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Favorite French Words & next winetasting!

Le quignon - is it your favorite part too?

Pomegranat photo by sam gish

One more winetasting in September--here at home. Join us!
Thanks, Sam Gish, for this snapshot taken at our winetasting. The next meetup is September 28th. Hopefully there will still be flowers on the bougainvillea. Email us today and let us know if you can make it! Confirmations to jm.espinasse@gmail.com 

le quignon (kee-nyohn)

    : heel, hunk, or end of bread

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Un quignon de pain. Smokey aime bien qu'on lui donne un quignon de pain le matin. A heel of bread. Smokey really likes for us to give him a heel of bread in the morning.

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse


Today we're going on a treasure hunt, or une chasse au trésor. So follow the photo captions and keep your eyes peeled for a crusty hunk or heel! We're searching for the tastiest part of the baguette--the one everyone wants, that crisp on the outside soft on the inside QUIGNON.

Somebody's run off with the quignon--and just when I finished making soup! So help me get back the hunk so I can sit down for lunch and enjoy MY end of the baguette!


And we're off! Is that it, barely visible on top of the green mailbox in the garage? No, that's an entire baguette and not un quignon. (I can't use that one. I found it, hard as tooth, at the back of the bread drawer. But it makes a nice vignette over there on the boîte aux lettres, no? Maybe the postman will think he's lucky.


Meantime, pas de chance, I'm still out of luck. And my stomach is growling away! Quignon, guignon, où est-tu? Where are you?

Hey! Just what has Jean-Marc got in the hand he's hiding beneath the edge of the photo. Nice try, Chief Grape. Hand it over! (Photo by Cynthia Gillespie-Smith)

winetasting at Mas Des Brun
What? You say the guy facing you, the one giving the talk on wine, is empty-handed? Alright then, which one of you turkeys is hiding my quignon?

Fine! A little patience will surely produce results. I'm hungry--but I can wait.... 


Comme si de rien n'était (as if nothing was amiss...) Here we are in the backyard, toujours sans quignon. Some very suspicious looking garden visitors, wouldn't you say? (Or is it the photographer? Yah, right, Cynthia. Pretend to be documenting the wine tasting when really all you want is that quignon for your own cup of soup. HAND IT OVER, buddy!)

Crockpot chicken

Meantime, what's this guy doing?! Waiting for lunch, perhaps? Why the anxious look on your face, Smokey? Can't hold the secret any longer? (By the way, thanks, dear readers, for all those crockpot recipes you sent in, here! I've made a few of them already. And this here (pictured) was a suggestion by JoAnna W: "put a whole chicken in the slow cooker..." JoAnna, I will never again cook chicken any other way. Not one gram of meat wasted and broth to freeze for winter!

Bon, chicken soup is waiting. All I need for lunch is that crusty, soft-in-the-middle perfect for dipping quignon!!!


Quick hide the evidence! Is that you woofing down the quignon, Smokey? Well, harrumph! No chicken soup for you! 

Off to see about that 5-week-old baguette on the mailbox -- that is, if the mailman didn't beat me to it. Salut, and see you next time.


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