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Smokey in his Speedo for the ALS Ice bucket challenge: Le defi du seau glacé pour ALS.

Thank you for donating here to ALS research. Lou Gehrig's disease may one day be a thing of the past with your help.
Le défi du seau d'eau glacé , pour L'ALS

    : ALS ice bucket challenge

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Le défi du seau d'eau glacé - a été lancé ces dernières semaines pour susciter les dons en faveur de la lutte contre la maladie de Lou Gehrig - ou maladie de Charcot, ou sclérose latérale amyotrophique (SLA) - une maladie neurodégénérative. The ice bucket challenge began these last few weeks to draw donations in favor of the fight agaist Lou Gehrig's disease - or Charcot's illness, or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - a neurodegenerative disease. -Liberation.fr

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse

Smokey and His Cohort Bare All in the Name of ALS!

A week ago I saw a headline in my Facebook feed. Dani Shapiro, a writer I follow, was about to have a seau of ice cold water poured over her pretty head. Wearing a white skirt and striped top, she stood on the lawn in front of her home shivering (so far from nerves) as she made the now popular announcement: 
"I've been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ...."

What a great way to bring attention to Lou Gehrig's disease! I thought, laughing as the écrivain extraordinaire hobbled off stage (exiting her front lawn with a high pitched shriek). But no sooner had the home video camera quit rolling, than some people were complaining about the ecological ramification of millions of buckets of water poured out across the globe! All in the name of "The Ice Bucket Challenge" (indeed, some participants were no longer naming the cause, or seemed completely unaware of it as they stood hamming it up before the camera, enjoying some innocent summertime fun.). Still others complained about their Facebook feed being clogged with so many of these homemade videos. Some of them awkward ....

Smokey looks for ice water
                           Smokey looking for ice water...

Smokey and I considered all of these complaints when OUR number was called. (When my eleven-year-old niece, Reagan, finished her video and passed the baton to us, Smokey and I had to quickly hatch a plan ....)

Corn and flamingo
Smokey would wear his Speedo. And Smokey's cohort would wear her bikini. We would then step up into the raised vegetable bed and give the corn and the flamingo a good watering! There, now who could criticise us for wasting precious resources? 
Speaking of water, who would pour it over our heads?
Aha! Good idea Smokey, we could rig an old French pulley.... one we'd "borrowed" from a neighbor...
Old french pulley
See it? The old French pulley above a neighbor's window.
Next we'd steal (we mean "borrow") a couple of buckets from our grape harvest supplies here at the vineyard. OK, are you beginning to picture the scene?  Good, lets keep going....

Then, standing there shaking from head to toe (stage fright) Smokey and I would share as much about ALS or Lou Gehrig's as we possibly could--before one of us, with a shivering furry paw, would grab the string of the pulley...
Wait. We need ICE COLD water, Smokey! What's that? You want to use the snow in the photo? OK, first we'll need to build a time machine. That photo was taken years ago!
Plan B. Frozen water bottles!
(Ice cubes are scarce in France, remember?). Yes, frozen water bottles ought to work to cool the liquid!

Well, Smokey, we've got a good plan going and a great opportunity to bring attention to ALS! I'm only sorry for those who feel we're about to clog their Facebook feed with our own colorful version of Le défi du seau glacé pour ALS
What's that, Smokey? We have to do the ALS challenge within 24-hours? Smokey! What time is it?
You say it's "too late time"? You mean we missed the deadline? Oh! And we were so looking forward to freezing our gourdes, or heads off!

Say what, Smokey? You say if we don't make a video in time we have to donate $100 to ALS research? Hmmm....

Want to go 50-50? Thanks, Smokey. You ARE the dog!

Nomination Time! Smokey and I must now choose three people to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We are randomly choosing three readers from among today's comment. Leave one here and look for your names to be announced in the next edition! If you don't want to video yourself, you can always choose to donate instead. :-)

Thanks, dear reader, for "watching" this written version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. ALS research needs your support. Don't hesitate. Donate here now. (Smokey is proud to see his name on the Donation Honor Roll, see it here, bottom right. Smokey's cohort is listed, too--anonymously matching his amount).

What do you think about these ALS ice bucket challenges? Have you participated in one? Heard about the accidents and injuries? See the bloopers? Feel free to share the link to your favorite or to comment here.

My beautiful friend Melanie, in France. Last September she lost her life to this horrible disease. It's time to find a cure for ALS. Read Melanie's story, here.  

Melanie's niece, Jessica, writes:
Please join me in continuing to celebrate Melanie's life and help others suffering from ALS.  It has been almost a year since Melanie lost her 18 year battle with ALS and we miss her and her spirit everyday. Melanie was so grateful for the help she received from The ALS Association and I am hoping to continue to help her bring those services to others.  Please consider making a donation using this link:

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