same time, John is right, we are either there out of our own choice, or some one else' choice. I consider both John, and Jules friends. we became the old timers, a rare elite little group. I am happy to see that Photo of the three of you. I hope you saw behind the veil, and saw the real story, and how much you mean to both of them. Also, how much those few of us that hang around, share, and everyone becomes "our Family. With very fond regards. Vance.


Such a wonderful post Kristin.
Thanks. xoCandice

la voisine

Quels beaux sourires sur la photo !

Karen W  (Towson, Maryland)

... and - all is right with the world. I love that you've shared this with us.

Acceptance, understanding and wisdom seem to come with maturity. As a step-mother, I am happy and hopeful to see that preconceived notions have the potential to fade with time.

Ophelia in Nashville

What a memorable trip this will be on so many levels. Your openness is amazing.

Beautiful photos, too.

Barry doughty

As a Step-Father for 40 years I have always lived by the rule..." to get things to change FOR have to make the change in yourself " I advocated this to the children and now to the grandchildren..
Whether they took the advice or not ?... only time will tell.
It looks like some change has come about in your own thinking.
Good for you !!!

Barry (Toronto)


i am blessed to be able to share in your story and walk with you through all of life's changes, struggles, and uplifting moments. you are very special and i love your writing "voice." Your mother is beautiful (as are you!!) and John is handsome. have they found joy in Mexico? do they (and you) ever struggle or have homesickness issues living/being outside the U.S.? i ask because in my travels i have found other countries that feel "good" to me.

Julie Schorr

Wonderful story and I enjoyed the pictures so much. You will treasure your time with your mom and step-father. Your beautiful poncho will be a reminder of many things you experienced.

Christine Dashper

This is really special Kristin, I am happy for the three of you.


Wonderful and very nice pictures


yes, a very special post. And Mexico is a special place.

I think FAMILY is the most important thing there is in this imperfect

Dorothy, in Abbotsford, Canada

P.S. Am I your only ATHEIST reader?


It matters not the circumstance , all that. truly matters in this life is "Family is everything".

K Lawrence Joyce

Kristin, It takes great courage to admit to our errors from the past. This is a true sign of humility. I admire your new paradigm that you and John have accompli.

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