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What to Do in Lyon? / Que Faire a Lyon?


How to Dress Like a French Woman (c) Kristin Espinasse
How to Dress Like A Frenchwoman? I can't help you with that one, but you'll find answers to many more common questions in today's FAQ edition.

Do you have any tips on learning the French language?

Homemade flash cards and repetition were helpful to me. And don't miss these excellent ideas from readers: Best Tips For Learning French.  

I'm looking for a language program in France. What can you recommend?

I cannot personally recommend any programs; however, many of our readers have attended a language school in France and may be able to recommend something in the comments box, below.  

I am planning a trip to France. Which towns should I visit?

Check out these readers recommendations for some popular cities: like Paris and Aix-en-Provence.... and you'll find hundreds of villages mentioned in the stories here at the blog. Check out the French destinations category... and scroll down the pages!

Do you know of any gîtes, B&B, charming hotels, or home rentals?

You will find some homes and apartments listed in the sponsor section, at the top of the blog post or just after the story column. Home owners in France - to list your French rental, contact kristin.espinasse AT gmail.com

I have written a book and would like you to read it or endorse it or promote it:

I wish I could help but the best I can to is encourage you to have your manuscript read by friends, family, and professionals (there are many editing services listed online, see the new search box below).

I am looking for a French pen pal for my child. Would Max or Jackie be interested in corresponding?

Jackie currently has a pen pal—one to whom she owes a letter! (And Max isn't much better at keeping up with writing--beyond what is required for his heavy school curriculum.) If any readers out there might recommend a pen-pal site... answers are welcome in the comments box!

May I visit your vineyard? May I bring a group?

To visit Domaine Rouge-Bleu, please contact the new owners via the website.

I would like to purchase your wine in the States/in Europe/in Malaysia.... can you tell me where to find a bottle?

Contact my husband, Jean-Marc, via his site Mas Des Brun, which will also update you on our vineyard and olive farm. 

How did you meet your husband and was it difficult to adapt to France?

I met Jean-Marc at Le Mistral and yes, it was very, very difficult to adapt--but things got much easier when I began sharing stories. Please read them here or here.

You still haven't answered my question!
Sorry about that. Which question? Thank you for asking it here in the comments box

Even more questions? For your convenience, I am including this cool Google search box. I'm addicted to Google search, and to typing in questions ranging from "How to mourn a cat?" to, less eloquently "What to do when lose temper?" (Google told me to apologize...) 

Kristin and Jules
(Photo of Kristin, left, and Jules aka "Mom".) In other news, I've been working on gardening... or, rather, the garden section here at the blog. Check it out.

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