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Caught red-handed in French

Kristi driving ape truck

En flagrant délit. How to say "two-timing" in French? Beats me, but the definition might be: to have a longtime commitment to one's blog ... when suddenly an obsession for another site takes over! (That site would be Instagram where I keep sneaking off to post another photo from home. Click here to follow this photographic affair and catch me en flagrant délit).

en flagrant délit (ahn flah-grahn-day-lee)

    : caught in the act, caught red-handed

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Le flagrant délit ou délit flagrant est une situation où une personne est prise sur le fait au moment de son infraction ou immédiatement après et en possession d'indices démontrant sa participation à cette infractionFlagrant délit or délit flagrant is a situation where a person is caught in the act at the moment of the crime or immediately afterwards and holding clues showing his or her participation in this crime. (from Wikipedia)

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A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse

We had to cancel Wednesday's dégustation de vin after learning our kitchen renovation was about to start again.

Those concrete floors we had poured began to bleed, crack and spit. Then the builders ran off. Last week they called from a secret hiding place to announce their impending arrival: first thing Wednesday morning, et que ça saute! (And we'd better be ready!)

My husband is not touched by their change of heart. As for me, I hope it turns out to be a good idea to tile over that concrete. It'll add an inch or two to the already raised floor (up until now we've managed to cross over the kitchen-dining room threshold without tripping. The height has been so slight that even our feet did not detect the different niveaux.

The other night, with temperatures rising to caniculaire heights, I could not sleep and so decided to go for a midnight snack. It was easy-breezy to slip in and out of the kitchen, finishing up the rest of the herbed finger potatoes... but things may soon get complicated when a new level of difficulty arises on Wednesday. 

Heureusement God gave us "tip toes" to navigate these hazards in the road. But then He also gave us a conscience that's hard to delete each time we sneak off to eat those illicit and delicious treats! 

la dégustation du vin = winetasting
et que ça saute! = and get right on it!
le niveau, niveaux = level 
caniculaire = scorching, sweltering
heureusement = happily, thankfully

Reverse Dictionary
tip toes = la pointe des pieds

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