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Joyeux Anniversaire, Chief Grape!

Jean-Marc Espinasse
"Vintage 1967"

Joyeux Anniversaire, Chief Grape! To leave a birthday wish for Jean-Marc, click here.


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Jens, Copenhagen, Denmark

Have already been congratulating Chief Grape on Facebook, but a good thing can't be done too many times:

Happy Birthday - Bon Anniversaire - Tillykke med fødselsdagen.

(The last wish is how we say it here in Hamlet's and Hans Christian Andersen's country).

Betty Gleason

Happy, happy birthday!!!! Hope it's the best one yet!


French has already been used, so I will wish you einen froehlichen Geburtstag!


Bon Anniversaire from your Aussie cheer squad!


Happy Birthday!

Eileen deCamp

Joyeux Anniversaire Jean-Marc!

Alyssa Ross Eppich

Joyeux Anniversaire, Chef Grape! D'Alyssa en Maine, USA. Venez nous visiter ici dans le Maine!

Suzanne, Monroe Twp., NJ

Bon Anniversaire, Jean-Marc. It cannot be wished too many times. I hope the day and the year are filled with celebration!

Kate Dawson-taylor

Happy Birthday Jean-Marc,always happy memories of you and your dear family.Congratulations for all you are achieving.Have fun,love from Kate and David D-T.


Joyeux Anniversaire, Chef Grape! I think I'll help celebrate by opening a bottle of Mistral this evening.

[Jens: thanks for the Danish translation!]

Carolyn Mitchell

Happy Birthday, Jean-Marc! We're thinking of you... Much love, the Minneapolis Mitchells

Amanda Blue

Happy Birthday, Jean-Marc!

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Thanks to my lovely wife to have posted this great picture (taken in Chateauneuf du Pape a bit before I decided to be a "Chief Grape")and thank you all for your wishing messages.

Debbi and Steve Estes

Best birthday wishes, Jean-Marc.


Hello Jean-Marc,
This wonderful picture says a lot about the one who is now well known as "Chief Grape".

Bon anniversaire!
Heureux anniversaire!
Joyeux anniversaire!
Tous mes meilleurs souhaits, arrosés de champagne.

Have a wonderful time with your family. They all are so proud of you.

Lee Isbell

Bon anniversaire, Jean-Marc.
I hope to be seeing you in the summer.

Sandy maberly

Mark and I toasted your Birthday a day early with our last bottle of Dentelle last night. I just finished ordering another mixed case about 15 minutes ago! That should make us both happy! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Voie de Vie

Joyeux Anniversaire, happy birthday ... awe heck, cheers! to the Chief Chef Grape.

May it be another wonderful year.

Jennifer in OR

Happy Birthday to J-M!! Great vintage. Great photo of the vines, hills, and bucket full of future wine.


Happy Birthday Jean-Marc, you sexy Frenchman!!!!

Happy Birthday to warm soul, genuine and much loved. We toast to your good health and prosperity. Kim, Steve and Jack

Lynn at Southern Fried French

Happy Birthday Jean-Marc, from Lynn and Ron. You look as cool as ever!


Joyeux Anniversaire from England!
Have a lovely day.

Ma from Brasil

Joyeux Anniversaire!Beaucoup de bonheur!
Feliz Aniversário!Bisous du Brèsil! ;-)


It's mine also
Hope you're having a good one!
Bronwyn in Dubai

Bill in St. Paul

Happy birthday, Jean-Marc. I'm sorry to have missed you when you were in St. Paul, but we were in Massachusetts, maybe we'll stop by in May when we're in Provence for a couple of weeks.

lee kamman

very happy birthday. I enjoyed meeting you in St. Paul.


a very happy birthday - may you have many more happy years.

or in Afrikaans :
Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag

Beth Vosoba

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday. It was nice to see you in DC.

Sue J.

Salut, Jean-Marc, et Bon anniversaire.


Bon anniversaire Jean-Marc! Amusez-vous bien ce jour ci, mais ne buvez pas trop de vin!


Happy Birthday Jean-Marc, I'll send a toast to you with a special chocolate!

Katie Dyer

Joyeux anniversaire, Jean-Marc.

Suzanne Codi, Washington, DC

Happy belated birthday Chief Grape, and to many more fruitful years doing what you love, which is the secret to a long and happy life!
A cet ete, on espere!
Suzanne, Charlie et Lily

Rick (in Okmulgee, Oklahoma USA

Happy Birthday! Jean-Marc...

Robin Katsaros

Like fine wine, the Chief Grape gets better, smoother and finer with age . . . here's to many more! Hugs, Robin

Jack barnathan

enjoy your special day Jean-Marc!

Diane Kish

Happiest of Birthdays, Jean-Marc!

Frank Levin

Happy birthday Jean-Marc. I hope your American tour was a successful and enjoyable one. We are sorry to have missed your Oregon stop.

L. M. Davies

Happy Birthday, Big Guy! Sorry we missed you on your last trip to NY. Best wishes for the coming year to you, your family and your vines!


Happy Birthday Jean Marc! And many happy returns! We wish you much love, joy, and happiness all of your days.


Happy Birthday Monsieur Chief Grape :)),

wishing all the best for you and continuous great success with the vines!


Happy Birthday, and here's to many more years of vines and wines.

Lee& maureen

Cher Jean-Marc, we should have celebrated your birthday in Asheville! We will have another chance when you visit us at our Gite in May.
We hope this is your BEST year yet!!
Lots of love,
Many hugs and kisses,
Maureen & Lee
Sunset Beach, NC

avril rustage-johnston

Joyeux Anniversaire, Jean-Marc. You're not just getting older, you're getting sexier :o)

Linda in Texas

Feliz Cumpleanos Jean-Marc!


Je suis en retard. J'espère que la famille vous a traité comme un roi hier, Chief Grape! :D

Belated Happy Birthday!

Michael Wrenn

Cher Jean-Marc, un petit coucou de la Napa Valley pour vous souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire. J'attends avec grande anticipation notre visite chez vous début juillet.

Wendy Patterson

Bon Anniversaire to a Gorgeous Guy, Chief Grape, also known as Jean-Marc!


Happy Birthday to your Husband Kristin y que cumpla muchos mas!

Myra Wood

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Jean-Marc!
Happy Birthday to you!
I'm sure you'll get that birthday song with cake and candles tonight! Enjoy!
New Orleans, LA
A bit of sunshine peeping through the clouds after an amazingly gigantic lightening and thunderstorm yesterday evening!


Happy Birthday á vous!

Jean Lillibridge

Happy Birthday Jean-Marc from your friends in Shreveport

Les frères Christian

Quelle bêtise!
Nous avons oublié ta fête.
Nous demandons pardon et offrons nos meilleurs voeux pour une bonne santé etc.

Ad multos annos,
Chris et George


Better late than never, n'est-ce pas? J'espere que vous avez passe une journee tres tres joyeuse. Joyeux anniversaire!

Mona et ses chats

Cheryl Alters Jamison

Sante to you Jean-Marc, and bisous to your lovely family too, from both Bill and me. Hoping that our paths cross again before long on one side of the Atlantic or the other!


Joyeux anniversaire from Texas,
May this one be the best ever.

Peter & Margaret Pigeon

Joyeux Anniversaire, Jean- Marc. We will toast your birthday with a fabulous bottle of "Lunatic".

Diane Heinecke

Bon anniversaire, Jean-Marc, Chef de raisins! Je vous souhaite la santé, la réussite, et le bonheur. Félicitations.

Diane Heinecke

Bon anniversaire, Jean-Marc, Chef de raisins. Je vous souhaite la santé, la réussite, et le bonheur. Félicitations.


Happy Birthday, bonne anniversaire, feliz anos..... Je vous souhaite un jour remplis de joie, amitie, et bon vin!!!! :) Cathy

lou bogue

Happy Birthday, my friend, keep up the life and you might catch me, fond memories of you and the family, my best to you and yours. Lou

Lisa A., CA

Joyeux Anniversaire Jean-Marc!!!!
Have a wonderful time celebrating you with your family and friends! *

Chef Katherine

Vintage 1967! Ah, still so young.

Gina Liuzza

Joyeux Anniversaire, Jean-Marc!
Sending my best wishes to you,
Gina in Houston

Mary Jeanne Reich

Joyeux Anniversaire cher Jean Marc!
Nos meilleurs voeux de Bonheur et surtout Bonne Sante!

Dan and Marilyn Murphy

Happy, Happy Birthday Jean-Marc!!!!!
The tour you arranged for us of your area and winery was wonderful. It was a highlight of our holiday last May. We are always talking about it and hope that we can do it again soon.
You are a wonderful sexy tour guide.
We hope your day is filled with all the people and things you love the most.

Your friends from White Rock, B.C.Canada
Dan and Marilyn Murphy
Dave and Linda Clark
Harold and Leslie Howard
Gord and JoAnn Fox
Glenn and Betty Knox

Barbara Epplett

Happy Birthday Chief Grape! I'd love to visit your vineyards some day and make some sketches or watercolors. I adore the articles that Kristin writes, and try to never miss them!

Rosalinda Roll

Many Happy Returns of the Day, Chief Grape. May your special day and all your other days be filled with warmth and contentment.


Linda and Dick Roll

Joanne Fischer

Joyeux Anniversair, Jean-Marc! J'ai passe un bon temps pour mon anniversaire a Santa Fe et maintentent c'est ton temps!!!! J'espere que tu a passe un bon temps aux Etats-Unis!!!!

Bises, amicalement, Joanne

Stacy, Applegate, Oregon

Blessed belated Birthday, Jean-Marc! May you continue to enjoy living out your dreams! Best wishes!


Happy Birthday from Pittsburgh, PA. Have a blessed year.

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Dear wonderful friends,

I fell a bit overwelmed by all those beautiful wishes and I am sorry if will only make a unique response...

dorothy dufour

Just to be different, I'll say BONNE FETE et aussi BONNE RECOLTE
cette saison. Chief Grape!


Bon anniversaire, Jean-Marc! And many happy returns!

Andee Larkin

May the joy be with you.
All of you are greatly admired here at
Casa Lulu.


Happy Birthday and thanks for letting us share little bits of your beautiful family life.

Georgia Catasca

Happy Birthday.

I look forward to finding your wine in Paris. This will be in July. I will look for your wine - also the new Great Vintage
you received recently from France wine people.

You have worked so very hard - and we are all so happy for you !!


Shelley Chenonceau

Bon Anniversaire, Jean-Marc -- and here's to many, many more birthdays! in fact, I support those who are given to the odd practice of celebrating their birthdays EVERY day of the year! Why not, I ask you? Why shouldn't we celebrate being "born" every day of our lives? My wish is that you and your entire family be blessed for many days and years to come.

- Mademoiselle Chenonceau


Happy Birthday!!! It was great to see you in DC this month. The wine was wonderful as well!

Tim and Karen Johnson

Joyeux Anniversaire Jean-Marc! C'etait genial de vous recontrer a St. Paul. Nous avons apprecie vos vins beaucoup. Mai de l'annee a venir sera replie de souvenirs et de riches benedictions pour vous et votre family. Tim, mon Francais, et je (Karen) vous souhaite le meilleur de Little Falls, Minnesota (la maison de Charles Lindbergh). On se reverra un jour.
PS Je vais envoyer le photos que vous m'avez demande d'envoyer a Kristin.


Cher Jean-Marc,

Joyeux Anniversaire, Bonne Sante et Bon Succes cette annee avec la recolte! Thank you for sharing your family and life with all of us. I look forward to trying your wine and when we're in Provence, your vineyard will definitely be a destination!

Mes meilleurs voeux,

Cynthia Lewis

Best wishes on your birthday...a bit late since it's about five in the morning in France.(Thursday morning!)


No birthday congratulations in Welsh yet, so here goes -- Penblywdd hapus i ti, Jean-Marc! We recently shared a bottle of your 2008 Dentelle and a bottle of your 2008 Mistral with friends. Both wines were delicious with the beef stew I made, but the Mistral was the universal favorite. We bought them in Portland, Oregon last year, and wish we could buy your wines here in Bellingham, Washington!

Ginette Mazloum

Bon anniversaire Jean-Marc et beaucoup d'autres en bonne santé


Joyeux anniversaire!
Obviously, 1967 as a very good year...


¡Feliz cumpleaños & Joyeux anniversaire, Jean-Marc! May you have many more!

Grampa Kip

Happy Birthday to the hardest working and best looking Chief in France. You have enjoyed a great success.

Pat Cargill

Bon anniversaire, happy-yee-haa-birthday (belated!), Jean-Marc, from your Roanoke Fan Club. Enjoying the wine w/got in D.C. Cheers to you for a happy, healthy coming year.

c polinard

Happy Birthday from Dallas, TX.

Sara Larsen

Happy Birthday, Jean-Marc. Encourage Kristin to write a sequel to Nancy Coons' novel, The Feasting Season! She could do it.

Rosalie Isom

Bon anniversaire au chef de ses champs et du vin eco!

Peggy Wright

Happy birthday, Jean-Marc. I enjoyed meeting you in D.C. last month and am now enjoying your wonderful wines. I hope to visit you in Franch one day and take you and your lovely family out to dinner.

Elizabeth MacKay

A belated Happy Birthday, Jean-Marc!

Kate S

Happy B-day Jean-Marc!
Enjoy the day with a glass of wine. Relax!

Ma from Brasil

My gift for Jean-Marc because I love all your wife write in this blog!Greetings from Brasil.

web resolution


Comme vous etes beau!

Birthday Messages

Happy Birthday, Jean-Marc, and many more returns!

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