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Coup de Foudre + French students seek host families in USA or England

2CV (c) Kristin Espinasse

How to say VROOOM! in French? If the topic today were onomatopoeia, then we'd surely have that one nailed by the end of this post. But there are two other pressing matters to figure out today:

1) How to say "Be my Valentine" in French? and
2) Who, in the States or in England, can host my French friend's 17-year-old? And/or can anyone recommend a fun USA camp for 16- or 17-year-olds? (Is 16 or 17 too old for camp?). Skip to the end of this letter and let me know!

Coup de Foudre (koo-deuh-foo-drh)

    : love at first sight (from the original definition: a thunderbolt)
    : A sudden unexpected event, especially an emotional one (Wikipedia)


Beautifully renovated and decorated home in the Luberon. 4 bedrooms and a study with a sofa bed, each with ensuite (full) bath. This villa comfortably sleeps 7-9 adults.


Sound File: (note: our Francophone speaker is away so you are stuck with me, a French accent-challenged Arizonan. Listen at your own risk!) Download MP3 or Wave file

Quand j'ai vu Jean-Marc pour la première fois, c'était le coup de foudre!
When I saw Jean-Marc for the first time it was love at first sight!

If you have been reading this journal for a few years, then you are familiar with our growing list of LOVE TERMS. Click here for a list of terms of endearment and other related Valentine's Terms


When I saw this 2 CV at the docks the other day, c'était le coup de foudre! It was love at first sight. 

"Oh no! Don't drive off!" I shouted, as the man in the striped cap walked into my camera's viewfinder and got into his classic car. I lowered my Smartphone and waved my arms, urging him to wait.

"May I take the photo with you in it?"

A bright and toothy smile was the unexpected reward for venturing to ask a stranger for his picture!

Alain is his name. Notice his toothy gap. Do you remember the charming French term for that? We learned it in the story Not a Cougar, A Wife Hen, where the young salesman flashed his "happiness teeth," or les dents de bonheur, and hearts went pitter-patter.


By the way, the backdrop in the very first photo is the bay of La Ciotat, west of Marseilles. And here, in the foreground we have jonquilles (daffodils), coquelicots (poppies), and palmiers (palm trees)--Nature's perfect frame for this classic car photo.

And who can blame those leaves for reaching out and tickling this adorable Citroën? Dried and about to wither away, these "cougars" of the plant kingdom can still appreciate the ever youthful deux chevaux.


Vroooom! Au revoir, Alain--et la deux chevaux d'Alain! Goodbye Allan and Allan's "two horse" car. A+ (à plus) or see ya later!

Two places to stay in postcard pretty France:

“La Trouvaille”--a true find in Provence!  Affordable vacation rental in this beautiful old stone house in the charming village of Sablet. 

New rental in Provence! La Baume des Pelerins, in Sablet--spacious, comfortable the perfect place to return to after a busy day’s sightseeing, bicycling or hiking.

Jackie (c) Kristin Espinasse
Jackie on her BMX.

Moving on now to our second question of the day: Would you like to host a French student? Or could you recommend good summer camp in the USA?

My friend Isabelle called the other day, wondering if I knew of anyone in the States (or in England) who would be interested in hosting her son for three or four weeks this August.

I told Isa that I could relate to her quest--as I am also looking for an enriching summer activity for my 16-year-old, who would love to improve her English! (In our case, we are looking for a summer camp in which Jackie would be surrounded by American kids her own age.)  

The goal is to keep these kids busy, away from the TV, and immersed in English. So if you are an active family who loves to get out and do things, leave a message in the comments box and I'll forward your address to Isa (or maybe steal it for myself!)

Both Jackie and Thomas love sports. Jackie enjoys tennis, horse riding, and fashion (it would be wonderful to find her an internship or a connection in the field!). Thomas skies, surfs, hikes, and loves to hang out in his hometown of Marseilles with friends his own age.

Isabelle spoke about the possibility of an exchange (her child visits you, your child visits Marseilles) but that would mean 6-8 weeks together, in total--something that might test a teenager's patience, don't you think? So if having a French student at your place is in itself an enriching experience and exchange, and if you have a child around the same age, 17, please get back with Isabelle--in the comments section--and I will make sure she sees your note.  

And, for Jackie, don't forget to recommend USA camps in the comments section, too. I really appreciate it! Note: an overnight summer camp in Colorado would be ideal! Then Jackie would visit family in Denver :-)

Thanks for using the comments box, only, as this will help me to locate your note! And thank so much for your interest in helping!

In other nouvelles...

Lavender planting

After planting lavender it will soon be time to plant the first grapevines--rows and rows, like an audience of goodfellows. Encore, Chief Grape!

Planting lavender

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