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Goose in Window (c) Kristin Espinasse
Note to self: hunt for wooden goose to put in upstairs window.  P.S. find wooden door beads, curvy curtainettes, and exotic leafery to dress up front door. What else is needed to charmify? Leave your answer in the comments box and play The Door Dress Up Game with us. What other animal might you replace the bird with? Would a bench or a chair add that bucolic air? Click here to comment.
la SPA (es-pay-ah)

: Société Protectrice des Animaux

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La SPA, ou la Société Protectrice des Animaux... c'est dans un refuge similaire où on a trouvé Braise, qui nous a gâté deux ans après avec Smokey! The SPA, or Society for the Protection of Animals... it is in a similar shelter that we found Braise, who spoiled us two years later with Smokey!

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

 Today, a trip down memory lane...


Smokey learns to walk... thanks to a little nudge from Maman.

No, dear Smokey—only snakes can advance in this belly-to-the-floor fashion!

Encouraging kisses are allowed. One more bisou from Mama Braise and you're off!


Smokey, you're a natural! Allez! Keep truckin!


Smokey would now like to turn your attention to one of his favorite causes: La SPA! No, Smokey says--it's not where dogs go for a seaweed wrap or a mud mask! La SPA, as you have learned in today's post, is an animal protection/adoption organization in France. Even if you aren't looking to adopt an animal, you can take needed supplies--or even a donation--to your local shelter. Quelle bonne idée!

Smokey's Question du Jour:  What kinds of supplies do animal shelters need or accept? Colliers? Friandises? Couvertures? Help build this list by adding a suggested item, here in the comments box.

 And many thanks to the friends at SPA de CARCASSONNE for keeping us aware of the needs of some of our homeless friends.

French Vocabulary

coucou = hi there!

le petit mot = little message

la maman = mom

le bisou = kiss

quelle bonne idée! = what a good idea!

le collier = collar

la friandise = a goody (snack)

une couverture = a cover 

Following Wednesday's photo of those love-locks in Paris, you will enjoy Kaaren and Ricard's article "Locking for Love in all the Wrong Places" -- wonderful photos, too!


Pictured here with Uncle Jacques, "Kiwi" is a SPA girl too! Cousin Audrey (her French wine blog, here) rescued her.  Have you ever adopted an animal from a shelter? Share your story here, in the comments box.

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 Please forward this edition to an animal lover!

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