Smokey in his Speedo for the ALS Ice bucket challenge: Le defi du seau glacé pour ALS.

Guilty in French

How to get to the heart of a matter? Begin randomly. Keep going till you've peeled back all the layers. Pseudo demonstration below.

coupable (koo-pahbl)

    : guilty

se sentir coupable = to feel guilty

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La décision de placer la personne dans un établissement de soins est l’une des plus difficiles à prendre. Vous pouvez vous sentir coupable et juger que vous n’avez pas été à la hauteur pour prendre soin d’elle.... et vous pouvez avoir l’impression de l’abandonner. The decision to place the person in a care facility is one of the most difficult to make. You might feel guilty, that you haven't been skilled enough to take care of her... and you may have the impression of abandoning her.


A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE ... by Kristin Espinasse

"Random Things"

-  Searching the glove pile, Jean-Marc and Max could not find matching pairs for this morning's chores. Le côté positif?  Missing gants = many completed vineyard projects.

- Not counting spam, there are 733 unanswered emails in my inbox. Mea culpa.

-  We now have a nifty net, or filet, catching all those figs that once bit the dust on our pétanque court. Bonjour La Tarte aux Figues!

- Changed mind and chose all of you for the ALS Icebucket Challenge.

- That cute wildlife visitor that appeared at the open window? The one with the adorable wrinkling nose? On closer look it was a giant rat!

- Il faut changer de lunettes. Time to change glasses.

- Email bankruptcy exists.

- Jackie's been gone a total of five weeks and two days this summer.

- Cleaning out my nightstand, found daughter's music box. Pulled the string.

- Mementos are the least filthy and take the longest to clean.

- Buying a pomegranate tree on a whim is better than "a new shoes whim."

- Do women justify more than men?

 - Cette liste est ennuyeuse? Is this list boring?

- My mother-in-law's been in three care facilities since July 7th.

- In the beginning I visited her often.

- Lately, less and less.

- (Çela fait huit jours...)

- I could go today...

- Bring her a magnificent pomegranate. 

- Tell her

- Je t'aime

 *    *    *


Braise and the gloves pile
Braise knows a secret. Sometimes, when no glove matches are to be found, the guys wear the flowery ones.

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