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Home sweet home. Have you ever visited us at Domaine Rouge-Bleu? Jean-Marc and I would love to read your memories, here in the comments box. Merci beaucoup! 

Today, read an update by Jean-Marc in French (the English version follows, at the end of this letter.)

les dernières nouvelles

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 Audio file (coming soon! Jean-Marc will read his letter at the next chance. This morning he is busy moving cases of wine. He has a great big ceinture around his waist and is suffering from lumbago, not that this has anything at all to do with the sound file that is missing here....)


"Les Dernières Nouvelles" de Jean-Marc

Dans deux semaines, Kristi sera heureuse de vous annoncer ce que l'avenir nous réserve. Elle a très délicatement donné un indice dans sa dernière édition et je voudrai à mon tour vous éclairer un peu.

Je dois dire que nous avons été très touchés par les propositions toutes positives que vous avez émises.

Un nouvel entrant dans notre famille, qui soit humain ou chien? Cela serait magnifique mais je crois que le prochain venu sera plutôt la descendance de Maxime ou Jackie.

Un réalité TV show? Et bien, nous y avions en fait pensé par le biais d'un échange de Domaine avec un vigneron Californien. Nous pensions focaliser cela sur les aspects d'adaptation culturelles dans les deux sens, sachant qu'il aurait été également intéressant de voir comment Kristi, qui est devenue très Française (à part pour la prononciation) aurait (sur)vécue à ce nouveau choc culturel.

Agrandir le vignoble?
Non Merci...je suis encore jeune et je ne veux pas vieillir de 3 ans chaque année.

Déménager en France... Euh, j'adorerais cela mais ce serait alors en gardant des attaches avec Rouge-Bleu.

Enfin, Jules qui vient s'installer en France? Non, elle a un mari et ce serait la meilleure façon de se fâcher avec elle. Jules va maintenant pouvoir venir nous voir plus souvent, puisqu'elle aime la mer....

Bientôt, je laisserai Kristi vous dévoiler ce secret, elle en meurt d'envie!

An Update from Jean-Marc

 In two weeks Kristi will be happy to announce to you what that future holds for us. In her previous edition, she very delicately gave you a hint and I would like my chance to clear things up a bit.

I should say that we were very touched by the positive guesses that you offered:

A new member of our family, whether that be human or dog? That would be great but I think the next arrival will be, rather, a descendant of Maxime or Jackie.

A reality T.V. show? Well, we thought about that, as a matter of fact, with the angle being a vineyard exchange with a California winemaker. We thought about focusing this on the aspects of cultural adaption, in both senses, knowing that it would be equally interesting to see how Kristi, who has become very French (apart from (her French) pronunciation!) would have survived this new cultural shock.

Expanding the winery? No thanks. I'm still young and don't want to age three years each year.

Move somewhere else in France? Uh, I'd love that, but then we would have to keep some sort of link with Domaine Rouge-Bleu.

And finally, Jules moves to France? No, she has a husband, and that would be the best way to have a falling out with her. Jules will now be able to come see us more often, because she loves the sea...

Soon I will let Kristi unveil the secret, she's dying to! 

Mmanm's photo's 259
Another snapshot of home in Sainte Cécile (taken in March 2009). That's Braise outside. Inside, Mom has set up her corner office, where she loves her notebooks, papers, flowers, and her time to think about painting. 

It's a good thing Jackie borrowed my camera, or I might never get around to posting an updated photo of this mother-son fishing team. That's Mama Braise, left, and son Smokey, right. They are posed beside the little canal at the edge of our property. Braise is about to jump... (stay tuned for a silent picture-story, hopefully next week...) See you Monday or Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

Last but not least, today is both my brother-in-law, Jacques', and Smokey's birthday! Jacques turned 42 and Smokey turned 3. Joyeux Anniversaire to two wonderful guys! To leave the birthday boys a message in the comments box, click here. Off now to put the cake in the oven. Those are green nectarines, or prunes, on top--and that's an easy yogurt cake underneath. 

Would you like the French yogurt cake recipe? I just posted it here.

Look at those toes. 

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