rompre: to break up
au pied leve

jour pour jour + a celebration!

  Under the Cherry Tree (c) Kristin Espinasse
The first word ever posted in this journal was bosser, (slang for "to work hard"). That was a promise! Ten years have passed and on a bossé comme on pouvait—we've worked as hard as we could. Time now to celebrate....

jour pour jour (zhoor poor zhoor)

    : (almost) to the day

 Joyeux Anniversaire French Word-A-Day! by Jean-Marc

  ((Listen )) to Jean-Marc's letter: Download MP3 or Wave file

Il y a déjà 10 ans, jour pour jour, Kristi s'installait sur une table d'étudiant dans l'entrée de notre maison pour démarrer French Word-A-Day. Joyeux Anniversaire, nous sommes si fiers de toi.
It's already been ten years, almost to the day, that Kristi settled in at a student's desk in the entree hall of our house to start up French Word-A-Day. Happy Birthday, we are so proud of you.
Au départ, elle exprimait beaucoup de frustrations liées à sa vie d'expatriée en mettant en lumière les différences culturelles entre la France et les Etats-Unis (l'Arizona en fait).

In the beginning, she expressed a lot of frustrations tied to her expatriate life, shedding light on cultural differences between France and the United States (Arizona, in fact).

Depuis, elle a su faire évoluer son site pour le rendre à la fois professionnel, ludique et bien entendu enrichissant par l'arrivée de la photo (où son talent est également remarquable) et des messages vocaux. Surtout, le style de Kristi s'est façonné par un travail de tous les instants et par son talent naturel d'écrivain.

Since, she has known how to develop her site, rendering it at once professional, ludic, and of course enriching with the arrival of photos (where her talent is equally remarkable) and voice messages. Most of all, Kristi's style has shaped itself by regular practice and by her natural talent as a writer.

Nos changements de vie et surtout la période dans le Vignoble de Rouge-Bleu ont été des sources importantes d'inspiration, sans omettre l'arrivée de Braise et Smokey dans notre vie. Bien entendu, nos enfants, la famille ont été présents tout au long de ces années et ces nombreuses éditions seront pour l'éternité une façon pour nous de revivre notre passé. Enfin, les livres qu'elle a publiés seront toujours là même si un jour Internet ne marche plus.

Our changes in life, and especially the period spent at the Rouge-Bleu winery, were important sources of inspiration, not to leave out the arrival in our life of Braise and Smokey. Of course our children and the family have been there all through the years and the numerous newsletters will be a way for us to relive our past. Finally, the books she has published will always be there, should one day the Internet cease to work.
Et maintenant, comment voyez-vous l'évolution du blog de Kristi pour les 10 prochaines années ?
And now how do you see the evolution of Kristi's blog for the next ten years?
Thank you, Jean-Marc, for the touching tribute you wrote! And mille mercis to you, dear readers, for continuing to read this journal and for your ongoing support. The letters you wrote in response to the "break-up" edition touched me profondément.

See the evolution of this blog, by reading through the online archives. (Stories posted prior to 2004 are no longer online, though some of these entries are published in the memoir Words in a French Life: Lessons in Love and Language from the South of France).

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Eileen - Charlottesville, VA

Joyeux Anniversaire to French Word-A-Day and to you Kristi! I'm so glad I found you! Still enjoying your posts and beautiful photos!
Hugs to you and hope to meet you one day!


You are a gift and blessing in our lives. Congratulations! Stay, grow, and illuminate, wonderful moments together!

Amber, Peoria, IL

Felicitations! I look forward to the next 10 years!



Happy Birthday to you all! Have a very special day! Very best wishes for the next 10 coming years, we'll be there to celebrate your success!

Hugs from Reunion Island.

Christine Allin

Congratulations, Kristi! Through your efforts you give so much to those of us who have a love for France in our heart and soul. We have only found you in the last year but have read your books and follow you faithfully now. My husband and I lived in France when we were the age Jacquie and Max are now. It changed our lives.Your special gift at sharing your life is truly a joy. Thanks to you..and to your family!

Angela Sargent

What a lovely tribute by Jean-Marc and best wishes for the future.On a separate note, you have many American friends and family -some who write here in the comment box -thinking of you and hoping that you are all safe from Hurricane Sandy.So sad for lives disrupted and homes destroyed.


Congrats and happy 10th anniversary to French Word A Day! Plus, I learned a new word: ludic (playful). At first I thought that you had meant lucid and had transposed the letters. But when I looked at the French word, I thought, "I'd better look this up," because I saw that it was a word derived from the French, as such a large percentage of our words are.

joie in carmel,ca

Merci for all those years. I started saving them in April of 2009 and have 400 of them saved! From time to time I go back and read them again.....going over the phrases again. I look forward to many more years.

Stephanie in Webster

I love having a glimpse into a life very different from my own. As a retired prof de français I love learning the argot you share with us. Thank you for sharing your experiences and family with us. Reading your blog is a real high point of my day!

Jamie Tharrington

Congratulations! Well deserved success. Thank you for providing a newsletter that assists in my never ending desire to speak French (I'm from Brooklyn NY, come on...French, really?), but the insight to your experience as an expat is an added plus that one cannot put a value on. Thank you for sharing your life and family. Jamie

Debbie Ambrous -

Congratulations! You are truly a talented person with many excellent abilities. You have been an inspiration to me. Thank you for your hard work, and I hope you continue to have well-earned success.

Marie-Louise in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

I love this site and feel a part of your extended family. Having lived in France as a student majoring in French, I relive that wonderful time in my life through reading your posts. I really like the pieces with each sentence in French with the English translation below. I see you making the French part in audio so we can listen along while we read!!!

Jeanne of Maumee, OH

What a great accomplishment, being in a foreign country, a wife and young mother, such a busy life yet such a lovely column and look what it all turned into!!

Cheryl in STL

Félicitations, Kristin! I haven't been a part of the entire 10 years, but it's been at least 8 and I've always loved waking up and finding a post from you. Looking forward to the next 10!


I am a relative newcomer to French-Word-A-Day, so I have not witnessed the full evolution. Nevertheless, I always look forward to receiving it. I enjoy the photos and the stories of life in la belle France, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn some new words, such as ludique. Here's to a brilliant future.


Thanks you for an entertaining and informative bit of France for all this time.

Michael Williamson

Many thanks, French Word a Day is a joy and I've learned alot. I look forward to following Smoky's adventures too!


Hi Kristin, I have only discovered you in the last few months, but what a joy it has been to read your posts and see your pictures. I have looked back at your archives, and plan to do some more reviewing. For the next 10 years, I hope you continue your blog. It will be fun to hear what your children do for college, and about any new interests you and Jean-Marc discover. I hope also that you are able to publish more books. And one day I hope to meet you, as you have become like a friend I look forward to hearing from across the miles.

Karene in So. Calif.

Susan DeRosa

Congratulations! Never change what already works, so well. I look forward to your next 10 years with delicious anticipation.



I remember this day ten years ago. So many little events led up to this fateful day ten years ago. I remember the little desk/work station Jean-Marc had set up in the little hallway-entrance into your home in Les was orginally JM's office space as he was busy working for a very large vinyard taking care of their marketing. Nobody paid attention to what you were doing, you would sneak a moment here and there on JM's computer when he was at work. Then of course you hit the wall when everyone in your family said NO YOU CAN'T WRITE ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE AND FAMILY ON THE INTERNET! Except for me of course who was always encouraging you to be free.

Throughout your life you have surprised us all - you are truly the little turtle that could - and did leave the hare in the dust as he/she proded (sp?) along determined to follow your own path.

I enjoy reading your first years work - your inesense (sp?)and pure heart has been your greatest asset throughout this journey.

Of course as your Mother I have patiently been waiting for you to finally grab that brass ring waiting for you as you glide around your lovely merry-go-round - yes I still see a great fictional novel set in the forest near the sea in Provence. Perhaps this will come forth over the next ten years. You are finally in an area of France where the action of a novel could ignite all of our imaganations - the seedy and glamorous streets of Marseille, the enchanting village of Cassis, St. Cyr-sur-Mer, Bandol, Toulon, St. Tropez, Nice etc. The history of this area of Provence is a novel in itself. Oh Please Kristi - over the next ten years open up this project for your poor old Mom...!!!

O.K. I will stop ranting - it's just that you have all of the skills to move into this level of writing, plus I have never known anyone with an imagination on par with yours, you had it as a young child...once you open up this pathway out of your beautiful mind we will all be enriched.

Oh Honey - I love you and your life and your beautiful mind.




You blog has been a constant source of inspiration to me...please, another 10 years. Congratulations and love,


Congratulations! Well - that's a tough question. I think your blog has a life of it's own and may possibly evolve quite differently from what you expect. I am looking forward to seeing how it pans out. This come to you from South Africa

Vivian Langley

Joyeux Anniversaire, et merci. Vivian

Lisa Kennedy, Montclair, NJ

Congratulations, Kristin! This is such a terrific achievement. We've all learned so much, thanks to your inspired jottings, beautiful photos and infectious enthusiasm. Thanks for allowing us the chance to glimpse into your life. A toast to your next ten years!

edith schmidt


Congratulations! Looking forward to accompanying you in your writing life.
Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures
with us.

Edie from Savannah

Diane Emerson

I look forward to every posting, from both of you, and carefully save them. What no one has commented on here is the comment: "should one day the Internet cease to work." This for me opens up a whole new part of life that hasn't been discussed - the unsustainability of our financial system, and its implications in your life, which, by the way, are the same for many of us as well. I would so love to hear a bit more about what is behind that comment. Especially what is happening in your lives related to austerity measures, etc.


Congratulations on reaching 10 years! Be proud and enjoy your accomplishment.

Jan  Hersh

Felicitations. I do hope you continue the blog and to write more books as well. It sounds to me as if Jules should write the novel that she wants you to write!


Dear Kristin, Thank you for giving of yourself while teaching us French. I enjoy your blog so much! It's the only French lesson I can follow, as I sense it's from a real person who lives in a real world with a real family. I hope that, in the meantime, you have created the community of ex-pats you lacked for, as they say, petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nid. Merci bien!

Nancy in Houston

Happy Day!!! Ten years goes by so fast and yeet look at what you have accomplished and created. Congratulation!

Vance Anderson-Inks

Kristi, your mother said it so well, all I can do is agree with her. Your area is so rich in history and endless real intrigue, that a novel could go in so many mysterious directions, and would be such a grand adventure.

Marilynn Gottlieb

Congratulations on ten years! Maybe if you need a change of pace, Jean Marc should take over writing the blog for a year! He is doing a great job.

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Have a great day! Congrats! I always look forward to your posts. Please keep writing to us. And start that novel! Always listen to your mom!

Stay well!


Congratulations on 10 successful years of writing! Since the question concerning future blogs came up, perhaps writing about local places, people, and cultural customs in your area of southern France would be a possibility. My students and I enjoy the local pictures, recipes, architecture, plants, etc... Many thanks for all you do with French-word-a-day!!
San Diego, Ca

Richard Harold Ainsworth

Dear Kristin,
Thank you so much for sharing so much of what you experience and your thoughts and observations from your 'corner' of the world. I believe your work has made the world a smaller and better place. The more we learn and share with one another the more we discover how much we have in common and see that our differences are small and insignificant.
It is sunny and 5 degrees in Beautiful Joliet.

Myra Wood

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations! and Happy Halloween!
Kristi, As I've said on more than one occasion, you and French-Word-A-Day bring more joy to my days than you could every imagine. Your lovely, heartfelt stories and beautiful photos are my escape. And, yes, I enjoy your books too. In fact, I go back to them often, just for a quick read. Thank you for sharing your talents and your life. I look forward to many more years of this joy!

Myra, New Orleans, LA
and, For your Dad: 64 degrees and beautiful sunshine here in our fair city!


I agree with everyone else -- joyeux anniversaire, and felicitations! You have taught me French words that aren't in the formal textbooks, that can be learned only by local conversation. Plus your wonderful insights into French culture. Congrats on your achievement, and may it continue another 10 years at least.

Lee Isbell

Congratulations, Kristi. I'm not sure how long I've been reading FWAD. I can trace when I first figured out how to save audio files to 2006, but that wasn't the beginning. I like Mom's idea of your writing a novel, if that appeals to YOU, of course.

I read Jean-Marc's story all the way through in French before going back to the translation. These days I'm getting a good sense of written material in French, if not too slangy, even though not an exact translation. Since I'm of an age where I practically forget my own name, it surprises me that I seem to be absorbing more and more French (although I get tongue-tied at a direct question).

May you have ten years and more of bringing us vignettes from your life.

Bill Facker

Yes, Kristin, Oui .. !!!

Gordon Lyman

What I find perhaps most attractive about this journal, Kristi, is your openness and courage to risk disclosures of your adventures and feelings as your lives proceed on "day by day". I appreciate also your family's willingness to be part of this disclosure.
I can't predict at all what might happen in your lives, or in our lives here, over the next ten years. I think what makes life interesting is its very unpredictability and I'm glad about that. I hope to keep reading your Word-A-Day journal. Thanks for the privilege, Kristi, you wonderful lively young lady you.


Our dear Kristin,
I was fortunate to join the FWAD family over six years ago, and in that time,each of your wonderful posts(and pictures!) have remained as fresh,vibrant,and entertaining
as the first one I read. You have a gift--not only for writing,but for making us aware that we constantly need to view our lives through fresh eyes.Never stop cherishing our loved ones,laughing at ourselves, cring when we need, and giving thanks for every day.
THANK YOU,dear friend,for such a glorious gift.CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! We share your joy
and pride. Love, Natalia XO

Ellen Sue Pilger

Each of your posts is a contemplation that I take into my day Kristi. You put into words observations (with both natures) of life's adventures in experience that I can clearly relate to. The comments from "Rompre" moved me deeply. Thank you and follow your inner nudges from day to day as always.




Kristi deserves all your sweet notes. She has been working hard on those post and nobody could replace her

Cynthia Lewis in Salisbury, Eastern Shore of Maryland

Congratulations on the tenth anniversary of FWAD! It means so much to so many people and brings us great pleasure. It is your wonderful gift to share your life's experiences with us through your writings and photography. Thank you so very much. May the next ten years and many years beyond be as happy and interesting as the last ten. With best regards for all, Cynthia

Bill Facker

...and it is good to see you here as well JM! Your input adds yet another dimension to a World Class Blog! Aloha, Bill


Happy Anniversary Kristin! I have been reading this blog since 2004 I believe and I have enjoyed it immensely. I just read your post for October 26 and can not believe how incredibly mean this "friend" is, just mean, mean, mean. Can you imagine the damage she is doing to others? I say good riddance, and what goes round, comes round. You just keep being yourself. There are plenty of us out here who like you.


I forgot to ask, why is Jean-Marc writing for you these days. Are you okay?


Hi, Kristin and Jean-Marc - Congratulations on your success! Nancy and I wish you so many more years of even greater adventures and successes! I've said it before and I'll say it again: Hollywood waits for you with open arms!! Your story would make a wonderful movie. Huge hug to each of you from us! We will be in Paris in August this year - perhaps we can connect again then. XO

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm ~ Applegate, Oregon

Ah, the sweet scent of your success! On this joyous occasion {blessed anniversary!} I took a moment to pull out the café letters you had written me from Le Grand Café in 1999! Feeling grateful for your presence in my life and that you are still writing. You have just grown more beautiful and cherished over time.

Susan Carter (Westminster, CA)

Congratulations & thank you. Your blog, books and photos have been a source of joy over the years & I know I'll never tire of reading what you write. I think a novel is a magnificent idea & am willing to pre-purchase. You have made me feel like a part of your family, a very rare talent.

80 degrees and sunny in Southern California

Karen from Phoenix

What a beautiful gift you have given all of us, your writing. I so enjoy hearing about all your adventures, good, bad and sometimes sad. Sharing your life with us takes courage. I wish I could remember how I found the blog all those years ago but my mind just can't bring it back. ha ha

I am so honored to call you my friend.


Julia - Falling Off Bicycles

Happy birthday, FWAD! What a joy it is each day I come to this site. Thank you thank you for your stories and inspiration and look into the French life I, too, adore.

Karen Tongatama

Congratulations Kristi! I have thoroughly enjoyed both of your books and came to your blog that way. You certainly have a gift with words and keen emotional IQ. I can't believe the letters you were sent recently that you alluded to in your last post. Incomprehensible! Keep up the good work, you enrich many people's lives. All the best for your future for both you and your family.
Karen NZ

Anne - Music and Markets Tours

Felicitations, lovely lady! We're lifting a glass to celebrate YOU this evening! With love- Anne & Kirk

Melanie Olsen

Congratulations! More of the same please. It is wonderful! Merci beacoup

Nanyi Albuero

Chere Kristi,

Dix ans deja? Joyeux Anniversaire! Je suis votre lectrice fidele de Toronto. A dyed-in-the-wool Francophile who lived in France --- Vichy and Paris --- as a boursiere of the French Gov't and, yes, I have returned many times to my beloved France. I enjoy your blog so much and save it to my E-archives.

From one writer to another: more power to you and keep 'em coming!

Regards to your beautiful family,


Lis Steeden

Joyeax Anniversaire - well done you - for having started 'it', but even more so - 10 years later you are still doing 'it'.... :)

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

First thanks to Judy for explaining ludique and ludic -- new words to me in both languages. Good words to know.

Jean-Marc's tribute is lovely and hard to top. I have not seen all ten years of posts, my loss. Reading your first book made up for some of that loss, as did aiding in the process for the second book.

I cannot look ahead ten years, maybe one or as far as five. What you write will change with your life, as your children become adults and Jean-Marc's work life settles in its new routine. I do hope you keep writing and sharing your insights on life in general and life in France.

You write non fiction for us, which I like very much. I do not know about a novel, that is a very different genre. I think of the stories written by Laura Hillenbrand (Seabiscuit and Unbroken). With plots and much emotion but strictly non fiction. She writes of the lives of others but in a very deep way, shows us her emotions in her particular life. Your life is your own, and I think is full of true stories with insights on life.

Joyeux anniversaire!



Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. I always look forward to reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photos and hope to do so for many more years to come.

Rebecca Q. T. in Baltimore

Congratulations, Kristin! What a momentous occasion. How many of us start a project without ever bothering to finish it? You should be truly proud!


J-M and Kristi - Congratulations on a decade of hard work and just rewards. J-M - I would like to hear more about the planning and work that will go into creating a new vineyard, complete with lessons learned from your prior vineyard. And Kristi - of course more vignettes from the South of France. But honestly, I see you writing a novel under the nom de plume of Smokey Doodle, based on a dog's observations of French life from a very lucky dog's point of view. I sometimes write letters from my own dog to friends, and find it a very freeing experience ... a dog can say and think just about anything and get away with it! Whatever the next decade holds, I look forward to sharing it with the Espinasse family!


Bonjour Kristin: Is JM now training to write to thrill all your fans?
By chance, I came across your blog, jour pour jour, 19 months ago and I'm hooked. I'm your fidèle lectrice. Thank you for all those anecdotes that have made me smile, laugh and enjoy. You are such a good writer that could get me engrossed each time I read your stories.
Congratulations on your first decade and many more decades to come!

Jan Acorn

Touts les jours, j'attends l'arrive du blog de Kristin. J'espere que vous continurez a écrire de votre vie en France.

Leslie in Portland, Oregon

Congratulations on the Tenth Anniversary of French-Word-A-Day! I enjoy and learn from every post. As to its future evolution: I hope for more of the same: your French lessons and your stories and comments about your and your family's (including Smokey's and Braise's) life in France, French culture, French history, French geography...whatever you are thinking about and/or doing. I really like the addition of a story or essay in French, with the English translation of each paragraph following its French counterpart. Take it wherever you want, and we will follow! Bravo and thank you!!!

Kathleen from Connecticut

Congratulations on 10 years. I think that I have been reading you for at least 9 years if not all 10 years. You gave so much of yourself that all of us feel that we are part of your family. You have not been afraid to write about mishaps or personal things about you or your family. I would read parts of your FWAD to my husband and to me you seemed like a really good friend. When we finally were able to meet you at Rouge - Bleu and then again in Paris, you made us feel so welcome and like old friends. Thank you for all that you have given of yourself, your family and your friends, as well as those two furry family members with who I fell in love, even before meeting them.
Thank you again.


Bettye Dew

Novels are fine, and I've certainly read my share of them, but there are a lot of ho-hum ones out there (not to mention the bad ones). These days I'm reading more and more excellent nonfiction, the kind written with intelligence, imagination, and skill. I agree with Sarah (from near Chicago). All kinds of writing have value, with fiction counting no more than nonfiction. Good writing, in whatever form it takes, has the power to stir us. Congratulations on ten years of stirring your readers!

susan standke

on this halloween night, i am catching up with your wonderful blog....i feel so lucky to be able to keep up with your wonderful family......and also be able to listen to french in my ever fleeting wish to understand a beautiful language...thank you again for your sharing

Gayle Markow

Congratulations!! I've been following your blog for about 7 or 8 years. It's always a treat. I love your storytelling, humility, humor, patience, kindness - your keen eye in photos and words. All of it! I'm very grateful for this gift you give all of us. Wishing you and your family all the best in your new home, and new adventures.

Kitty Wilson

Dix ans deja?!! Pas possible, Kristi! ... So many Espinasse treasures now stored up in your words and images, and so VERY many more -- unique and exquisite gems -- to come. "French-Word-A-Day/3 times a week" means to me: the LIGHT of my week with its Candour, Word magic, Sunshine/Shadow, Love and delightful surprises.


Félicitations, Kristin!!! I've been reading your blog posts for about a couple of years now, and I love every one of them. Looking forward to many more ... :)

Susan Souza

I just love your blog. I love France and hope to return. I imagine myself living there through your stories and photos. You have a lovely family and beautiful property.
Happy Birthday French Word a Day.

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

I'm a little late to the party because I'm without internet while waiting for Orange to turn it on in my new apartment. I have to say that your stories over the years excited me about someday buying the place Brad and I now own, encouraged me to start my own blog, and made me determined to speak better French. Thanks for being there every week.

Diane Young

Joyeux anniversaire! I think I've been getting the FWAD for about 6 years and have really enjoyed following the family Espinasse and trying to translate the writings of Jean-Marc. Have your books also. Hope you will lead us through the Bandol years with descriptions of the area and the people; take us to the growth of a new vineyard; update us on your children's progress and keep those great photos coming. We feel very attached to Braise and Smokey and hope you discover many interesting places and people in these next 10 years. We are ready when you are. Merci. Kristi.


Kristin, congratulations on the 10th anniversary of your blog. I discovered your amazing blog back when you wrote daily about your life in France. Your stories enriched my life and kept me involved with building upon my French language skills even though I no longer worked for a French company. Fast forward 10 years...all six of your books sit on my bookshelf (and have been read over and over as well as many copies given as gifts to friends and family), my French significant other has gratitude for what I've learned from you regarding the language and the culture, and my French vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds. I had the privilege of meeting you in person Feb 2008 during your visit to San Francisco, a moment I treasure. Thank you for your continued generosity sharing your life with your readers, myself included. I'm looking forward to the next 10, 20, years of your your wonderful stories.

Bob Haine

Félicitations et "Bon Anniversaire"!! Dix ans déjà!?! C'est pas possible!

Christine Dashper

Dix ans! Congratulations Kristin! That is fantastic. I can remember receiving your first book for my birthday in 2007, (after my first trip to France)and then signing up for the blog soon after. I have always enjoyed reading about the journey for you and your family. Keep going if it is what makes you happy, because I love following your lives.

Christine xx

Irene from Girona, Spain

Félicitations !!! Congratulations!!!
Je suis très heureuse d'avoir découvert French-word-a-day.
Best wishes for the future.

Sue Farrowe

Kristi, Congratulations on 10 years of sharing with us. I hope you will continue for at least 10 more. I enjoy your blog, you make me laugh, you make me sad.

Your new home looks so cozy and French.

Thanks for taking me to France. I love the view from your perspective.

Good health to you and your family.

Rose Chandler Johnson

From the beginning, it's all been a wonderful joie de vivre experience. Thank you so much Kristi for sharing your life, your heart, your family, and your country. I remember the first time I found you online. You had just begun. You are brave, and I applaud you and your family. :-)

Carolyn Dahm

Happy Anniversary Kristin! I'm sooo behind in reading the blog but I am determined to catch up. I'm not sure if you'll even see this note as I'm sharing so late but I'm so happy for all of your success. You've made such a difference in my life and I'm so thankful to have stumbled upon your first book many years ago-which led me to your blog.

Best of luck as you move forward. May your new life give you continued inspiration for years to come.

I hope you had a big cake and a party to celebrate those 10 years!

:) Carolyn

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