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logé, nourri, blanchi & Max is coming to Portland!

When he was 9

Housed, fed, and bleached. Our son, Max, is looking for two of those things in Portland, Oregon. For the third, let's see if he can find a better translation  in today's story, which he wrote in French and in English. (Photo taken 10 years ago, when Max was 9... and already helping us care for our vines.)


"logé, nourri, blanchi"

    : housed, fed, and laundered

Note: you often hear this expression in a sarcastic way (where one person's doing all the work while another has got it made in the shade). Have any more thoughts about this expression? Share here in the comments. 

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Mais je ne pense pas que ce soit à la portée de tous d’avoir un gosse français de 19 ans qui doit être logé, nourri et blanchi pendant deux mois.

But I don't think it's possible for everyone to have a 19 year old kid who needs room, bord, and laundry to be done!



(Today's story is written in French and English by my son Max. Enjoy! The English translation follows, below.)

Salut tout le monde, comment vous vous sentez aujourd’hui ?

Je suis Maxime le fils de Kristi !

Je me présente, j’ai dix-neuf ans et j’étudie le commerce à l’international à Aix en Provence où j’ai un petit studio de vingt m2. Pendant les vacances d’été (de début Juin à fin Juillet) je dois effectuer un stage pour me lancer un petit peu dans le monde du travail dans le domaine du commerce bien sur. J’ai trouvé ce stage à Portland, et oui quelqu’un a bien voulu me supporter pendant deux mois (ils ne savent pas dans quoi ils se lancent !). L’entreprise si courageuse s’appelle Smith Tea, c’est une entreprise qui fabrique et commercialise du thé, pour les amateurs de thé je vous conseille d’en goûter c’est de la très bonne qualité !

J’ai trouvé un stage c’est très bien, j’ai le billet d’avion en poche, c’est encore mieux mais où vais-je dormir, je ne sais pas ! D’accord j’ai fait l’armée mais je ne vais pas faire le « survivor » il faut bien que je dorme sous un toit. Mais je ne pense pas que ce soit à la portée de tous d’avoir un gosse français de 19 ans qui doit être logé, nourri et blanchi pendant deux mois. Surtout que je vais surement avoir de la visite, ma petite sœur va venir me voir, ma copine également qui va essayer de trouver un travail à Portland (si vous connaissez quelqu’un au passage !) donc il me faut un endroit ou je ne dérangerais personne et ou je puisse avoir un peu d’intimité, un petit studio de vingt-cinq – trente m2 ou plus bien évidemment serait l’idéal ! Comme je travaillerais ici, Northwest Thurman Street, Portland, on m’a recommandé de resté aux alentours de ces endroits là ; Inner Sud-Est (du 1er au 30e) Inner Nord-Est, Inner Nord-Ouest, ou Inner Sud-Ouest Portland. 

Voilà voilà, je vous serais très reconnaissant si vous me trouvez un petit endroit pour mon séjour, qui est loin d’être des vacances…

Bonne année à tous, meilleur vœux, la santé et tout ça tout ça…

PS : je n’aurais pas ma caisse, je serais donc à pied, donc le plus proche du métro/bus ou tramway (si ça existe à Portland) serait le mieux !

Maintenant que je vous ai écrit l’histoire, je vais la traduire… Ma mère ne corrigera pas les fautes ; on laissera comme ça.


Now that I wrote you the story of the day, I’m going to translate it. My mom will not correct the mistakes; we will leave it that way.

Hey everybody, how are you felling today?

I’m Max, Kristi’s son!

I introduce myself, I’m 19 year old and I study international marketing in Aix en Provence where I have a little studio of 20 square meters. During the summer vacation (from the beginning of June to the end of July) I have to do an internship to have a try in the business world in the domain of the marketing of course. I found this internship in Portland, yah someone accepted to support me for two months (they don’t know what they are up to!). The courageous company is named Smith Tea, it’s a company which produces and sells tea, and for the tea lovers I advise you to taste some, its real good quality!

I found an internship, good point, I have the airplane bill, even better but where will I sleep? I don’t know! Ok I went to the air force but I’m not a survivor I have to sleep underneath a roof! But I know that not anybody can have a 19year old French child who has to be fed, housed and laundered during two mouths. Especially that I would surely have some visit, my little sister will come and see me just and so will my French girlfriend who is trying to find some work in Portland (if you know someone by the way!) so I have to find a place where I will not bother anyone and have a little bit of privacy, a little guesthouse of 25-30 square meters would be perfect! Because I’m going to work there, Northwest Thurman Street, Portland, we recommended me to stay around these places, Inner SE (from 1st. to 30th) Inner NE, Inner NW or Inner SW Portland.

Well that’s all, I would be very grateful if you can find me a little place to stay for my trip, which is far from being some vacation..

Happy New Year everybody, best wishes, health and all that go with it…

PS: I’ll have no car, so I will only have my legs, so closer it is to the subway/bus or tramway (if it exists in Portland) the better!


If you enjoyed Max's bilingual letter, let him know here in the comment box. And thanks for your understanding regarding any grammar and spelling errors. Max is looking forward to improving his English while in the U.S.!


July ceremony

Some photos related to today's story, (photos and text added by Max's mom): Max after his recensement militaire

Max and jackie

With his sister, Jackie, after one of their first grape harvests. Ten years later and they are looking to escape France ("France is so old", Jackie says) --for the excitement of America! 


With his lovely girlfriend, Mathilde. She's from La Ciotat. They met in high school.


That haircut! (Earlier, while editing this blog post, I took a break and gave Max a trim after he requested some help.  It was the first time I've ever used a tondeuse or shaver. (photo of Max helping his Dad buy my birthday present: the little grapefruit tree came with one fruit... and produced one more fruit this year. Sorry to go off topic.)

Max and me

The photo my son uses for his Facebook banner. 

See you next time and many thanks for keeping Max in mind. If you know of any tips for Portland, please include them here in the comments section.

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