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En étant tous des enfants de la terre, on vous envoie, cher Japon, nos pensées les plus sincères. As fellow children of the earth, we send you, dear Japan, our most sincere thoughts.

seisme (sayeezm) noun, masculine

  : earthquake

Audio file: listen to our son Max (Download MP3 or WAV), who wrote these French words:

On se sent tous concernés par le seisme au Japon.
We all feel affected by the earthquake in Japan. 

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

Cousin Audrey is back in France. She returned from Japan last week after representing her parents' vineyard in an international wine fair. 

Though here in Provence, her thoughts remain with les Japonais. All of us join Audrey in searching for words to comfort those who are living in turmoil and fear. I hope the following mots de soutien will help you to express your own feelings at this time:


Il n'y a pas de mots assez puissants...
(There are not words strong enough...) 


ce désastre, cette catastrophe, cette épreuve,
(this disaster, this tragedy, this catastrophe, this trying time)

Quand on est tous touchés, et on se sent tous impuissants...
When we are all touched by it, when we feel powerless...

Voici quelques mots pour exprimer notre soutien/pour encourager:
Here are some French words to help express our support/to help encourage

"Courage à vous!"
Courage to you!

"La Force!"
The strength (to carry on)!

"Un gros soutien au peuple japonais..."
All our support to the Japanese...

"Une très grande pensée pour le japon"
All our thoughts go toward Japan. 

"prières pour les victims"
Prayers for the victimes

"On est de tout coeur avec vous..."
We are wholeheartedly with you 

On peut envoyer ces mots avec...
We can send these words with...

l'émotion / emotion
la compassion /compassion
les larmes / tears


To share your thoughts or wishes or ideas on how to help les japonais... leave a message of support in our community corner. Corrections welcome.


On pense à vous. Thinking of you. Wildflowers from Cairanne.

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