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Doggy Bag - How to say "doggy bag" in French? + Happy Anniversary!

Peanut Butter and Smokey (c) Kristin Espinasse
#doggybag is the term in Twitter speak (tweet with us here), but how do you say "Can I take it home?" in French?

Pictured: Braise (left) looks embarrassed as her son, Smokey, is about to ask for a sac de chien for his leftover beurre de cacahouètes, or peanut butter. "Smokey, that's not the correct translation and, besides, we don't ask for those in France!" Smokey is more than confused after Papy Jean-Marc encourages him to go ahead and ask for one whenever he's in a French restaurant. Who is right: Mama Braise or Papy Jean-Marc? Leave your answer—or your questions!—about this cultural conundrum in the comments box. For more insights into why Jean-Marc, who is French, feels it is right to ask for a doggy bag, read today's story, via the link below.

doggy bag

    : un petit sac pour emporter les restes
    : a little bag for taking home leftovers 


Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following French sentence:  Download MP3 file or Wav file

Le jeune homme a demande un petit sac pour emporter les restes. The young man asked for a doggy bag.


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

Joyeux anniversaire de mariage, mon amour! Aujourd'hui ça fait 18 ans depuis qu'on a dit OUI!
Happy anniversary my love! Today makes 18 years since we said YES!

Here is a story for you, Jean-Marc. I think I knew, after the experience written about in this story, that I had found the right man to spend my life with!

Note: Today's anniversary is for our civil ceremony, on July 4th. On September 24th, 1994, we were married in the church (photo below). You can read about that sticky situation—in which my wedding veil became hooked to the outside of the ancient cathedral— in the book Words in a French Life. Is it any wonder a bride was late to her wedding?

Marry me!
One of us looks terrified. The other looks as though she's just won the lottery.  


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Note: the first story (for Jean-Marc) is from the archives and will appear in the book, Vignettes from the Var. When reading the story, if you see any errors in French or in English --thanks for contributing an edit to this comments box. Click here to begin proofreading.



Last September's harvest. Left to right Alexi, Daniel, Sandy, Elizabeth, and Caroline. My dear friend Sandy (center, wearing overalls) recently moved to the UK and is posting--along with her cat Georgia--a lovely healthletter. Please check it out here, and read Georgia Cat's latest post here.

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