Breizh is a name and a place and a dog in France
How to say "special needs person" in French?

le pois chiche & new permaculture friends!

Pois chiche chick pea
Sorting and saving seeds with a group of French with special needs. 

Ouf! I think we all landed safely, you and me, after yesterday's switchover. French Word-A-Day has changed email carriers and just in time... I have so much more to share with you: words, photos, dreams and more.

le pois chiche (pwah-sheesh)

    : chickpea   

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Les femmes semencières ont trié les pois chiches, avant de donner les graines à ceux qui ont besoin.
The women seedkeepers sorted the chickpeas before giving the seeds to those in need.

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse

Imagine you had a growing passion for something... but had no (local) friends who shared the same interest. And then, suddenly--serendipidously--you met another person who understood you when you murmured the code word....

"Permaculture!" I said, while showing our guests around our garden. "This is an experimental permaculture garden..." (I always toss in the word "experimental"--which covers a multitude of garden sins as well as ignorance on my part.)

That's when one woman spoke up amidst all the murmuring. "Yes, permaculture...." I cannot recall exactly what Marie said next, so amazed was I by this opportunity.

Marie mentioned there were a few local organizations I might be interested in, and she sent me this flyer when she returned home:


...And that's how I found myself standing in a potiron patch, babbling in French to a sacred femme semencière....

(To be continued)

Potiron patch 
A permaculture and forest garden not far from my house. More in the next post.

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