cougar (and the French word for "boy toy")

indice + Jean-Marc's recorded letter...

I discovered a new sport-hobby while trying to keep up with Jean-Marc on vacation: vélography! One hand on my wobbly vélo, I photographed the fast-moving scenery—including island vineyards, hollyhocks, cornfields, grandmothers, cats, and—whoaahhh—oncoming traffic! I even experimented with over-the-shoulder photoshooting, awkwardly repositioning the camera all the while steadying my bicyclette. It didn't take a circus performer's agility to succeed, and the sloppily executed stunt felt as freeing as it was exhilarating! 

After recently losing the passion for photography, this accidental discovery--vélography--rekindled my love for the  art of snapshooting. (A note about today's photo: that's my bike's panier in the forefront. The pink towel inside is for the beach, where we are headed for an early morning swim, after I wrap up my camera in my shirt--lest one grain of sand scratch the lens! )


indice (an-deece) noun, masculine

    : clue, indication

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A Day in a French Life.... by Jean-Marc 

Note: today's entry is written by Jean-Marc. The English version follows.

Bonjour amis lecteurs,

Nous tenons sincèrement à vous remercier pour tous les messages nous souhaitant "bonne fortune" pour le futur. Je voudrais aujourd'hui vous donner un indice sur ce fameux "secret". Vous devez savoir que Kristi meure d'envie de vous le révéler mais voilà, c'est moi qui la bloque et je suis donc la personne que vous pouvez blâmer... Vous saurez néanmoins d'ici à la fin du mois d'août la nature de ce que notre vie nous réserve pour le futur.
Je profite de cette tribune pour vous annoncer une très bonne nouvelle. Notre Mistral 2010 vient d'obtenir 89 points et notre Lunatique 2010, 91 points au Wine Spectator...et, autre indice, cela n'a pas de lien avec notre secret...

 Bien amicalement,


Hello Dear Readers,

We'd like to sincerely thank you for all of the good luck for the future messages. Today I would like to give you a clue about this great "secret". You should know that Kristi is dying to reveal it to you but, voilà, it is I who am preventing her and I am, therefore, the person you can blame. Nevertheless, you will know by the end of the month of August the nature of what it is our life reserves for us in the future.

I will take advantage of this post to announce some very good news. Our Mistral 2010 wine just received 89 points and our Lunatique 2010, 91 points in the Wine Spectator... and, one more clue, this has nothing to do with our secret...



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Vive la vélographie! Here's one of those over-the-shoulder shots. Almost swerved off the path, and into the cornfield, while taking it.

Popular modes of transportation on the island of Ré. A lot of hats there too. This woman's "bucket" hat is perfect for protecting the ears from harmful rays (read: skin cancer). Recently, my dad had a small piece of his ear cut off ... and you are already familiar with my own skin cancer surgeries.

Remember to protect your skin this summer. Reapply sunscreen throughout the day and wear  it on cloudy days too!  P.S. look for a sunscreen without cancer-causing chemicals, so as not to defeat the purpose! Share your favorite sunscreen here. If you know of a good chemical-free sunscreen, share the info in the comments box. Thanks!

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Ile de Re (c) Kristin Espinasse
Another shot on the île de Ré, where islanders show respect for their hollyhocks... it seems some homeowners would rather step aside than uproot a wayward flower!


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