Faire bisquer + Should this blog close-up shop?
Choucroute + Winner announced

French Word-a-day: Coucou & Catastrophes!

Today's Word: coucou! (koo-koo)

    : hi there.

AUDIO FILE: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's expression. The first words in the example sentence are: "Coucou c'est nous..." Can you make out the rest of the sentence? http://french-word-a-day.typepad.com/motdujour/files/coucou.mp3

A DaY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristin Espinasse
"Lost in the Shuffle"

Coucou les amis et amies!

If today's format looks slightly off, you should see the wildhaired woman behind it! "I AM A WRITER!" she repeats, "and must learn to work under every kind of circumstance." Today's CIRCONSTANCE is this: computer APOCALYpSE. Not one ORDINATEUR in the Espinasse household works--not mine, not Jean-Marc's, not Jackie's--not Smokey's!!! 

Is it something in the water? L'eau d'Armageddon!

Given the technical snag, or PEPIN, I am moved to try something called "moblogging." Mobile blogging is an option my blog provider offers and it (finger's crossed!) works like this: 

From my Smartphone or iPad, I type my post into an email, then send it off to a secret private SUPERHERO address which automatically posts the contents to my blog. Next, my blog post is SYNDICATED, or picked up by a third party (my listserver), who then distributes it to my FAITHFUL (still with me?) subscribers.

All this would be fine and dandy if I were writing you but a simple love letter each week. But it's all those bells and whistles that accompany these BILLETS DOUX (love letters) that slow things down--"bells" like the soundfiles (technical GONGS) that accompany these posts and whistles such as sponsors (insert cat whistle here and be sure to have a look at the pretty girls listed below!)

Composing these posts is not, as you can see, a straighforward thing. But neither is love. (Will you still love me if today's post is a formatting nightmare? Remember, the chaos is TEMPORAIRE!)

Cross your fingers with me now, and pray that today's post goes out... Ending up in your inbox in one piece!

Love and pantoufles,
P.S. For those few are grumbling, "Enough! This blog is sinking quickly!" I encourage you to jump ship now! (And for the rest of you DEARHEARTS who are joining me on the bow of this Titanic letter, let us continue, cheek to cheek now, sailing off into shimmering horizon.....)

Pantoufles = Slippers. (Nothing to do with love, except for the lightness one feels)


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