How to say "stranded" in French?
To spring for the bill (or how to say "it's on me" in French)

How to say "snapshot" in French + photos from Sanary-sur-Mer

Raviolis Pates Fraiches in Sanary-sur-Mer (c) Kristin Espinasse
"Soda Pop". The cliché, above, was an accidental self-portrait taken while focusing on the bigger picture. It will remain a whimsical and wonderful souvenir of my visit with Dad. Note: Pop and I aren't really drinking sodas (and I never call Dad "pop", except to name this photo): that's a can of water in my left hand and a camera in my right. Dad's holding a can of beer. Did you know you can walk around a seaside town in France, beer in hand? But you cannot drink beer at a snack stand unless you have ordered food. It's French law, according to the snack stand owner.

un cliché (klee-shay) 


    : snapshot

Other ways to say snapshot: un instantané or une photo

 Note, un cliché, is also:

...une figure de style qui consiste en l'emploi d'une expression « stéréotypée » et banale à force d'utilisation dans la langue. A figure of speech consisting of a stereotypical expression that becomes banal after overuse in a language. (Wikipedia entry for cliché)

Jean-Marc and Kristin Espinasse (c) Marsha Ingham

Les hôtes. The hosts. For the first time in a long time it feels like summertime. Having family come to visit means pulling oneself away from the computer and stepping outside to enjoy life. Jean-Marc said to me the other day, I'm really enjoying your Dad and Marsha's visit! They are so fun, helpful, and discreet.

Marsha and Dad in Sanary sur Mer (c) Kristin Espinasse
My belle-mère, Marsha, and my Dad in Sanary. They're pretending to be part of this still life trompe l'oeil. They enjoy life as kids do--having found each other later in life, some 25 years after Dad and my mom divorced. They've been married 19 years now.

My mom is a big fan of Marsha's and says that Marsha is the best thing that ever happened to my Dad. (See a photo of Mom and Marsha, near the end of this post). 

Cinema or movie theater in Sanary sur mer (c) Kristin Espinasse

"Cinema ABC..." I love to listen to my Dad read signs as we stroll along the sidewalks of Sanary. 

Dad and me in Sanary-sur-Mer (c) Kristin Espinasse
Dad and me. I love photos of walking--ever since seeing a black and white photo of my grandparents in Greece. Marsha snapped this cliché: a souvenir of a father-daughter moment, a visual I'll enjoy forever and one I'll pass on to my own grandchildren. 

More photos, below, after a message from our longtime sponsors:

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Dove and trompe l'oeil in Sanary sur mer (c) Kristin Espinasse
Another trompe-l'oeil in Sanary. This one's a turtle dove or a pigeon... which reminds me of how fascinated we were watching a municipal worker walk out to the docks and pour a giant sack of bird seed in one long, neat row. Arriving from all four corners of Sanary, pigeons swooped in and settled beside their free lunch. Talk about a soup kitchen for pigeons!

chihuahua in sanary sur mer (c) Kristin Espinasse
Marsha spotted the chihuahua in the window of an elegant residence overlooking the port. "Be careful of what you think you don't want--you might just end up with one!" Marsha giggled. Having only ever had big dogs... a certain Papillon name Ladybug pitter-pattered into her heart several years ago. 

chihuahuas at the market (c) Kristin Espinasse
One, two, three, four more chihuahuas at the market. These guys are not for sale (just the nightshirts, for 10 euros) yet have the effect of stopping shoppers in their tracks. 

Marsha and Dad bought me the khaki-colored one hanging near the end.. and a dress too! I put it on the dress when we returned from the market, before we sat down for Father's Day lunch. Happy Father's Day week to all who celebrate. I am so lucky to have spent the day with my dad this year. We have 10 more days together and I'm off now, to profiter--or make the most of every moment with him and my belle-mère Marsha.  

Notice the name of the boat... and enjoy this end quote: Pour bien vivre, bien aimer et laisser direTo live well, love well and let others say what they will. (Quote found written across a modest picket fence in Italy)

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charmant comme toujours cherie! xo

Bill in St. Paul

I love the trompe-l'oeils that you see all over France. Some are so good (like the one in this post) that you have to look twice to determine if it is real. We're celebrating Father's Day week on Cape Cod with all the family including an about-to-be one year old who gets up at 5:30am!

Deb Kanter

Hi Kristi-the last quote was great: to live well, love well, and let others say what they will. If only everyone could subscribe to that. Your blog is such a gift.
Deb Kanter
Cape Cod

Phyllis morton

No kristi, glad that you had your Dad on
Father's Day.
Also, glad you cleared up the 'step Mom' I thoughtmImkew what you meant, but thanks for clarity.

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,
This was such a sweet post today! I enjoyed it so much and the photos are wonderful. I was laughing because your dad and I have the share the same habit. I read signs out loud as I am walking around, especially on vacation. It annoys my daughter so much! "Oh look, The Angry Barber" or whatever. It drives her crazy! The photo of the chihuahuas had me laughing too, not because of the dogs but because of the house dresses in the background. I just recently bought one because I thought it looked nice and cool for our trip to Europe this summer. My husband saw it and said, "Oh, so we have moved on to mumus now?" I guess house dresses are not very sexy. :-)


Kristi Darling,

You continously inspire me - your first photo is brilliant. I think this should definately be a cover for one of your future about you and Kip, perhaps a moment in time that runs for 300 pages.

I miss you -




Lovely post today. Charming and graceful
photos, quotes and daughter!

Margy in Pittsburgh

Bill Facker

A very early morning on Kauai and I couldn't sleep ... and now I understand why the Sandman couldn't keep me under his spell ... I needed a good dose of FWAD. Merci, Kristin, for shaing your life and times. Continue to enjoy your Family as your extended family of readers enjoys your writing! Aloha!

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Bonjour Kristin,

Great post ---- I love the photos, the quote and the dogs! Enjoy your time with your dad ------you are very lucky.

Stay well!

Kirk Woodyard

Love your parting shot. I think, if I had a boat, I'd name it that.


Lovely post, Kristin! And in that photo of you and your dad, I can see your mom and Jackie so clearly in you. Beautiful ladies, you all are.

Enjoy the rest of the family visit.


Thanks for the trip update, Kristen!!
Love seeing you all together and enjoying each other!!!
XXM2 Sun Valley

Linda Cane

Kristin, what a touching post about you and your Dad. I must say, you are all poster people of a truly beautiful family,from the children to the grandparents.

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm ~ Applegate, Oregon

What a treasure to be gifted the top photo! A sense of enjoyment and summer-ease is clear from your words and photos. It brings me happiness to feel your happiness and to hear your dad and Marsha are living well.

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

In the Cinema ABC photo -- that is a tree on the right, correct? And it grows with such tiny openings in the pavement for the rain to feed its roots?

It seems like a great visit for you and your family. You visit with them, and see all the best spots around your new place.

Alice Soder

I have been in transition for months and am finally settled enough to read your stories. Love the Father's Day post. One can feel the love coming through. Treasure the moments with them and thanks for sharing.

Zoe Willet

It may very well be an 'Africanism' (I lived in Francophone West Africa for 10 years), but I learned that 'cliche' is a negative, whereas a snapshot is a 'pose'.


Our dear Kristi,
This wonderful post and beautiful pictures have absolutely filled our hearts with smiles.
Thank you for making our day!

XO to you and your sweet family!
Love, Natalia

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you Zoe for your note about  cliche! I need to ask JEan-Marc.

Enjoying every comment. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to this one. I hear a door opening down the hall... And am off to say goodmorning to my belle-mere.

Diane Young

So happy you had Fathers Day with your dad. You all look so happy. Blessings always, especially to amiable exes.

Debbie Lettieri

It is so nice that someone else has a mother and step-mother (oh, but I do like belle-mere so much better) who get along. It says a lot about your parents and mine!

Jane Bruguiere Norton

I just love your website with all the pictures of your family, your dog, and your beautiful shots of places you visit. Loved seeing your belle-mere and dad enjoying Father's Day with you all.

My maiden name is Bruguiere and have seen three towns with this name. Have been to France most recently on a wonderful barge, named the Luciolle, through the canals of Burgundy. A most wonderful trip it was and I would highly recommend it. Fourteen of us from the Island Of Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts went on this and I would go back in a minute! So relaxing, fabulous food and crew . Posted by Jane Norton

Karen  W   -    Towson, Md. USA

These photos are fabulous!!! Thanks for using each one in todays post!

Becky, Fayetteville, NY

You look tres chic in your new chapeau-very French!

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