How to say "leash" in French: laisse

From Mexico to France. Mom, out walking Smokey R. Dokey along the boardwalk in St. Cyr-sur-Mer. Following our big move south, the dog leashes are still packed.... I know they're around here, somewhere. For our Sunday stroll by the sea, belts doubled as dog laisses, or leashes. (I thought to use the belts on our bathrobes, but 14-year-old Jackie said something like, "la honte!" (or how humiliating to been seen walking the dogs... with the help of terry-cloth leashes!)

une laisse (less)

    : leash

Example Sentence:

Merci de tenir vos chiens en laisse.
Please keep your dogs under control by using a leash.

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

After I finished setting up Mom's room, I stood back and had a look at the overall effect. The scene looked uncannily like that of my childhood salon, where Mom had her bookcases, a low-lying canapé, and all her favorite babioles. It is funny how we sometimes recreate, if unconsciously, cozy corners of the past. Do you think Mom will be snug and comfortable here? I put out a fresh bowl of fruit, to sweeten things.


Mom's room will revert to my office, in three week's time , when Jules returns to Mexico. Not thinking about that, now....

I'm a little slow going these days. Adjustment blues. In the kitchen I turn in circles... when suddenly there's a rap on the window. It's Mom--absolutely brimming with enthusiasm I LOVE YOUR HOME! I LOVE YOUR HOME! Mom's mood is contagious and I can't help but break out in one great smile. 

We were on our way to the la pépinière, to buy more mulch and some dill that I wanted to plant--when we got off track and ended up at the chair brocante's... we found two powder blue crapauds anglais--those cozy English chairs that one sips tea in while eating finger sandwiches (just a wild guess). "Mom, we can't drag those home." Mom: Sure we can! And so we did.

"Always keep a deck of cards out," Mom suggests. "It will liven up this corner." Mom is right, that petit coin was a little sleepy before that deck came out!

Meantime... Donne la patte. Gimme your paw, Smokey! Mom trains our golden. (Side note: see the room beyond? That's the  TV room. You can just spot one of Mom's paintings. It has already moved. We're just trying things out, Mom says, rearranging paintings, bibelots, and the rest. We're also trying out the powder blue chairs--but are considering making covers for them (Jean-Marc doesn't like the color).


 Mom and I take a break from decorating, and head upstairs (just past the TV room) to my bedroom. There's a balcony there... convenient for reaching the tree top! I pick a couple of figs for la goûter.

Mom eats les figues... washing them down with Bandol rosé! (The wonderful black recliner belonged to Maggie's father, a Scottish man, who moved into this mas in the 60's. See a photo of Maggie and Mike, who sold us their home, here). Maggie's father loved this chair. I hope he would be pleased to know Mom loves it, too. It has wheels! I'm just waiting for Mom to ask me to push her around--wheee! (The answer is non!--those wheels are not for racing.)

Jean-Marc says the crapauds are comfortable. Now I won't worry anymore about the spontaneous purchase. How much do you think the old chairs cost? Leave your best guess here, in the comments box.

Outside the cabanon de cochon, Jules is giving Smokey etiquette lessons. Mom can't speak French, but she's learned a few commands:

donne la patte (gimme your paw)
assis! = sit
couché = lie down
là-bas! = scram! (literally "(go over there!")


Jackie, left, missing her friends back in Sainte Cécile. Grandma Jules offers a sympathetic oreille...

Jean-Marc and Jules look at boats. The colorful ones, there, are known as "pointus"--they are the classic fishing vessels of yesteryear. Perfect for catching daurade or loup... but not so practical should you want to cruise over to the islands of Frioul. Do you want to visit the island of Frioul? Pack a picnic... throw in the anchor... go for a swim among the rocky island coast....


Voilà. It's time for me to think about lunch, then pick up Jackie to share it with. Au fait, here she is with Grandma Jules, shopping in Sanary-sur-Mer. Jackie didn't end up with the mustard yellow vest, but it sure looked cool on her! We didn't buy anything (on a fait du lèche-vitrines), but gathered ideas for her upcoming 15th birthday, on September 18th!

If you are new to this word journal, bienvenue! You can read more about Jules and Jackie and our Franco-American family in the books Words in a French Life and Blossoming in Provence. Thanks for reading!

French Vocabulary

le salon = living room

le canapé = sofa

le canapé-lit = sofa-bed

la babiole = knick-knack

la pépinière = plant nursery

le crapaud = toad 

le fauteuil crapaud = squat armchair

la brocante = second-hand shop

le petit coin = small corner (also toilet room)

la goûter = snack time

le cabanon = stone Provencal hut

le cochon = pig

une oreille = ear

la daurade = sea bream

le loup de mer = sea perch 

voilà = so there you have it

on a fait du lèche-vitrines = we went window shopping (literally "we licked windows")

au fait = by the way

bienvenue! = welcome!

ça y est = that's it


Ça y est. Jackie is the tallest female in our house! To comment on any of the photos or items in this edition, thanks for using this link.

Mom got the cool belt-leash (the leather one, with fringe. I got stuck with the nerdy one--that looks like a tie... trying to look like a belt... trying to look like a leash.)

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Your new home looks lovely, Kristin! I adore balconies... and the one in today's picture, with the tall trees around, is splendid :).

In the vocabulary section, should "la goûter" be "le goûter" instead?


How lovely to be living by the sea and gorgeous photos of you, Jules and Jackie, sometimes its hard to tell who is who, you are all so beautiful!

Geraldine Ventura

Happy Birthday to Jackie! September 18th is very special to me as it was my mother's birthday. She would be 101 years old this year. You are truly blessed to have your mother still in your life.
Gerry Ventura

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

Yes, that balcony looks like a great place to be, picking figs or eating them.

Each photo shows another great feature of your new place. To me, it is special that you bought it from people who had been there for so long! Making it a stable home, I hope.

Thanks for so many photos.

Amber, Peoria,IL

The picture looking at your kitchen table reminds me of your old home...postcards and all!
The chairs make the fireplace a cozy nook too!

This weekend I made the goat cheese and mint tart that you mentioned some time ago. (I have a lovely herb garden, so I had all of the ingredients). WOW! It was delicieuse! I was a bit hesitant that the mint would be overpowering, but it was not. Thanks for sharing that one. I'll be making it again.
PS...Could Jackie be any more beautiful! Or you or Jules for that matter!
Bonne Journee...

Marika Ujvari

Thank you for all these wonderful pictures! I can't get enough of them. I love to see your home and the surrounding areas. What a beautiful place it is. Your Mom fits right in. I wish you the best three weeks!

Karen Whitcome (Towson, "Fall is in the air", Md)

It was so exciting to see your name in my email. Thanks for including all of the photos. Your home is coming along swimmingly! What a setting! Mom's are such a big help in so many ways, aren't they? And your adventures together seem to always be full of spontaneity. The mental picture of you two dragging those chairs home makes my day. I wonder if we can anticipate Jules and J.M. doing the same with one of those boats??!!

I'll take a guess that the chairs were @ $50 each ($38 eu) and I would change the fabric, to be honest.

Kristin, I am so very happy for you. This has been a big step for all of you and it takes a lot of courage to keep a forward thinking outlook but power through it with smiles and prayer. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Jackie and love to all - the 4-leggers, too.


Wonderful pictures, giving us the "feel" of your new home. Your mom's lovely, encouraging smile is so special.

Debbie Ambrous -

Jules is looking magnificent! Enjoy your time together. I see that Karen guessed $50.00 each and that would be my guess also. If you add a sofa to the room, you could use a neutral color for it with some cushions to match the chairs. The chair color wouldn't seem quite as outstanding then.
Debbie Ambrous


Wonderful new home..many blessings there. Looks like such fun with your Mom. Ahhh, hope to get to live for just a month in France someday...
Bonne chance!


Everything looks great - Jules will be in heaven in that cozy looking place you created for her. I'm sure the chairs were a steal, so I bet even less than $50 each, maybe $50 for both? Have fun with your mom!


Picking figs from the top of your tree from your balcony -- does it get any better than that? (I don't think so!) Those blue chairs with the fringe are quite attractive. In the states they'd probably be between $100 and $300 each (even used!) A lovely outing at St Cyr with the dogs and family -- simply beautiful!


I love all the pics, but especially the dog pics. Here they are, on les laisses! Looking like, Hey, we never had to do this very much before!

Smokey looks absolutely smitten with Jules. In our house, our golden's favorite person is whoever's holding the tennis ball.

And I love how in the last picture, on the quai, you can tell from the blur that their tails are wagging away. That's goldens for ya!

I love your house and the location. Thanks for giving us so many pictures of it.


It's so good to see your Mom in the pictures and that she arrived from the long trip safe and sound. And I bet you and the family were glad to see her, too. Those legs on Jackie go from here to heaven - unbelievable! I'm happy for all of you. Love, Robin

Amanda Anderson

So great to see you relaxing by the fire with your husband! I love your posts like this one with pictures of your family and the area (and the useful french words that relate). I hope you are better for the slower (word-a day) pace :)

Nancy in Fort Worth, TX

So great to really SEE your new digs! Thanks for posting. The blue of the chairs is an ideal addition to the warm earth tones of the room with fireplace. KEEP the blue, Jean Marc. What a find. I didn't guess on the price but they must've been irresistable.


Gorgeous new home, Kristin, just fabulous. So unique and cosy and atmospheric.....Thanks for the photos. Happy birthday to Jackie tomorrow and hi to your beautiful Mum.

Pat Cargill

Many thanks for all the photos! Have a wonderful time with Mama Jules...and a very happy birthday, Jackie! Life will slowly fall into place, moving is such a big deal, an emotional roller coster. Thinking of you. xox


Bon Anniversaire, chere Jackie! Amusez vous bien avec Mamy Jules! xoxo

Johanna DeMay

Chère Kristin,

When I heard that Jules was on her way to you, I knew she would be the best medicine for your blues. With her high spirits and infectious laughter, she would be sure to get you out of your slump!

Your new place is magnificent! The house already has such an air of home, and the surroundings are stellar! We are truly thrilled for you. Hopefully we will be able to visit you there next year. BTW, are there any local potters in the neighborhood?

Much love from New Mexico, where the golden days of Fall are just beginning.

Johanna & Will

Suzanne, Monroe Twp., NJ

It looks like Jules is enjoying your new home and her visit. It's always good to have someone to bounce off decorating ideas. We are in Menerbes enjoying figues blanches. We are also enjoying Provencal roses. Not sure how to insert the accent marks ... roses as in vin pas des fleurs.


I love this post! As a new reader, I hadn't seen a close-up pic of your mom, just the back of her in her cape when I checked a previous post. She's beautiful, as you all are :) It would be fun to hear her thoughts about her trip sometime. I have enjoyed her comments in the past. I love all the photos too. Your house and the setting seems very peaceful. Wishing your daughter a wonderful birthday. May you all have fun celebrating her!
PS: Since you asked, I agree with Anita above. My French dictionary says gouter is masculine, so it would be le gouter in your list, right? But that is a minor point in such a lovely post :) And not knowing at all what things in a French brocante might cost, I'm leaving the guesses to others, but I'm very curious about the cost. They look like they're in great condition.

Cassie Alexandrou in Dallas, TX

Dear Kristin and family,
Your new home is so lovely -- and so cozy -- and I wish you many, many years of happiness there. You all (including Smokey and Braise) look wonderful, so I believe the seaside agrees with you. Can't wait to read more about this exciting new chapter in your lives!

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

Merci, Kristin, for sharing your family's transition. I know you have so much going on so we all appreciate you taking the time. And I know Jules will change the atmosphere in no time.

Mim   (Richmond, VA)

Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. I really enjoy seeing your new place, and JULES, right there in the window. I felt as if I were on the other side, the recipient of her warm smile. How terrific she could come and be with you while you are all settling in. Oh I feel for Jackie, leaving friends behind, so tough at her age (well at any age really.) Happy fete to her. hugs for all of you.

edith schmidt


J'aime beaucoup votre nouvelle maison. C'est tres charmant.
Bon anniversaire a Jackie. Elle est tres belle.

Edie from Savannah

Julia - Falling Off Bicycles

Fun tour around your house and life. Enjoy the time with Jules!

Kathy Weitzel

I'd like to be like your Mom. She looks so interesting, strong, and happy. Does she live in San Miguel?

I know how you must be feeling. I grew up in a Navy family, always moving! But aren't you lucky to live so close to the beach!

Kristin Espinasse

You are all better shoppers than I am. Next time, please come along with me and help barter! (I got the chairs for 75 euros each, but might have bargained some!) Thanks for your decorating ideas!

Johanna, Ill keep my eyes open for the local potters.

Anita, thanks for the le gouter correction, and to Karene, for the confirmation. :-)

Nancy L.

Felicitations! Your new home looks beautiful! and your Mom looks great (as do you all) The move seems to have agreed with everyone(-:
Wishing you much luck in your new digs!

Dawn Bouchard

Love your new house - thanks for sharing! And a very special BONNE ANNIVERSAIRE to Jackie ... I am pleased to share it with such a beautiful young lady. How will you be celebrating? My family (in Ohio) will take me out to eat and then we will play mini golf, just for fun :) Have a wonderful day celebrating YOU!

Cheryl in STL

How I loved finding your post this morning! I want to be like Jules when I grow up--she seems to bring such infectious happiness and enthusiasm wherever she goes! And I love all the pictures of your new house and your family settling in. It is a wonderful mas and I hope it sees your family keep growing in love and happiness.

Vance Anderson-Inks

Jules, you just have to be one of my favorite people. So happy you're helping Kristen get settled. Knowing you, that will be an adventure. Stay well, keep the smile my friend. You are a treasure. Happy birthday, a little early.

Kimberly from California

Your new home looks very cosy and I love that desk in the corner. I'm now so tempted to look for one on line. Also, Happy Birthday to Jackie!

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Bonjour Kristin, Thanks so much for the photos and update. I love your mom! She makes me smile just looking at her smiling photo! I think she brightens any situation. You are so lucky to have her in your life. I miss my mom so much ---- no one thinks you are as cute & funny as your mom!

Your home is beautiful and the surrounding area so lovely. Soon, it will be your "home". It just takes time. Happy Birthday to Jackie. She's very pretty. Everyone looks fabulous --- even the puppies.
Thanks again for sharing. It always makes my morning to get your email -- especially---with such great photos & updates! Stay well.

Sherry in Kentucky

Love the tiled floors in your new house and the lovely little bower you created for your mom. After reading this post with all the wonderful pictures it is clear that you are settling in well. It is always a great adventure to move house and have a whole new area to explore. You will soon be your old self again. It is already happening.
Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. She could be a model.

Zoe Willet

My guess would be 20 euros each.

Lana, Omaha Nebraska

How nice of your mom to come. Your new home looks wonderful. I really can relate about not being able to find things like the dog leashes. I made a move to a new home. I wanted to move but it was still traumatic. I spent the first year crying and saying "I can't find anything!" and "There is no place to put anything!" The house needed a lot of work. That was 20 years ago. Now I am a home improvement pro. I can do electric, plumbing, drywall, and ceramic tile now. I still swear I will never move again but if I could move to the French seaside I would change my mind. Hang in there dear. It will get better every day.


So enjoyed this post with all the photos. Your new home looks quite cozy, and outside also looks wonderful with all that provencal sunshine and la mer so close by!

As for the "crapauds," I was going to guess 100 euros each, so you got a bargain!

On a different subject, whenever I see Jules' photo I'm always struck by what a beautiful woman she is. And you take after her, Kristin.

Enjoy your visit and your new home!

All the best,

Diane Young

Thanks for all the great pictures of your new home. Magnifique! Jean Marc is lucky to have the company of three such beautiful ladies. Happy Birthday to Jackie! Too late to guess on the chairs but furniture in USA in always expensive. They look very comfortable. It's so hot here I can't imagine what it's like by the Med. Enjoy.


I'm a recent subscriber to your site and really do like it. My husband travels to Aix-en-Provence for work each summer, and I have learned to love that city. Later this month, we are moving to Marseille for a year. As I have learned to say, "Mon mari travaille. Je suis en vacances."



Michelle Charette

So much beauty in your life; Your Daughter, your Mother, your home and You!

nancy v

Congratulations on your new home and you look like you are having so much fun even with all the work of getting organized in anew place. I agree with Michelle - so much beauty in your life, all your family, location, dogs, makes me want to move to France more than ever. Enjoy!

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Salut tout le monde,

Kristin - Your new home looks great and well on the way to being “Espinassed”. Keep the photos a coming.

Jules: If you have a stopover in Phoenix on your way home, you better call give Sharron and me a call or you’ll be in big trouble! Maybe we’d have time for a quick lunch or could share some coffee or whatever.

Karen from Phoenix

I love the new chairs. I love the new house and wow a balcony right off the bedroom. It just looks so calm and relaxing.

Jules - as Herm said yes please let me know if you have a stopover in Phoenix. I want to give you a BIG HUG!!! You are so beautiful, enjoy your time in France.


Bill in St. Paul

Happy birthday, Jackie!! I think the chairs were 25 euro each.

Martine NYC

I agree with everyone else. There is beauty and calm in every photo! Also, what an absolutely gorgeous mom! She has probably always been beautiful, but she has the radiance of somewhat at the peak of her life.

Susan Carter (Westminster, CA)

Your new home is really beautiful and looks so comfortable and a perfect fit for your family.
Have fun while Jules is there (how could you not?) and enjoy her enthusiasm and can-do-anything spirit as much as I enjoy reading about it.
Jackie, have a fantastic birthday tomorrow - celebrate all week!

Judy Feldman

Your house looks wonderful, Kristin! Is that a postcard rack - being used for family photos? what a great idea!

Bill Facker

Ma & Pa .. just sittin' by the fire :-) .. It's a beautiful thing! Aloha, Bill .. AND HELLO JULES!


Kristin- I love your first picture and then the one of you on your balcony, just the right place to be. I think we do recreate some of the past, the comfortable, of our childhood, it is safe. I think your mom brings sun with her wherever she goes, doesn't she? and you bring gentle softness.

sending you lvoe


Your new home looks beautiful Kristin, I especially love the balcony!
Wishing Jackie a very happy birthday!


Hi dear Kristin, THANK YOU for another wonderful post AND beautiful pictures!
We feel like we've just been invited to your lovely new home for a fun afternoon with you,sweet Jackie (oh! 15 already! Happy Birthday,cherie!!!) and your incredible Mom,Jules!
There could NOT be a happier way to spend the afternoon!!
Love, Natalia XO

Alice Dent

Bonjour Kristin et Bon Anniversaire à Jackie! 15 ans! déjà!
Que fait Jean-Marc maintenant? Il a du travail? Il y a un lycée pour Jackie? Est-ce que la ville est plus petite?
S'il vous plaît, montrez-nous sur une carte, où se trouve la ville.

Merci bien,
Alice de Floride


A visit from Mom, already? Of course! Mom's like to envision their loved ones in their surrounding and picture themselves in same. Her cozy corner is perfect. The following is a quote from my daughter in her mail to me- gotta wonder if most Swedes love books. Carl Sandburg's house was loaded -- books in EVERY room. Tons of books. Before seeing them, I had promised myself I'd weed out my collection. When I went there I felt soooo much better, saying, to xxx, "I thought I had to get rid of some books, but now I see that what I really need to do is get some more." Your home is so warm. A reflection of you. Thanks for such a great email.

Lindsay Tognetti

Thanks so much for sharing your new home and adventures with all of us. This delightful post was really special--the new digs and seaside town look like you made the right choice. And your mom is amazing--she just glows!


Joyeux anniversaire, Jackie ! Je me rends compte que c'est déjà le 18 septembre la-bas. Que la fete commence ! :-). Et que ce nouveau chapitre en ta vie soit merveilleux, plein de decouverts et de joie. Bonjour a Jules ! Et merci pour toutes les photos. La maison a l'air formidable. J'adore la cheminee et le balcon !

Janine Cortell

Bonjour Kristin:
D'abord, Joyeux Anniversaire to Jackie.
As I looked at the pictures of your beautiful new home it made me so nostalgic for the mas provencal which our family rented in 1970 in the South of France. The balcony is so private and beautiful. You and your Mom look so much alike...deux femmes magnifiques.
I continue to enjoy your blog each day.
Janine Cortell

Tish Tyler

Bonjour Kristin,

Thank you for the email today! I have enjoying looking at the photos and reading everything several times today. I feel like I'm there with you, Jules, Jackie, les chiens, Jean Marc et Max.

I hope we get to hear about more adventures while your mom visits!

Jackie, joyeux anniversaire!

Tish in Powhatan, VA

jan Greene

it looks like e eryone has already wished you well, but I am doing the same anyway. What a lovely home, and now Jules with you for these weeks. This is such a joyous time, and happy birthday to Jackie. Hard to leave her friends, but I imagine you are planning some visits with them so she knows she is not forgotten. Your photos make us want to plan a trip to our French friends in Paris shortly!

Cynthia Lewis in Salisbury, Eastern Shore of Maryland

Happy Birthday, Jackie !! Thanks, Kristin, for all of the wonderful photos . Your home is taking shape and it is lovely. Also, so nice to see photos of Jules....we have all missed her. My best regards to each of you, Cynthia

Eileen - Charlottesville, VA

Hi Kristin and Jules,
Enjoy each other's company! I'm hoping to see my mom next month. She wants to visit when the leaves are changing. Have you heard of the expression "leaf peepers?" We will see lots of tourists visiting here at the end of October and November for the fall colors.

Bon Anniversaire Jackie!

The house looks cozy already! I think the chairs were 25 Euros a piece.

Have a nice week!

Julie Decker-Steinkraus

Congratulations on your new home! It looks very lovely from the pictures you've posted. How nice for your mother to come visit, too. It must be wonderful to have such a supporting parent!

Continued good luck in all of your new endeavors and "Bonne anniversaire" to Jackie!


P.S. to my earlier post:
I must have lost track of the date and didn't realize Sept. 18 is already tomorrow-- or today for you!

So a hearty Bon Anniversaire to Jackie on her birthday! She looks so lovely and grown-up.

All the best,

Augusta Elmwood

Hi, Kristin, Jules is as radiant and young-looking as ever! I like your new house, especially the bedroom balcony. With your loving touch, it will become a cozy home!

Bonne anniversaire à Jackie. If her personality is anything like her mom's, she won't have trouble making new friends!


Julie S.

Bon anniversaire to Jackie! Jules, I wish you a wonderful, memorable stay and I am sure it will be. Kristin, your new home looks lovely and everyone seems to be adjusting quite well. How does Max like the new place? Thank you for all the wonderful pictures today. I am sure we may look forward to reading about your adventures with your Mom in the coming weeks!

Gail St. Cyr, Victoria, B.C. Canada

It was so exciting to see your email today and even more interesting to see where you and Jules went you will see when I sign my name! All the very best to all of you as you settle into your new surroundings......Gail St.Cyr

Rosemary Deshaies

The new house is becoming a home! Having Jules there will be good for everyone . . . and I esp. love your private balcony off your bedroom. Those door shutters! wow!

Alice Halliday

hi Kristi
So impressed with your speed of action and brave decision making! Countryside looks lovely in different way to St Cecil. It only seemed a year or so ago you bought the vineyard at there. Will you be growing vines again? Was impressed by the anti ageing creams. Do you think they work as well as they claim, ie your Mum looks so young. Best wishes to you all for your new home and home-making. Will have to forget coming to do the vendage chez Rouge blue! Alice, Oxford, UK

Ronni Ebbers

Bon anniversaire Jackie

Just returned from Paris early this morning where I met a young woman who reminded me of Jackie. She too is very chic and beautiful. Had snug jeans the color of the vest Jackie tried on, a blazer,crisp shirt, short brown (stable-type) boots finished off the outfit. Ah to be 15!

Your home looks wonderful. Wish you all much happiness there.

Jules ... enjoy your visit with your family. Am envious that you're still in France and I'm already back in NC.

And, oh the water!!! A great decision to move near the water.

Boat-obssessively yours,
Ronni Ebbers

Ronni Ebbers

julie camp

Kristin, your baby-bear chairs are just right: they tell a story of being previously-owned; they suit your home and fit your bodies; they are a blue hue borrowed from sea and sky, enhanced with funky fringe, colored like la plage. Perfectly Provençal. -j-

Jean Creighton

OH, thank you so much for pictures inside your home. It is gorgeous. Love the ceilings, floors, walls, balcony-all of it, and especially your lovely family. Happy Birthday to Jackie-such a lovely young woman.
I do hope this is the happiest home you've ever had. So glad to see you enjoying your mother. What a lovely woman. God Bless. Jean


Glad to see you are looking well. I am sure you are enjoying your mom's visit. My guess on the chairs was 50 Euros. It does look beautiful there. Virginia has rain today, but I am sure we need it. Since I need to study for a test, it is a greta day for that.

Take care,


Vicki, San Francisco Bay area

I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Jackie!! I have been thinking about her since the last post. It brought back memories of my adolescence when I moved away from my childhood home at 16 years old. There were many tears shed, but I got through it in a great part because of the enduring patience, understanding and kindness of my mom. And Jackie is blessed to have that kind of a mom in you, Kristin! And now she has her grandma there, too! I hope you all have a wonderful time together during this visit with Jules. I pray her visit will help both you and Jackie with your "adjustment blues."

Love the pictures of your new home, especially the cozy corner you made for Jules.

Susan Ferrari Seligman

Wow, Kristin, lots of changes down the pike. And all of them seem like new life just beginning. Your new home is already warm and cozy, the feeling you give all of us in the sharing of your daily life. I hope you are well. Take very good care. I adore reading what you write. You are a very special lady. Susan

Susan Ferrari Seligman

BTW, We are looking at a place in the Var in les Arc sur Argens. We keep dreaming! One of these days... . Amitiés, Susan

Peggy Ritchie

Your place looks lovely, Kristin. I love the balcony, the views, the trees, and the sea. I could move right into your office as it's set up for Jules. Books, a comfy bed, light, welcoming family!
Jules, you are,as always, an inspiration to me; you are so alive and so yourself! You are looking wonderful, beautiful as always. Kristin and Jackie can't help being beautiful, with your genes!
Have a wondeful visit together; I hope you had a great birthday Jackie. Peggy

Betty Tuininga

Kristin, what a lovely home! As an artist I too would covet a place like that. You and your family look so comfortable ( despite missing one's friends) I love hearing about your adventures. Note to Jules; Thank you for introducing me to your daughter and family.
Jackie I hope that you had a marvelous 15th birthday! Look forward to your next posting for that beautiful spot by the sea.

Cate Salenger


I think you're living in heaven. Gorgeous! I'm very happy for you all.


Playing With Scarves

What a lovely home Kristin! Lovely and cozy. I hope you don't mind but I am staeling one of your ideas: the post card display. What a wonderful idea to display small paintings or photos.
All the best from Florida,

Debby Montague

Your home is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I love Jules room/your office. Books and babioles...


Love your new home and would love to hear more about the area...for a future trip. Your mom looks beautiful and healthy. Where does she live in Mexico? I've spent a lot of time down it and love the people. Enjoy her visit...the time will fly by. My sister just lost her golden retriever and seeing the pictures reminded me of our dear Sammie. They are the sweetest dogs!!! Happy birthday Jackie!

Nancy R. Smith ASID

I want to hear about the postcard "stand" in the Living Room????
Beautiful new abode.
Chair upholstery too old-fashioned for your life style---especially with the heavy fringe. Try a cotton toile with a green background.
From an interior designer in the middle of America.


Merci pour les photos. S'il vous plaît, on a besoin de plus! C'est si bon de voir Jules. Dites-lui Bonjour!

nadine goodban

BIENVENUE à tous dans votre nouveau chateau !

Je veux bien deviner : 125.00 euros pour les 2 fauteuils.

Célébrez la nouvelle demeure et les anniversaires
dans la joie et LA BONNE SANTE POUR TOUS !!!

de Californie, with love... comme on dit ... nadine

Carolyn  Dahm,  Sharon, MA

Salut tout le monde! So happy to see pictures of all of you. Your new home and yard look beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful time during Jules' visit. How nice that she can help you settle in and arrange things. Sounds like so much fun, I wish I could be there as well. I'm there in spirit...

I'm sure it will take a bit of time but you will all soon feel right at home and have many friends knocking on your door (including Jackie and Max). I wish you a tres Joyeux Anniversaire Jackie! Don't forget to share a tiny bit of cake with Smokey and Braise. :)

Hilda Redondo

Hello Kristine
My name is Hilda. I live here in Puerto Vallarta part of the time. I met your mom here in PV several years ago. She spoke so much about you and your family back in Provance.I see from time to time from afar here at the Marina. When we first met she gave me her copy of French Word A Day.
I do not know how to get a hold of her. The other day I was at the gym working out and I saw her waking across the pool area with her puppie.

I have truly enjoyed getting your e-mails. I know that you were in San Francisco a while back on a book signing and I wanted to meet you, but I could not make it up there. I live two blocks from the train station here in Fresno California, so it would only take me 2 1/2 hours to get to SF. I look forward to meeting you some day. Shortly after I met your mom, I was in Paris, but Provance was still some distance from Paris. I fell in love with Paris, and I hope to return there some day. If you can give your mom my phone number, I would like to get together with her. I will be returning back to California on Dec the 18th. My phone number here is 297-6312
I live at the Royal Pacific ,just down the ways from your mom.
My Best

Mark Hanson

Est votre chien bilingue?

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