A Deeply Meaningful French Word
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choper la creve

Chair looking out to sea (c) Kristin Espinasse
A new year is right around the corner. In case we don't talk before then, please have a seat in this special chair and take a moment to think about what will make you smile in 2014. May you figure out what it is that brings you contentment--and then spread that peace and happiness among friends and family in the coming year!

And now, for a less inspirational topic, today's word...

choper la crève (show-pay-lah-krev)

    : to catch a cold

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A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

J'ai chopé la crève! That's street French for I've caught a cold. I tried everything to prevent it, including these tips:

Respirer par le nez
Did you know the nose has a powerful filter? When next you travel on an airplane or in a confined space--a bus or a car or the metro--and people are coughing and blowing their noses.... shut your mouth and breathe through your nose!Respirez par le nez! 

Garde tes microbes!
"Keep your germs!" A stunning thing to say to the approaching hackers and the sneezers--but it'll cause an immediate about turn. :-) 

Penser positivement
It helps to think good thoughts, such as "I never catch my husband's colds!" Believe it when you say it, even if you begin to sniffle and the back of your throat seems itchy....

Lacher prise
Let go and allow yourself some needed goof off time. Don't think about the administrative paperwork, don't stress about the perfect blog post, and, especially, eat all the comfort food you want ("feed a cold starve a fever." Thank God you don't have a fever!)

  Vespa in badalucco italy
Leaving you, now, with a photo that expresses what the new year can be about: a journeying out 

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