Breizh is a name and a place and a dog in France
How to say "special needs person" in French?

le pois chiche & new permaculture friends!

Pois chiche chick pea
Sorting and saving seeds with a group of French with special needs. 

Ouf! I think we all landed safely, you and me, after yesterday's switchover. French Word-A-Day has changed email carriers and just in time... I have so much more to share with you: words, photos, dreams and more.

le pois chiche (pwah-sheesh)

    : chickpea   

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Les femmes semencières ont trié les pois chiches, avant de donner les graines à ceux qui ont besoin.
The women seedkeepers sorted the chickpeas before giving the seeds to those in need.

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse

Imagine you had a growing passion for something... but had no (local) friends who shared the same interest. And then, suddenly--serendipidously--you met another person who understood you when you murmured the code word....

"Permaculture!" I said, while showing our guests around our garden. "This is an experimental permaculture garden..." (I always toss in the word "experimental"--which covers a multitude of garden sins as well as ignorance on my part.)

That's when one woman spoke up amidst all the murmuring. "Yes, permaculture...." I cannot recall exactly what Marie said next, so amazed was I by this opportunity.

Marie mentioned there were a few local organizations I might be interested in, and she sent me this flyer when she returned home:


...And that's how I found myself standing in a potiron patch, babbling in French to a sacred femme semencière....

(To be continued)

Potiron patch 
A permaculture and forest garden not far from my house. More in the next post.

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Maria Cochrane

ça a marché - aucun problème.
Et j'ai aimé apprendre ce nouveau mot - j'adore le 'hummus' avec le pain.

Robin Katsaros

Yeah! You're back ... and I'm so glad I NOW have access to my French cup-a-day (I know, I know -- its Word-A-Day but its like my daily serving of French coffee to get my day started) I so missed getting this in my in basket. Glad I'm connected again!


Our dear Kristi,
Only one word for you,dear lady: BRAVO!!!
Is there nothing you cannot achieve?
Now Permaculture!
You turn your dreams into reality and give inspiration to the rest of us!
Natalia XO

Jill Ferrie

I'm also happy to have FWAD back. Glad you've met some permaculture friends.

Mim (Richmond, VA)

All good, on this end. What a lovely poster, to catch one's attention, and a very good subject.


Thank you for your association with special needs folks, no matter the difficulty. I have a 44year-old special needs daughter who lives in the Phildelphia area - I live in Florida. She would love to help with seed sorting or anything to do with a garden or being outside. Bless you, Kristi.

Robin from Encinitas, CA

Smooth transition to the new carrier. Also love the "reader version" option for the tablet. :-)

Faye Stelly

What a magnificent permaculture & forest garden! Too, love the flyer, it's purpose & and all the new French words...expanding my French vocabulary .etc!!! Thanks so much!

BJ Tuininga

Kristin,I have a friend in Ireland who has taken 3 acres of wasteland and through permaculture, 10 years of work turned it into a marvelous piece of sustainable property. You might like her blog. She does go political at times, but her heart is in the right place...the land that she farms...Bealtaine Cottage
I have been a permaculture gardener even in the city...It sure reeks of sustainability! Bravo to you and anyone else who is is venturesome! bj!

Tonya McNair

Hi! I wasn't sure this was you, but I'm glad I opened it!! Can you please translate the flyer?? (For us baby-Francophiles? Please?)
Bless you for hanging in there!


Here is a cute bit from flyer: repas tiré du sac
I believe that means bring a sack lunch! But literally, lunch pulled from a sack! Very interesting post, Kristin!

Alyssa Ross Eppich

Like several people above, I wasn't sure who this was, but I am so glad I opened it! Phew! I'm happy that you have landed safely, and that I will continue to receive your lovely French Word A Day!

Beth Hartmann

I almost didn't open it, with "Day" as the sender, and permaculture in the title. It sounded like a spammer or hacker-virus. Scary. Can you place French Word-a-Day in the title, or perhaps French Day? But, I'm glad I took the chance and did open it.

Catharine Ewart-Touzot

well it was a totally new look..I had to, I choose to read the French text wondering what it was..and voila there you are. Glad the transition went smoothly. Nice looking garden.

Kristin Espinasse

Beth, this glitch has been taken care of. Thanks for letting me know if it happens again.

Nancy,                     Cambridge

Please put "F W A D" in the title first ....there is no indication that this is from you- looked like an ad to me, and almost clicked it off...

Micki Simms

Dear Kristi,

Transition could NOT have been more smooth!
Excellent planning on your part!

So glad you are back; you are loved!

Micki Simms

Houston, TX

Chris Allin

As often happens, one noble effort embraces another. Good for you, Kristin! Enjoy~

I have never experienced fresh chickpeas in the shell, so your photo is quite fascinating. Our daughter showed us how to season and roast dried chickpeas after they have been reconstituted by boiling in water. So good.

We appreciated your email yesterday telling your readers of the change in email carrier. Very glad to receive this post today.

And a shout out for your Twitter and Instagram accounts. A very nice daily dose of FWAD!

Sevahn Merian from Michigan

Hi Kristen,

Looking good!Easy transition. Thanks for all that you do.

Rober Wildau

So Kristi I guess you've found more local sources of permaculture advice than the Aix-en-Transition folks, but I couldn't figure out exactly from whom.. With the end of the summer crops I'm a little bit at a crossroads as to how to proceed. Shortly going back to the US for six weeks.
Loved the story about your father swimming in the calanque. I've done the same thing many times.
Warmest regards, Robe-aire from Aix

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,
I'm having fun pronouncing pois chiche! Your garden is gorgeous and I imagine you saying, "this is my experimental permaculture garden" and someone saying "pois chiche"... it is fabulous, what are you talking about!" Did you join the seed women group?

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you all for these most encouraging words! Every note brings a smile. This latest transition fried my nervous energy (and all the coffee I drank to get through it did not help any). 

Ellen, yes, that expression jumped out at me, too. It would make a featured phrase (in place of the word of the day). 

Julia Frey

Just a rough draft but a beginning:

The Global Alliance for Free Seed Scattering
Call to Action for Seeds, Food and the Earth
20 Sept-20Oct. 2014 - EVERYWHERE
The Shared Garden
"Sow the World's heart"
The Protectors of Free Sowing are organising a workshop
Wednesday 15 October in the garden
"Reap what you sow"
Gathering and sharing of garden seeds
from 10AM to 3PM "A meal pulled from a sack"
Let's plant life together
Propagate living heritage, pollinate fertile life
Women Who Sow Truth, Peace, Diversity
In partnership with the Foyer Maurice Dujardin, Bandol, Var, France
Garden ""Sow the World's heart", Espace Rampale, Route de Bandol 83 Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer (Var, France)
contact: [email protected]

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, Julia! Love the translation. So helpful.

Joanne Polner

Hi, The red color on the border of the blog page, around the main paragraph(s), is distracting to me--as any color would be to me.

Is it possible for you to write at least half of the blog in French?

Actually, I would prefer an all French edition, if you have one. Can I sign up for that instead? You can still translate the specific words and phrases that you have chosen to be our "lesson" for the day.

I would like to see the lesson words in French context--in the French organization of phrases and grammar in each sentence. French organization is not the same as English, as some of us know.

Thank you for all that you do already.
Joanne Polner

Vivian Langley

I miss your vocabulary column.


Hello Kristin
my petits commentaires are
#1 Congrats on the smooth transition.
#2 I hope the Vocabulaire will be restored
#3 love the permaculture content

Keep up the good work and God Bless


Diane Young

Well, Vous etes ici! Bienvenue to Permaculture. In the USA, I watch "Victory Garden" on Saturdays on a PBS station. Very interesting covering all aspects of farming and animal husbandry. It's incredible the things they can convert to edibles. While I don't have room or sun enough for a garden, I love to see others' plots and that picture was so lush and inviting. Enjoy this expansion in your experiences.

Terry Dolman

fantastique, nous avon un jardin permaculture,un demi hectare.

june furey

Congratulations for taking the" plunge" into permaculture gardening. I feel sure it will be so rewarding albeit hard work in the beginning Also connected up with the lady in West of Ireland, hasn't she achieved wonders. I have found the transition of your emails has gone smoothly for me and look forward to your happy informative postings as always Kristin thank you
June Qld
June Qld

Mitchell Sollod

Could the new carrier use the title, "French Word-A-Day? I had to retrieve this from the 'poubelle'.

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