choper la creve
Recipe: bacon-wrapped prunes - Pruneaux au lard fumé + the French word "serviable" and a lesson worth learning!

Help pick the new book cover! + "Get to the point!" in French?


"First French Essais" book covers by TLC Graphics
Book cover designs by TLC Graphics. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Bonne Année! Have a New Year's goal? Mine is to be more concise in my writing. I'll practice today by getting straight to the point (er... just after today's word and our sponsor's message!):

aller droit au but (ah-lay-dwat-oh-bewt)

    : to get straight to the point



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En écriture, comme en conversation, il faut aller droit au but.
In writing, as in conversation, one must go straight to the point.


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

Good news to start off the new year: A long-lost book project will soon see the light of day! After resurrecting an old manuscript, and dusting off the thick layer of doubt covering it, I spent last fall editing the volume.

I need your help now to choose a cover for this next collection of short stories titled "First French Essais." To guide you in picking the right cover, here's a brief description of the book:

As the title suggests, this memoir is made up of the "first" stories that appeared in this blog. And the French word "essais" in the title hints at "first attempts" at writing and at French life. This meaningful "writing/French life" combination is kicked up a notch in the subtitle, which reads: "Trying out Writing, Marriage, and France." (Not to be nonchalant about marriage! No, marriage is not something to try out! That's not at all what I mean to imply...)

As you can see I need your help! First things first: the book cover. Let's focus on that (we can work on the marriage later. (Whoops, there I go again! That's not what I meant to imply!)

*    *    *

Vote Here!
To vote on a book cover pictured at the top of this post, simply leave a message here in the comments box. There are 6 contestants--see their numbers to the bottom right of each photo. Let me know which is the most attractive! Click here to jot down your choice. Many thanks in advance!

Special thanks to the book angels over at TLC Graphics who designed this round of covers! Thanks Tamara Dever, for the covers, and thank you, Erin Stark, for creating another easy-on-the-eyes interior. I love your work! (Speaking of work, I've given you extra, Erin, as this book will be filled will full color photos and captions designed to grow the readers vocabulary even more!)


Once again, Bonne Année! May you continue to grow like this French beauty: branching out and unfurling, tickling the surface of the earth with your traveling feet.

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