October 9th meetup + joie de vivre
Breizh is a name and a place and a dog in France

Thursday Meetup! + Jeton (do you know this handy word?)

French token or jeton

Only 54 minutes to complete today's post--in time to profiter or take advantage of the garden before tomorrow's rain! Don't miss the bullet statements below--including information on Thursday's winetasting. (photo taken yesterday, at our local supermarché)

un jeton (zhuh-toh(n)

    : token, chip

Example Sentence from Wikipédia:
Le jeton est une sorte de monnaie ou de méreau aux fonctions multiples.
A token is a kind of money or méreau with many uses.

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A Day in a FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse

And now for the rest of today's speedy content--and dardar, or super quick! 

  • If you are within a one-hour radius of Bandol (VAR), then come to our Thursday winetasting at 4 p.m.! 10 euros. To reserve your seat, email kristin.espinasse@gmail.com (put "reservation confirmation") in the subject line. 
  • Today's word, "jeton", was featured ten years ago--along with this story. Enjoy and see you in a couple of days. Off now to find my garden spade...

Do you have anything to say about today's word "jeton"? Have you ever used a token to rent a supermarket caddy, or "chariot," in France? What are some cultural differences at a French supermarket? Comments welcome here.


Flowers awaiting rain

Smokey and I are developing our gardeners' reflexes: all potted plants and flowers go out on the porch before the rain comes. Ha! We remembered this time! 

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