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French Word-a-day: Coucou & Catastrophes!

Faire bisquer + Should this blog close-up shop?

N-Cotignac-dress shop

The sign in the lower left reads:  A VENDRE (For Sale). After I posted a question on Friday ("Should I post once-  or twice-weekly"), one reader commented that this blog might as well close up shop! The suggestion got me all riled up--which isn't such a bad place to be, when you're sitting on the fence over where you need to be....


"faire bisquer"

   : to get somebody riled, to wind them up

Ever heard the children's taunt: "Bis-que, bis-que, ra-ge!"? Listen to Jean-Marc read the French, below (please check back to the blog for the sound file).

Bis-que, bis-que, ra-ge! Ces mots sont utilisé pour se vanter de quelque chose devant un interlocuteur et le faire bisquer.
Bis-que, bis-que, ra-ge! These words are used to boast about something in front of someone, to get a rise out of them.

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse

No story today. Just a nostalgic look back in time. And a very BIG thank you for your warm and thoughtful and generous words following Friday's post. I was especially touched by your gratitude and humility. If only you knew how often your words have moved me!  

Vendange2004 008
The  photos that accompany today's post were inspired by another reader's comment. Michele wrote in to say that she's followed this blog since 8/9/2004!  Thank you, Michèle. Here are some snapshots from that time period....

 Mattieu's 2 ans 002 

In 2004, our kids were 6 and 8 and this blog was about to turn 2! 

Nice & Serre Chevalier 004

I began taking photos to illustrate these posts....

  Nice & Serre Chevalier 029

Do you remember some of them?

Vendange2004 004

 2004. We were living in the Medieval village of Les Arcs-sur-Argens. I wrote more about this period in my book Blossoming in Provence

Braise and Smokey, golden retriever dogs

In 2004 Smokey was but a twinkle in his mother's eye (she herself but une étincelle in our family's eyes)


I had recently left my job at a local vineyard (not this one, above), to follow my dream of writing (recounted in great detail, here). I never imagined our family would begin our own vineyard--making my newfound writing time a tug-o'-war between the keyboard and all the vineyard support (my husband needed me more than ever).

Window at shakespeare

I managed to publish French Word-A-Day and write right through it all--experiencing some glorious moments! A book with Simon and Schuster...


And a chance to speak at Shakespeare and Company in Paris!


I kept writing -- through births and deaths and health upsets


And when it all gets to be too much, I lie down and let your encouraging words nudge me, bringing me back to life and gently setting me back on track. 

Merci beaucoup pour tout!


Kristi driving ape truck

As to whether or not I should close up shop, or end this blog--you can't get rid of me that easily! Meantime, thanks so much for reading and for the encouraging words you've sent me!

I would love to know when you began reading French Word-A-Day? I started the website in October 2002, and moved began posting in blog format in 2004. Thanks for commenting here, and see you in  few days...

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