c'est déjà pas mal
How to say snack in French?

Sacoche - how to say satchel or briefcase (or "man purse") in French

St Tropez south of France scooter
A scooter in St. Tropez. Look closely at the sagging object my husband is carrying. Meet Mr. Sacks, Jean-Marc's lovable sidekick. The photos in the following story were taken over the years....

Today's Word: la sacoche (sah-kohsh)

    : handbag, saddlebag, purse, bag

from the Italian saccoccia, or "little pocket"

la sacoche en cuir = leather bag
la sacoche d'écolier = school bag
la sacoche à outils = tool bag
une soirée de sacoches (Canadian expression) = girls' night out, evening with girlfriends

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse
Ode to Mr. Sacks

I couldn't believe my ears when Jean-Marc, packing for his business trip, mentioned: "I'm not taking my sacoche with me." 

Vraiment? My husband might as well have decided to leave an appendage behind--son bras droit, for example, the one he uses to lift his wine glass. That is how vital his trusty, takes-with-him everywhere sacoche is to him.

What with increasing restrictions for carry-on and check-in, Jean-Marc's dear sidekick, Mr. Sacks, is the latest victime of airline cutbacks!

Poor Mr. Sacks! I've never felt sorry for the old bag before. Mostly, I've felt envious. Mr. Sacks is the one who goes on all the business trips with my husband. Mr. Sacks goes to all the local wine tastings while I sit at home guzzling tap water.  


sacoche (c) Kristin Espinasse
Mr Sacks in Paris... the one on the left. (Make no mistake, the other bags mean nothing to Jean-Marc!)

man purse (c) Kristin Espinasse
Mr. Sacks in Ventimille, Italy, watching locals play boules, or pétanque.

I do pity, Mr. Sacks, now that his saggy little body is pouting in the corner of my husband's office. This is the first time in his 12-year-old life that he's collected dust. Normally he's on the go....
Croatia (c) Kristin Espinasse
Mr. Sacks cruising the island of Cres, in Croatia. Just kidding, Jean-Marc would never put Mr. Sacks in this predicament (water). This brings me to the next point...

Regularly I am asked to hold on to Mr. Sacks while my husband sprints off to use a public restroom or when (as pictured above) he is practicing a sport. "Tu peux prendre ma sacoche?" He asks. And I always grumble, not wanting to hold the heavy "third wheel". Apart from tractor wrenches, he even keeps wine bottles (for his tastings) in there...

spitoon (c) Kristin Espinasse
Mr. Sacks (on the floor, next to the bucket spittoon)

Some refer to Mr. Sacks as a "man purse".  That always makes me snicker. Hahahahahaha! Man Bag!!! Sac Homme! I point at Mr. Sacks. But Mr. Sacks isn't laughing... 

Kristi Mr. Sacks Malta
Me, babysitting Mr. Sacks in Malta in 2017. Jean-Marc purchased the leather bag in une maroquinerie  in Draguignan, years and years ago. It was love at first sight.

the guilty look (c) Kristin Espinasse
Jean-Marc's got that guilty look on his face. He's always holding hands with Mr. Sacks instead of with me--and he knows it!  While others worry about the other woman, I have to worry about the old bag!

sacoche (c) Kristin Espinasse
Mr. Sacks is with him on bad hair days...

beach in Ste. Maxime (c) Kristin Espinasse
And on good hair days... at the beach in Sainte-Maxime.

Avalon (c) Kristin Espinasse
And especially on family days!

Lourdes (c) Kristin Espinasse
Visiting the healing waters at Lourdes. Can you spot Mr. Sacks?

sacoche brief case Burgundy france Kristin Espinasse
Mr. Sacks in Burgundy... with the winemakers...

fountain (c) Kristin Espinasse
But old Mr. Sacks, as you can see, is beginning to sag. I worry that items inside him will begin to fly out of his slouching pockets. I especially worry that money will fall out. For this reason, I sometimes follow close in Jean-Marc's wake as he goes about his errands. I am stumbling along behind him swatting my arms back and forth prepared to catch those banknotes that might come flying out of that sagging bag. 

vintage sacoche (c) Kristin Espinasse
Mr. Sacks is coming apart at the seams, which just goes to show even sacks have middle-age crisis.

Over the years I've tried to get Jean-Marc to consider buying a new bag. Nothin' doin'! "But it's a hazard," I argue (a financial hazard at that! Just think if money really were flying out of that bag). 

"I'm keeping my bag!" my husband always argues back.

in Italy (c) Kristin Espinasse
A couple of weeks ago Jean-Marc announced with an ear-to-ear grin: Je l'ai fait réparer, mon sac. He had brought Mr. Sacks to the leather mender's, in town. The guy did a wonderful job, Jean-Marc told me, adding that the man was nearly 90 years old. 

Any ill will or harsh feelings I may have felt regarding Mr. Sacks flew out of the picture (as those bank notes might have...). My heart smiled thinking of the wrinkled man sewing the wrinkled bag, one soul giving life back to the other, each content to be of service for as long as they were needed or wanted.

vraiment = really
le bras = arm
droit = right
tu peux prendre ma sacoche = can you take my bag?
la maroquinerie = purse, bag, and luggage shop
le sac homme = man purse 
je l'ai fait réparer = I had it fixed
mon sac = my purse PORQUEROLLES (c) Kristin Espinasse
Oh dear. Here is Mr. Sacks on the little island of Porquerolles, with Jean-Marc and his formidable mop-spear. I hope you read about this confection--Jean-Marc was very proud of it--in the chapter "Lance".

Flower steps in Sicily (c) Kristin Espinasse
Mr. Sacks in Caltagirone, Sicily... can't you see him sniffing the pretty flowers? Voilà, for this edition. If you feel like one more story, read about the time I found a heart-stopping message inside of Mr. Sacks.

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Cathy Warley

Kristi, I absolutely LOVED both your story you told, and the words you used to tell it -- beautiful in every way. I understand well how JM feels about Mr. Sacks. He's a bag with character that only comes with age. It's one of the things I love about both leather and wood -- all the little nicks and scars only add to their beauty and give them their individual personality. Your image of the old man mending the old bag is appropriate -- the lines and scars we achieve in our lives are our medailles d'or! Bravo, Kristi! xx

Sue J.

delightful post! but where is Mr. Sacks' after picture?


Fantastic post! I love the pictures, and I'm so happy he went to the repair shop in the end.

Suzanne Codi

What a riot!! So glad Mr. Sacks got repaired...and I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the bank notes to come flying out, but you following the bag in anticipation is a hysterical image!!! That bag could be the subject of your first kid's book, " Travels with Monsieur le Sac" ... xox


I love this post and Mr. Sac. Some people have security blankets, others.....Mr. Sac has a wonderful soul.


oh, how I can relate! My husband says, unabashedly, that he is a "bag person". Wherever we go, we look at bags. And yes, he too has a favorite old, very used, sagging bag! He works on it constantly...always a new something to bring back old leather or to enhance the already worn look. But, to be fair, he also always carried a camera or two and doesn't want the camera bag look, so these leather "man bags" do the trick.


I too have a favourite sac that I take everywhere.it was made in Italy and given to me 35yrs ago.It goes everywhere with me.perhaps while he is away you might want to put a leather polish on it?


You told this story so well, and I loved the accompanying photos. Your "other woman" really is an "old bag".


Loved it!!!!


My husband has a bag that is falling apart and he just keeps on using it. I loved this story.

Kerry Shannon

Hi Kristi,

What a delightful story-so funny, and what a good sport Jean-Marc is! It reminds me of the pictures of the gnome traveling around the world. I am so glad that Mr. Sacks has a new lease on life-an appropriate theme for spring!

P.S. We are sorry Jean-Marc isn't bringing his wine-tasting to Asheville this year. Hope he can come back soon (and bring you with him!)

Rick - Scottsdale

Very Well Done....A nice look at the evolution of an addiction! I can relate...having had similar "attchments"


We'd like to see Mr. Sacks after the "make over"!!!


This was awesome. Made me giggle! Great way to start the day :)


So funny! Loved the story in pictures. Did Jean-Marc have a beloved teddy bear or something similar that his mother took away from him when he was a boy? Mr. Sacks may be the replacement. And maybe his leaving Mr. Sacks behind on this trip is a sign that he is growing up.

Linda R.

a nice walk down memory lane : )
I especially liked your final analysis - "... My heart smiled thinking of the wrinkled man sewing the wrinkled bag, one soul giving life back to the other, each content to be of service for as long as they were needed or wanted."

Bill in St. Paul

I, too, had a leather bag that I used on a daily basis. It held everything, but like Jean-Marc's it lost its rigidness and began to sag. It's now only used on overseas trips as it holds more than any other carry-on I have. We'll be having dinner with J-M tonight so I'll ask him where his infamous sacoche is.


This is so true of every Frenchman I know!!! I wouldn't have thought to write a story of my husband's sacoche, and could never have written such a delightful, clever version! He has several old ones in the closet, kindof a 'sacoche cemetery' where he has stored "my papers", and God only knows what else, said firmly every time he knows I'm thinking they should really go OUT!


Enjoyed your piece on Mr.Sacks. Sometimes the old reliable is so much better! I like how you tied it all together with the old man fixing the old bag. Your comment about worrying about the old bag instead of the other women was a hoot! Take care!
Happy Easter to you and your family.


Your post made me smile this early morning in Seattle! What an homage to the bag and the man.

Deb Locke

Before we paid our very first visit to Domaine Rouge-Bleu and met you and Chief Grape in person, I recognized Jean-Marc on the streets of Ste. Cecile from photographs. He was striding purposefully through Ste-Cecile's Saturday morning market on his way to sell his wine, no doubt,--and was carrying Mr. Sacks!

Holly K

Hey! I think I own Mr. Sack's twin brother!! It looks just alike, except mine has a shoulder strap!! I take it EVERYWHERE!! It even went to Alaska with me!

Go Sacks!!


Love today's post, hilarious!!

Patty Beynet

I loved, loved this story. Most of us have a cherished possession (old t-shirt, comfy shoes)that we cannot dispose of or replace. These items have so many memories connected with them. I admire Jean-Marc for keeping his "old friend" with him on all his adventures. It is a comfort as well as useful to him. I also understand Kristen's concerns as I watch my husband put on his favorite holey tshirt every weekend.


Beautiful, what a delightful story... the pictures and text enhance each other and so fun to walk alongside french life. I am one for "old friends" and wish we had such a leather mender in town. Thank you.


This was great! You should do more stories illustrated with your excellent photos.

Bruce in northwest Connecticut

Wonderful story, Kristin! I laughed out loud, and then was touched by the ending. And I truly LOVE that you call it "Mr. Sacks."

(BTW, Mr. Sacks is a beautiful bag. I want one of my own.)

The photo-heavy format is a nice change of pace. That picture from Sicily makes my jaw drop every time I see it. But I can't figure out where you took the one in which J-M has a child under each arm and Mr. Sacks at his feet. At first I thought Disneyland Paris, then Vatican City, but finally I have no guesses.

Donna Grieder

Great story! The pictures told much of it for you. Mr Sacks will have a place in your home forever. After that, I believe it will have a new home with ...which child?


Darling Kristi,

Thank you for this lovely gift this morning. I was taken 'off-guard' as late yesterday afternoon during your phone call you had remarked that you didn't think you had a story left in you for Fridays post...you were tired and stressed with all of the responsiblity of life in Provence while Jean-Marc was away. We had agreed that it would be o.k. for you to run a re-post and collect your energy for the busy weekend before you with all of the motly crew JM had organized to visit you and work on all of the projects he had lined out for them while he was away. When I went to sleep last night I was thinking about how smart my precious son is when it comes to protecting you and the kids while he is away. You may not see it this way, but your Mom does, and that's why I love Jean-Marc so much.

Then to find this amazing story today once again reinforced my joy of knowing that you are truly a gifted writer...one that is able to follow her path no matter what obstructions lie across her way. You story floated across my computer screen like a melody that has found its beat - you are simply amazing and this is now one of my favorite stories. I do believe that you have found a way to imprint your music deep within my soul...Bravo Kristi!!!



anne wirth

Great story! Oh what adventures Mr.Sacs has been on. You have the story in pictures, now all you need to do is flesh it out in words.
Jean March hasn't changed a bit over the years - at least that is what the pictures also tell. Mr. Sacs is like Dorion Gray's painting. It ages while Jean Marc stays young. Hmmm, another good story line.


Wonderful - thanks for the grins!


Pauvre sacoche .... :)
C'est marrant. Merci Kristin


I love looking at photos of Jean-Marc...he is so beautiful...xoxo Mom


tee hee

Tonya in Arkansas

Like your mom, I experienced that story as floating into my eyes and through my body and soul. I love my "sacs" and usually carry the "new" one into the 7th or 9th year, so the price is usually much less that a cheaper bag when amortized over all that time.. plus, it becomes a part of me. Unlike the lady who laughed, I had a tear in my eye as you spoke of the old man giving new life to the old bag. I'm just now realizing I'm getting "old" and identify with both. You are a superb writer. God bless you.

Tonya in Arkansas

Oh...I forgot! The photos really added to the loving reality of the story. I loved the entire piece so very much.
Thank you, again.

Christine Allin


Your story about Mr Sacks is hilarious..and yes, like the others, I think you might have a very cute children's book going here. The pictures are priceless! After reading through the post with smiles and chuckles and appreciation for your writing style and humor, there was a pow! You stopped me with a beautufully written and very poignant thought about the old man and the treasured old bag. Well done...


This was a GREAT "illustrated" story.....so much fun to read...hope you will do more like this ! Looking thru your photo files--"themes" appear like magic!!!!

Carrie @ Season It Already!

Oh how I adore this post! One of my favorites. Love the story and it's a good one to send friends to when I try to describe that men carry around purses in France, too. ;-)

Nancy L.

Hilarious, Kristi! Ralph also has his buddy, le sac verte...as in "Where's my Green Bag!?". It is not leather, but a nylon like material and it goes everywhere--to work on the train, in the car, on visits to family-- and esp. when we are travelling! Yes, it's his 'Man Bag' and he will never part with it. At this point it could use a good washing, but I would have to part him from it long enough to get it through the washing machine and that isn't happening any time soon! Thanks for the laugh!
xo Nancy L

Elizabeth Lincoln

I echo the comments made by others- I loved the format and the story! You have a wonderful sense of humor and it shone through with every caption. Not to mention that your husband is easy on the eyes, with or without his sac! The love you have for one another really was evident in today's post. Merci!

Julie in Provence

Too funny. Loved this. Thanks for the giggles.

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Great story! I really enjoyed it - wonderful way to start my day! That is true Elizabeth: he is easy on the eyes -- with or without his sac! Too funny.

Thanks for the interesting story & super photos!

Stay well.


I loved the way you presented this story. You told it so well. It was humorous, heartfelt, and loving. The pictures were superb. It felt like your most personal story aside from your "confession". And it read like a movie script, i.e Three Coins in the Fountain. Well done. And can we see more of these. (It also reminds me of my husband, who takes a "briefcase" with him everywhere, even on vacation as Jean-Marc did.

Tami in TX

What an endearing and fun story, Kristi! I'm grinning with delight reading your words. You are a gifted writer and loving mom and wife. Much love. :)


Hilarious how you brought to life "Mr. Sacks"! Told with much love and humor. Isn't that what we all could use in this life?

Stephanie in Webster

I too loved all the photos in today's story. Isn't it interesting that while we women love getting new things, our men seem to like to hold onto the old ones? I have great difficulty getting my husband to relinquish an old t-shirt or pair of sneakers. He will literally wear them until they fall apart. However, after 34 years of marriage, I guess I should appreciate his desire to hang onto his old things, including me!!

Tom - Jersey City

A very sweet story cleverly written!


So funny and cute! That must have taken some time (un bon moment) to find all of those pictures of J-M accompanied by his sacoche, but so worth it - it made a great photo-essay.


I LOVED this post, and I think I love Mr. Sacks, too. What a great story. I've had a smile on my face since I started reading, and it was the first smile of the day, which is nearly half gone. If I get down in the dumps again today I'll just think of you and Jean-Marc & Mr. Sacks.

Mr sac

Mr sac is a bit lost without it on its US wine tour. This sacoche has crossed the States a dozen times... But what I miss even more is my lovely wife who gets more and more beautiful with time.


That has got to be one of the best stories to date!
It points to the fact that it is the small ( often unnoticeable) objects in our lives that go unmentioned or unnoticed. When in actuality they play a large roll in our day-to-day lives!

Kristin Espinasse

So happy to read your responses. Mom encouraged me to take a ditch day today because my mind is a little worn out. I am glad I did not do a rerun or Mr Sacks would not have had his day!)

Bruce, the photo of JM and the kids was taken in Lourdes. There is even a story, if you have a chance... http://french-word-a-day.typepad.com/motdujour/2008/08/bapteme.html

joie blair

That was so great. I understand his love affair. But I have a Mme. Sacks also in the form of a leather back pack that has been to Europe 3 times, is stained with wine, and has been to the leather doctor. Mine only goes out on special occasions these days. Jean-Marc's is only 12 years old and mine.....well, probably about 35!

N Vandenberg, San Antonio, Texas

Loved todays post and the pictures. We humans are so interesting - I have a bag I refuse to get rid of - purchased in the 1980's, brown leather bucket bag. It only gets used a few months a year. There is just something comfortable about it - totally understand JM keeping his bag and glad to know others hang on to sentimental and useful things. Have a great weekend.

Bruce Taylor

Looking forward to seeing JM in Seattle next Friday but are disappointed that M. Sacks has stayed at home. Our return to France this year is at the end of May, returning home mid-October. We hope to get south at some point and will let you know when we do.

avril rustage-johnston

Kristi this was an especially endearing post, and the accompanying photos really enhanced the text. JM reminds me of my husband, Gordon, in his refusal to be parted with an 'old friend', no matter its battered state. In Gordon's case, though, it's often a pair of shoes!


A wonderful tribute to Mr. Sacks...I'm still smiling!

Vicki, San Francisco Bay area

You've given me smiles this morning, with your words and your pictures! Thank you, Kristi!


As usual, Kristi, thoroughly delightful story. I've heard it called a "murse" as in "man-purse."

Richard Williams

What a wonderful story about "Mr Sacks!" I have been following your blog for some time here in the Southern California desert. None of "chief grape" wine here but enjoy your writing!


Delightful post! Yay...and meeting a happy ending at the repair expert. A reward well earned after safely containing contents in all those travels. As a seamstress I can relate to saving treasured textiles and accessories for people. Thanks for sharing the photos so cleverly captioned. Reminding me how much I appreciate my bags everytime I leave the house.

Jeanne Govert

I can't believe you had so many photos of him with his bag!!!

Sevahn Merian from Michigan

Please let me join in with everybody else: the cutest most adorable story ever! It put a smile on my face. Merci!

Bill Facker

I can totally relate to this story, Kristin. I have my own Mr. Sacs. Darlene surprised me with an identical sac two years ago because this one was already in a disheveled state at that time. Two years later, the new sac still sits in my office closet. I just can't let go of my trusty companion, no matter what the appearance. It is an integral part of my day to day existence ... familiar, comfortable, and functional. I think somehow it is also a badge of pride, displaying for all to see that we are "seasoned", capable, and "all grown up". Aloha!

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm ~ Applegate, Oregon

Hello dear! I am in a hurry, preparing to fly out the door to see Mr. Chiropractor. Just wished to say I am so glad I took the time to lift my spirits with this witty and sweet ode to Mr. Sacks. The photos were fun and my heart swooned over the last line.

Kristin Espinasse

Just saw Jean-Marcs note. Awwww! (Awwww!) But I think he thinks he has been renamed from Chief Grape to Mr Sack... That is what I get for finally naming Mr Sack who, all these years has gone by Mon Sacoche: Tu as vu mon sacoche? Il est ou mon sacoche? Zut, Jai laissé mon sacoche au restaurant! Tu peux prendre mon sacoche?  


Mr. Sacks reminds me of the bookbags I carried as a girl, growing up in the 50's, though mine were made of canvas, not leather. I thought them much more useful than the backpacks of today. Alas, a leather bag is a drawback when flying today, with so many rules in place in regards to weight. Loved the story, and on Jean Marc it definitely does not look like a purse :-)



Trop mignon, Madame Kristen! Merci pour les rires :)

Los Angeles


Our dear Kristi,
There just could NOT be a more happy way to begin the weekend than with today's WONDERFUL blog and pictures!
Once again you gave all of us something we can (with smiles) relate to! (My hubby still carries the briefcase I got him for Christmas in 1978; it does NOT have a name--the briefcase,not hubby LOL--and definitely needs a facelift!)
Your writing is such a gift and we are so privileged to be part of your life!
LOve, Natalia XO


Delightful story and wonderful photos aussi. Bravo!

Jean Lillibridge

Great story today. Had to go read the one about Lourdes, where I have been 4 times and wish I could go again. What does that T shirt say that Chief Grape is wearing that has a picture of George Bush on it? I can t read it.

Diane Young

Loved the story and the pictures. Jean-Marc exudes confidence and Mr. Sack deserves a renaissance every few years because he's your husband's closest buddy. Why is it that in Europe there are always flowers popping up from streets, window boxes, etc.? I so envy their love of nature and wish I had their gifts of imagination.

Geary Arceneaux

Bet you're glad you saved all those photos. A nice idea for your column.

Geary Arceneaux

Kathleen Baldwin

Really enjoyed this tale - thanks for pulling it out of the air (or wherever you got it!)



Karen B


Gordon Lyman

You're powerful in working in feelings, emotions, and touching endings such as today's: "My heart smiled thinking of the wrinkled man sewing the wrinkled bag, one soul giving life back to the other, each content to be of service for as long as they were needed or wanted."
A post or two ago I wanted to make two spelling or usage suggestions, but didn't get to it then, so here goes now:

"Fazed me, him," etc. NOT " phased me, her" etc. The two homonyms have distinct meanings.
Same thing with "sight seeing" NOT "site seeing." Views vs. locations.
Thanks for all your "light up my life" posts, one after another.

Leslie NYC

Never come between a man and his purse!
This is a wonderful post. Thank you.

Karen from Phoenix

That is so sweet of Jean Marc comment about you lovely wife.

I love, love well worn leather bags and usually tell close friends not to discard their old leather purses or wallets I will take them. They have much more character when they are well used and recycle instead of buying new is the way to go!!



Loved your story about Jean-Marc and Mr. Sacks. And really loved Mr. Sac's response.
Hope to be able to check out your new location on our annual trip to Provence this September even though there will be no vendange for a few more years.

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

This was two-for-one today. The story of the sacoche is great.
Then I linked to read the story of your trip to Lourdes, which was posted before I found your blog. That is a very touching story indeed. The moment of splashing the water on your husband and him returning the favor, you captured such a moment of connection so well in words.

There is nothing like like a good leather bag to carry all the things needed for life. I understand that appeal.

Lee Armstrong

Hilarious! What a great little story/day brightener.

Melodee Monroe

It is a beautiful bag and I'm glad he got it fixed.

eve robillard

What a sweet story! Merci!
evie robillard

Judi Boeye Miller, Lake Balboa, CA

Loved every bit of today's post, the photos, the progression, the story! Love between you and JM (and the special connection to Mr. Sacks) oozes out through the lines.

Leslie NYC

You know what "Mr. Sacks coming apart at the seams"(2nd to last photo) reminds me of? Smokey with his tongue to one side. Both may be a little worse for wear, but both are beloved and beautiful!


wonderful and humorous pics. a reader commented about t-shirts which leads to my question on topic: while JM carries his tired or new at that time, 'sacoche' what did his t-shirt say in small print about GWB? I hope it was not derogatory since Bush helped elavate the wine business in the U.S. which helps all vitners!

Wells Edmundson

Le sacoche,vraiment une omni-ceinture, envie de Batman...les mysteres caches
Wells Edmundson


Your stories are always something I look forward to, but this one was exceptionally fine! Cause for me to to post my first ever rave review (though I am long overdue).


I was going to suggest that you have Mr Sacks repaired while he was at home with you & Jean Marc was away.
What a surprise that would have been...:)
Jean Marc beat you to it!


Love it!! And I cannot believe the number of photos you have taken. This charming essay in photos and words could almost be a small book in and of itself.

Cynthia Lewis (Eastern Shore of Maryland)

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Just think how many words you have expressed with your charming photos and words. I have fallen under your spell once again and thank you for this touching story. I hope all is going along smoothly during Jean-Marc's absence. Bonne journée ,or rather, bon soir (your time).


Hilarious! A lift when I read it. merci.


very cute missive chere Kristi!


With the ("Wanted-George W. Bush) t-shirt , who looked at Mr. Sack? One of your funniest Kristen. My husband is gone now but I could write about "all those little things" that identified him forever, too.That's what makes them special. And, you too, for noticing and loving every moment of him.

Jim from St. Paul

Wonderful posting and photos to skim through beforehand and to enjoy again after seeing Jean-Marc last night in St. Paul! Food, wine, and company were great as was also learning about the new ventures in Bandol. I was wondering if Mr. Sacks is getting a bit jealous of Mr. iPhone, Jean-Marc's virtual briefcase? Although commenting rarely, I always appreciate your writing and photos: they make connections at so many levels and provide great insights into your and our private and public lives. Best wishes on your newest writing project.

Deborah J

Lovely story. Thanks for sharing it. And you should be glad that your handsome husband carries a "sacoche" instead of wearing bright yellow pants!

Rose Chandler Johnson

Delightful charming story. I smiled as I read and looked at all those handsome pictures of your husband with that "old bag". :-) Thanks Kristi for your joie de vivre approach to writing. Blessings!

Michael Williamson

Thanks, that was fun!

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