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Bonne et heureuse Année 2012!

Best wishes from Kristi
Proud wife, or femme fière. I snapped this picture last July, during a special dinner, in Colmar, in honor Chief Grape! Given today's theme (which is partly on focusing), I hope this picture fits the bill—j'espère que celle-là fera l'affaire! P.S. If you are looking for a cozy and delicious restaurant-bistro in Colmar, Jean-Marc and I very much enjoyed Mina and Jérôme's warm welcome at La Cocotte de Grand-Mère!

Bonne et heureuse année

    : best wishes for a good and happy new year

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Bonjour les amis! 

Just a little mot for you today, as we are heading to Aunt Marie-Françoise and Uncle Jean-Claude's for lunch! I can't wait to see them as well as their lovely daughter, Cousin Audrey, who is in from Italy—and with her handsome boyfriend, Julian (non, il n'est pas italien!). 

I leave you with these meilleurs voeux:

Bonne et heureuse Année 2012.
Have a good and happy 2012. 

Concentrez-vous sur les bonnes choses!
Keep focused on the good!

(et soyez sage, aussi!)
(and be good, too!)


Bien amicalement,

Kristin & Jean-Marc

Le Coin Commentaires
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Note: in cased you missed it, the highlighted names in today's story will take you to the following posts:

Aunt Marie-Francoise = click on the previous link to read about a family tradition of making lavender wands! Also see a beautiful picture of my aunt-in-law!

Cousin Audrey = read about the tender complicity that I share with Jean-Marc's youngest cousin.

Uncle Jean-Claude = discover this family's vineyard in the historic village of Chateauneuf-du-Pape

French Vocabulary

le mot = word
non, il n'est pas italien = no, he is not Italian
les meilleurs voeux = best wishes
bien amicalement = best wishes, yours 



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Chinese Mulberry tree and golden retrievers in France (c) Kristin Espinasse
Two things are helping me to keep that inner joy going in the new year: 1) a change of perspective 2) focus (on the good). Here Mama Braise and Son Smokey illustrate these tips...

Chinese Mulberry tree or murier and golden retrievers in France (c) Kristin Espinasse
Mama Braise: "Smokey! Keep your chin up. Eyes high on the horizon, Son!"

"Atta-boy!" (Mama Braise, right. Son Smokey, Left). If you are new to French Word-A-Day, you might not be aware of Smokey's near-death experience (read about it here). Mr. Smokey R. Dokey is quite an inspiration for all who are trying to heal.

How will you keep that inner joie kindled in the new year? I'd love to know your secret for a peaceful heart. Comments welcome here.


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