Adieu George Whitman, owner of Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris
un grand service = a big favor

Get your copy of Blossoming in Provence!

Capture plein écran 16122011 162653Please excuse this extra email in your inbox today... but I could not wait to tell you that Blossoming in Provence is now available for purchase.

To order a copy please click here!

Update: the book is now available at, via this link. Also, please support your local bookseller by ordering Blossoming in Provence at the nearest bookstore. 

Thank you all for your help in seeing this book come to life! 




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Or purchase my book for a friend, and so help spread the French word.
For more online reading: The Lost Gardens: A Story of Two Vineyards and a Sobriety


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Brava! Congratulations..and Joyeux Noël, too!


Congratulations Kristine...I am getting my copy for sure...a present to myself! Merry Christmas!


You did it! Any chance it will be available for the kindle?

Gayle Markow

Wow wee! You did it! Bravissima!

Sandy Maberly

Yea! One for me, one for Xmas pressie. Can't wait to get it!

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you very much for this wonderful cheer.

LeighAnn--Ill work on the Kindle edition next. 


Are there colored pictures inside? I couldn't tell... wonderful~

Suzanne, Monroe Twp., NJ

Congratulations and just in time for the holidays! Good for all of us and now you can relax and enjoy the family. Joyeux Noel!

Sandra Vann

How wonderful. What an accomplishment in a truly amazing time span Kristin...bravo.
Wishing you and your family a truly memorable, relaxing and rejuvenating holiday break. So enjoy hearing of the many traditions in the regions throughout France.
Joyeux Noel and many heartfelt thanks for being such an inspiration through your writing. We will be working on our own plans and dreams to return to France in 2012. Enjoying some "down time" sounds good as well!

Nancy L.

Felicitations! I just ran down to our NEW local "brick & mortar" bookstore, owned by a good old friend of mine, and ordered my copies of Blossoming in Provence. This way I am netting two birds in one swoop. Is there a French saying for that? LOL
Have a wonderful Christmas and best of luck with your new "baby"(-:
xoNancy L.
P.S. I'm also putting it out on my FB page and my "Goodreads" Francophile Group

Jeanne of Maumee, OH

Just ordered mine!! I sent your article about Shakespeare and Co to many of my friends who have visited there over the past 40 years! they all loved your writing so you may have some new followers!


Bravo!! And just in time for Christmas. It's on order.
Have a wonderful Christmas.....blessings. Mary

Eileen deCamp

Félicitations et Joyeux Noël!

Betty Gleason - always the editor - Hobe Sound

Congratulations! I have spread the word far & wide. About the mistake in the online sales info, my informal survey of 30 friends found no one noticed. I guess I am extra sensitive about my baby.
You have also increased your blog subscriptions to date by 842 since starting this project. Well done!

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you, Betty! I have just fixed the mistake. Also, just updated this post with the good news that Blossoming in Provence is now available at via this link: 

Merci beaucoup for all of your help marketing Blossoming in Provence! 

G.M. Malliet

I'm excited for you and of course I can't wait to get a copy. I will also request that my library order in a copy or two. Joyeux Noel to you.

p.s. Has Oprah heard about you yet? It seems to me you're one of those with the courage to be living your "best life."

Denise Givens

Kristin, I just ordered my copy from Amazon! Congratulations, I can't wait to read it! Joyeux Noel! Denise

Patience Tekulsky

Blossoming in Provence will be under my Christmas tree by this weekend. Someday I hope to have a whole shelf of Kristin Espinasse books. The list is growing. What a fun read this is going to be!!! Merci beaucoup!!
Patience Tekulsky in L.A.


I just read about your blog and your new book in Julie's (Provence Post) free book contest. Congratulations and all the best for 2012 - it looks like an exciting start.

Are there still free copies?

[email protected]

Kristin Espinasse

Hi Nutmeg, re free copies, yes! Julie, at the Provence Post, is having a book giveaway this week. To participate, youll need to visit her blog. Note: the givaway is for the next few days, I think, so dont delay! 

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