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la liberté (lee-behr-tay)

    : freedom

Example Sentence:

La devise Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité est issue de la Révolution française
The motto 'Liberty, equality, fraternity' comes from the French Revolution.

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

Driving Max to school this morning, I spot another yellow-blossomed tree.

"FOR SEE SEE UH!" I say.

Max smiles an indulgent "Oui, mamanUn forcicia". He has seen me point out a dozen of them lately, ever since the plant came into bloom earlier this month.

"Maybe you could work in a garden shop?" I hint. "Une pépinière..."

Max knows where I am going with this one, and turns to look at me sympathetically.

"...instead of going into the armed forces?" I suggest.

"I like plants," Max agrees, "but I prefer nature. The outdoors."


I leave Max at the bus stop, do a U-turn at the roundabout and drive back past my son, who doesn't see me. I spy a grown boy, that is, un jeune homme. His straight posture is built of confidence, of innocence.

I think back to a previous conversation, another time in which I tried to talk our son out of his army aspirations. "But somebody's got to do it!" Max reasoned. Of course he is right. Quelqu'un doit le faire. 

I drive slowly home from the bus stop. The sun is shining , lighting up the details of the countryside. I notice white flowers this time--almond blossoms are carpeting the road ahead!

The path is punctuated by amandiers, so that every ten or so meters I drive over another patch of fallen petals. Farther on, I notice a couple of quail running wild and free. What a peaceful scene!

Only, as my car advances, one bird scampers off into the vines, leaving the other frightened by the giant unknown hurtling down the road.

That makes two of us. 


Post note: Max has another year of high school before he will need to make up his mind about enlisting in The French Armed Forces. 


 French Vocabulary

oui, maman = yes, mom

un forcicia = a forsythia

une pépinière = a nursery

un jeune homme = a young man

quelqu'un doit le faire = someone's got to do it

un amandier = almond tree


Blossoms near the town of Camaret.

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