s'incruster: do you know this popular French word?
To have the munchies, in French + We have a party, I learn a few more lessons...

Visit our new vineyard? + "hairspray" in French

Sunflower prickly pear blossoms
The sunflower to the prickly pear blossom: "Mousse or Gel?"
Prickly Pear (smacking her gum): "Aqua Net, Sweetie--and a perm every three months!"

la laque (lah lak)


une bombe de laque = a can of hairspray

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La laque est le produit-phare de toute femme un peu coquette. Hairspray is the star performer of every stylish woman. --schwarzkopf.fr

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse

Last night, over at Facebook, I posted a conversation between a few high-maintenance fleurs in our garden (see the photo and caption at the top of this post). But I was a little startled by an unexpected inquiry that followed...

Raisa wrote:

Kristin, are you guys opening your winery and gardens up to the public? Is that the master plan?

After thinking over Raisa's question, I decided now was as good a time as any to faire face à cette dilemme....

Raisa, we'd like to strike a balance between private and public, 95/5:

95 percent of the time we can walk around in the buff (Jean-Marc), and 5 percent of the time--opening hours--we'd improve on the outfit we're already wearing (i.e., I would be careful to swap pj's for a blouse and slacks). Come to think of it, I can't promise Jean-Marc will follow suit.)

*    *    *


Chief Grape and I are very happy to announce the very first winetasting here at Mas des Brun--followed by a private wine sale featuring selected bottles from Jean-Marc's cellar.

The "girls" in the backyard (Sunflower and Prickly Pear, who we met earlier) hope you'll stop by and say "Coucou," or Hello. They're busy doing their hair in the perm-aculture garden, but you could stroll up the steps and call in, if you like.

July 12th. 4:30 pm is the meet-up time. To reserve your seat-cushion contact Jean-Marc at: jean-marc@mas-des-brun.com or leave a message in this comments box.

Laundry and tapenade

We'll sit at the picnic table and I will serve up my mother-in-law's famous olive spread, or tapenade. (The saturated colors are the fault of my smartphone. Can you blame it for being so inspired?).

Don't forget to reserve your spot. The best seats are to the right, with a lovely vue mer, or sea view! Then again you might prefer gazing at the laundry. To each his own. A chacun son goût.


Improve your French and your day. Thanks to all who wrote in identifying the author to the life-changing text, above. Read Max Ehrmann's "DESIDERATA" in English (with French titles), here

In case you missed the Sourire, or Smile post, you'll find more garden pictures and more "flower girls" here--plus another bilingual poem read by Jean-Marc. Click here.

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