Meet up near Bandol!! + Manger la soupe sur la tête de quelqu’un
Tips for entertaining + book update!!

My new book is available now! One reason to buy it today...


Ça y est... It's book launch day! First French Essais is now available here, on Amazon.

A Very Special Day in a French Life...
The morning sun is warming the countryside and still I'm trembling like a leaf--trying to write this crucial book launch page without a PR team, without a marketing director, without Mom.

Like the two shots of coffee I've just downed, I trust Mom will kick in very soon with a plan that would make Og Mandino proud.

"You don't have to be The Greatest Salesman in the World," Mom would say. You are God's Little Superstar!

God's Little Superstar? To think! 

It's good to think but currently my mind's a chatter!: How to sell this new book? Without seeming pushy? And you don't want to appear desperate... But do ask for help when help's needed!

H-E-L-P!  I would be so grateful if you would buy my book today. Here's why: when a number of readers buy a book within a short period, this alerts the book sensor fairies. (Translation: a surge in book sales can boost a book into Amazon's spotlight giving it the chance to be noticed by potential readers!)

To help this wish come true, please order "First French Essais" right now--buy it for yourself or for a friend (Easter, Mother's Day, upcoming birthdays...graduation or "Just Because Day"!)

I am deeply grateful for your help in shining the light on this tender book of photos and essays from France. In "First French Essais," I have done my best to illustrate real, everyday, French life--sharing as many useful terms and expressions--and beautiful snapshots--as possible!

Thank you very much for your support! I'm on my way, now, to dig out my husband's ski suit and warm up inside it. Not sure if it's cold in this room--or just the coffee talking. Either way, sounds like the beginning of a cheesy publicity stunt. Hmm....

P.S. for Kindle, iPad, iPhone... the e-book will be available two weeks from now. Consider getting the paperback today, for a friend. Merci beaucoup!


Bilingual chapter

Lots of educational goodies in the book First French Essais, including

  • one dedication chapter (a side-by-side bilingual story!)
  • "valorisant": the word that changed my career path...
  • colorful photos in every chapter
  • detailed photo captions highlighting villages, French culture, French quirks!  
  • a question & answer section 
  • a fun word puzzle to help you recall selected vocabulary
  • a gorgeous book interior and cover by TLC Graphics

Click here to order First French Essais. 

France and UK readers: First French essais is available at and

To leave a comment or a simple bon courage wish, click here


Every chapter in First French Essais has a polaroid photo beside the title, the picture recalls the image on the previous page. Isn't it lovely? Thanks Erin, for your hard work!

By forwarding today's post, you will help me spread the word of this very special book. You might also share via Facebook et compagnie (Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads). Much appreciated! 

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Hi Kristi,

I ordered it just now!!! I wish you could have written a message inside. Hope it gets here soon.

Love you!

Robin Katsaros

Hi Kristi Babes, GGGogggooooo Kristi! Just ordered it. Can't wait for it to get here. xx me


Hi Kristi, It is not on the Canadian Amazon site. I guess it will be later?


Just bought my copy and shared on Facebook. Best of luck!!

Ellen (in East Granby, CT)

It will be my pleasure to purchase your new book today. I thoroughly enjoyed your previous two. Heading to Amazon now.

Barb Friedman

Can't wait to read it on kindle !! I'm sure it will do well! Why don't you make the morning news show rounds?


Good luck Kristi. It's on the English Amazon site and I have just bought a copy.


OK girl! I just ordered it! I like you and your writing too! Good luck!


Just ordered my copy! Looks terrific. Un grand merci, Kristin, et bon courage!


Just ordered a copy and left a 5 star rating plus comment just because I know it will be fabulous.

Betsy B

Congratulations Kristi! Just got my copy, looking forward to reading your latest book.

E. Suarez

Kristen Bon Chance and congratulations! I can't wait to get my copy.

Andy in St.Louis

Just ordered my copy and very excited it will arrive on my birthday! The most standout word in your homegrown advertisement..."tender". That's the perfect adjective for your writing and the way your followers feel about you and your family. Keep it up Kristin, and Bon Courage!!!


I am ordering the book and spreading the word!

Excited for you!

Bon chance!!!

Who knows...maybe you will have a Paris book signing while I am in Paris in July.


Patricia Sands

Congratulations on your new release, Kristin. I'm off to buy my copy and spread the word!

Lee-Ann in Toronto

I just ordered your book. I recently discovered your blog and now eagerly look forward to receiving your French Word-a-Day messages. I am working on my French in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Provence in June. Thank you and best wishes!


I'm interested in the Kindle version :)


Bonjour Kristin

C'est fait - je viens de commander !

Bonne chance et bon courage


Kristin Espinasse

Very exciting to read your messages. Thank you for buying my book and for your warm enthusiasm. .Re Canada readers, it does not seem to be up on yet.

Ariane Ladd

Bonne chance!
I am so excited for you and I don't even know you personally.
Your French Word-a-Day has been a delightful addition to my inbox for years.
Best wishes,
Ariane Ladd

Carol Carney

Just bought it via Amazon! Wishing you all the best with your new book! Please let us know if we, your fans, break any records for first day sales!
So looking forward to reading it! Love your first two.
Bien amicalement,
Carol Carney
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin USA

Ann Zimrin

I enjoy your French Word-a-Day tremendously, and look forward to reading your book. Good luck! I sympathize with you - I'm not a natural salesperson either, but sometimes we need to do things that aren't so easy for us.

Betty Rosbottom

Good luck and bonne chance! I just order a copy!

Kristin Espinasse

Carol, I will be sure to let you all know?

Ann, thank you for sympathising. I was sonervous that by being proactive I might mess up the natural flow of things!


Fabulous, what an exciting day! I've just ordered my copy :)


Just bought it - good luck!

John Banks

Bon courage, Kristin! As another American resident in France, I always enjoy keeping up with your wonderful site. I'm going to order the book right away. Congratulations!

Tanya in Charleston, SC

Just ordered your book and can't wait to read it! I discovered your blog, French Word-a-Day, when I returned from France in October, and always look forward to reading it. Congratulations on the new book and Bonne Chance!!!

Diane Kish

Just bought your new book! Oh, the anticipation! Bonne Chance, Kristin!!

Suzanne Codi

Just bought one for my niece who is graduating from college in Colorado this spring, then heading to France to be a nanny and study art. She'll love it!
Break a leg, it looks like you already have a lot of sales, hurray !!!
Bises, Suzanne

Suzanne Codi

ps Mine will be a kindle version, can't wait !

Kristin Espinasse

Suzanne--and all Kindle owners who are buying the paperback as gifts--I really appreciate the gesture!!

Adeline Richarson Reunion Island

Congratulation to you and warmest welcome to your new book!

I'm going to order it... right away !

Linda Hampton Smith

Felicitations!! Here are some excellent tips for marketing your new book:

Bonne Chance et bon courage. Merci bien pour tout que vous faites.


Frieda Oxenham

It's done, and I can confirm that it is also available now on where I bought it.



Looks like you are doing fine on your own with this delightful marketing plan….it´s always so much better when it is straight from your heart instead of planned out by marketing guru´s. I am always so proud that you have the courage to just be yourself.

If all of your dear friends here on French Word-A-Day continue on spreading the word I do believe you will be able to break through that barrier and catch the attention of Amazon´s ´Best new releases`. Hopefully all of your friends will form your own sales team and encourage all of their contacts and local bookstores to rally around and push you up the charts. I just think that there is power in love and there is definitely love in all of the hearts of your readers, wanting you to succeed so you will have the stamina to continue on down this wonderful path and continue on with your dream. Actually you are right in the ´mist´of living your dream right now - you are one blessed young lady and as always I am so proud of you. I´ll be back later, love reading all of your friends comments.



Kristin Espinasse

Aw. Thanks, Mom. XOXO :-)


It looks very interesting but I don't find a Kindle version...will that come out soon? I avoid buying printed books if at all possible.


Hi Kristi,
I just ordered your book and I can't wait to read it.
Bonne chance!

Sandy Vichery

Hi Kristin,
I am so happy for you! I am going to order your book right now and I can't wait to read it!
Bonne chance!

Sandy Vichery


Just ordered your newest book! Now I have the entire collection! (& so do a few of my friends!)
Congratulations! Felicitations!
& I love the cover you chose....perfection.
Happy Happy Spring
(perhaps you could do as Ann Mah did w/ her book & sign bookplates w/ a note to all those who request them so we could have signed copies?! just a thought)

Patricia Flournoy

Just ordered your new book...and I will be reading it on Monday...Merci for all your posts...

Robin from Encinitas, CA

I just ordered your new book!


Bonjour Kristi!
Just ordered your book--have them all now! LOVE the cover, too!
~Kathy A

Jane Hoppe

I just ordered your book. I'm excited to read it. Before my next Les Bavards meeting, I will try to figure out how to promote en francais.


Hi Kristi,
I just ordered your delightful new book on Amazon. Et le plaisir est le mien!
I read your blog faithfully and am inspired and enlightened by it.
Bon courage, Bonne chance!
California, USA

Nan Morrissette

My Tom got to your blog first today and said "You have to order Kristi's book immediately! Today! And order one for me! So I ordered two and posted the link to the book and blog on Facebook. Best wishes!!! Congratulations!!! Good luck!!! We love you!!!

A. Moreau

Done and done. Looking forward to getting it in the mail!

Jan  Hersh

I am sold. :^)


I just ordered the book, and will share w/ our local French-American community group that meets next week.

Mercer Island, WA, USA

Ginny Bear

After several years of enjoying your website, I look forward to a little of the back story, it seems. I have loved your website reminding me of a wonderful trip to Provence a few years ago, plus helping me retain some of my French skills after having taken on Norwegian a couple years ago!

John Sanders

Is it really side-by-side bilingual? The Amazon page implies that it isn't, because it says the language is English and never mentions bilingual.

Nina Tasi

Done! Ordered it while enjoying a cup of coffee and reading your blog!
We look forward to reading your latest literary "l'oeuvre"!!!
Wish we were in France right now..... As we look out the window , all we see is snow .... So your photos of flowers certainly bring us much joy!
Charlie & Nina , In snowy New Hampshire

Judy W.

Congrats, Kristin! Just ordered my copy and will devour it when it arrives. I live the French life vicariously through you. We will all look forward to your next book!

Jill Switzenberg

Just ordered two copies--one for me and one for a friend! So happy to help. I'm a fan of yours all the way!


wouldn't miss it Kristin...just got my own personal copy to are so incredibly talented besides being lovely xo

Leslie NYC

I think your announcement is great!
It's like movies: you want to really support a movie, especially a small, independent one, the first weekend.
Another way of thinking about this purchase:
All year we get to settle in with your blog and a cup of coffee and travel to Provence for FREE! A magazine I get just sent me a renewal notice for the coming year: it's $89. We could all buy a copy or two of your books when they come out, and still be way ahead!
Also, you get a percentage if we go to Amazon through the link on this page, right?
Kirstin, thanks for the richness you bring to my life with your blog.
I think your cover and its story might make this the most successful of all your books.

Kristin Espinasse

John, the last chapter, a tribute to a Frenchman, is bilingual. Very sorry for the confusion.
To everyone reading and commenting, thank you--it feels like a virtual book release party. Indeed, it is!

Rina Rao.

Congratulations Kristin---great!!!
Will you be bringing some when you come to Paris?


Hi Kristi!
Will order your book as soon as I drop this note to you! I have enjoyed all of your books, and am looking forward to adding this one to my collection. Any chance you may do a book signing in Phoenix in the near future. My friend and I live in Page, AZ ( Lake Powell) and would love to come down and meet you! (She attended an earlier one for your first book , and met you, and your husband who was offering samples of your wine ) Best wishes, and good luck to you!

Bill Crow

Kristi, I tried to buy it today but it's not available in Canada yet. Désolée!



Kit Wilson-Pote

Rats! It is not yet available at Canadian outlets like or -- can't wait to be able to order it right here. Soon as ... !


Ordered as a gift. I will get the Kindle edition for myself. I began to follow you when my daughter gave me your first book years ago.

Judi Miller

Add me to the numbers - I just bought your book on Amazon. I love books on Kindle, but I just couldn't wait! (and, I still really love 'holding a book and going back and forth throughout the reading.') Congratulations!! I hate to tell you, reading from one of your replies, you didn't 'mess up with the natural flow of things.' And, even if you had, isn't 'messing up' actually a true part of the natural flow of things - or at least I hope so, as I am always messing up! ha ha! I am so happy for you. It must be such a relief, and at the same time, such an extraordinary feeling of accomplishment. You should be very proud - we are all very proud to 'know' a real life writer and author of books! We're coming to Paris May 16-22, then again June 12-14, Provence area May 23-30 - maybe that's one of times/places where you will have a book signing! Wouldn't that be grand!

Jan greene

I just ordered your new book! I will share it with our French friends when we are in Paris in May ! I am confident this will be a big success!


Just ordered the new book & hope your sales go through the roof!








Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin! I'm so excited for you! Just ordered the book right here!!!
Bisous! Eileen

Kristin Espinasse

Movin and Shakin! Made it to 148 on Amazon, and currently no. 2 on the Movers and Shakers list! This book just may reach new readers after all. Thanks for your support!

Julie Farrar

Just tweeted and FB'ed the announcement. Off to order multiple copies. Wish I could have had my blog post ready for today, but life keeps mugging me. I will have the blog interview up by next week.

KaySue Smith

I just ordered 4 books and two of them will go to my daughter and to me. We will be visiting France for the first time this coming Fall. Marilyn and Jim Reynolds have invited us to stay with them in their beautiful home after we spend a week in Paris.

Marilyn Reynolds introduced me to your blog which delights me each time I receive it. I enjoy your humor, great photos and commentary.
Bonne chance avec les ventes.

Beverly Aigen

I love the honesty. For that I am buying the book and excited to receive it. I look forward to sitting on my sofa, surrounded by my 4 Labs and living vicariously through your pictures and writings. Thank you for the weekly smile. All the best to you.


HI Kristen,

Will your book be available when you speak at Adrian Leed's Apres Midi next month? I would love to get an autographed copy!

Chris Allin

Dear Kristin,

I have just ordered three copies of First French Essais...and two more Words in a French Life and one Blossoming in Provence! One of my favorite things to do is give your books to my friends. They enjoy them so much I like to suprise them with another. A treasure chest opened today! Congratulations on this new book and cheers to Jules, such a supportive mom!


Congratulations on this new book!!! I look forward to reading it. I have purchased several copies for my daughters, a friend and myself. Can't wait to read!!!








xoxo XOXO



Just ordered the new book from ... will that count for the ratings?
Looking forward to reading it ♥

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Salut Kristin,

Looking forward to reading your imaginative writing and story telling. I know I will enjoy. My whole mailing list has been notified of this gem.


Karen from Phoenix

Just ordered the new book. Can't wait for it to arrive. Like all the others I know it will be wonderful. Congrats and BIG HUG sent your way.

Ed Klinenberg

Salut Kristin,
I ordered your new book just now from Amazon. Since it's only 15:56 hours here in Menlo Park, California, the order should count toward your first-day sales. I wish you great success with your book! Bravo d'avoir suivi vos reves en France il y a longtemps!
-Ed Klinenberg

Leslie in Oregon

Congratulations, Kristin! I look forward to purchasing your book (and encouraging friends, relatives and neighbors to do the same) from our local independent bookseller.


Bon courage, and all best wishes on your latest endeavor. I look forward to reading it!

Leslie in Oregon

P.S. I've also suggested that our county library system purchase copies of your book. Libraries are a great book buyers!


The book will be a huge success.


Looking forward to reading....but it will have to be the Kindle version!
Will wait ....patiently !!


I ordered 2 copies of your new book today (one for me and one for a friend). I can't wait to read it. I love your blog...your observations, your insights, your genuineness and your photos. With every entry I am transported to France and especially to Provence which I adore! Félicitations et bon courage from a silent, but devoted admirer...


Bon courage! It looks wonderful!

Thom, Maryland

Done. Can the top 25 be far? Congratulations!

Marianne Rankin

Amazon has confirmed my purchase of your book, and it will be arriving shortly. I'm looking forward to it. I'm glad it has pictures.

Muriel Teusink

Congratulations! Truly interested in reading your book --- but I need in on kindle.

Judi Miller

On Amazon, you're No 1 in "Travelogues & Travel Essays" - Congratualtions! I hope you are getting a well-deserved sleep (or are still up smiling!)


I ordered my copy . . . along with your other books . . . I have some catching up to do! Congratulations! This has to be very exciting for you! :)


Just ordered your book Kirsten and wish you all the very best - you deserve it! I love reading your blog and looking at your photos - I feel as though I'm receiving messages from a friend of many years.
Good luck my friend!

Diane Young

I ordered your book today. Looking forward to its arrival. Bonne chance avec lui.

Kathy en Californie

Copy ordered. Review posted! Bonne chance!

Julia ~ Falling Off Bicycles

Wonderful, Kristin. Happy to support you. I'm sorry I'm just a few days late reading your posts. Best of luck to you!


Chère Kristin,
I hope you don't mind that I use the endearment "chère", but I feel like you are a friend ! I Just bought the book & am looking forward to a good read!
Bon chance et félicitations !



Just ordered a copy. Can't wait to read the new book. I always enjoy whatever you have to say. Bonne chance!


Kristin. Could you please send me (or someone else may be able to) send me the link to your U-Tube promotional video "how to open a bottle with a book"
I can't find it on UTube would like to forward to friends, my wine drinking friend!
thank you

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