Doggy bags in France: how the French react to this foreign custom
Planter des Vignes + photos of our growing vineyard!

En vrac + most visited pages at French Word-A-Day

En vrac

She must have been 6 when she first visited this store. At 17, our daughter Jackie still loves to shop for candy en vrac. Picture taken in Briançon, Les Hautes Alpes.


    : in bulk, in gross, loose

bonbons en vrac = bulk candy
du thé en vrac = loose tea

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Le vrac désigne des marchandises qui ne sont pas emballées ou arrimées.
Vrac refers to merchandise that is not wrapped or 

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A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse

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I think you will be as surprised as I am to discover what are the most popular landing pages at this language blog. Here they are:

"PAREIL" - a blog post written by my friend Barbara in 2004. The post highlights the French word for "same", then goes on to talk about homonyms, or words that have the same pronunciation but different meanings. 

BEST TIPS FOR LEARNING FRENCH - readers offer tips on what helps them remember, pronounce, and use the language.

SAPERLIPOPETTE - an old-fashioned or more classy way of cussing?

ARTIST BIO: WARREN C. PLAUCHE - Watercolor paintings by one of my readers.

BASAL CELL CARCINOMA POST-OP PHOTO - Skin cancer. Seeing the number of people who land on this page makes me want to reach through the screen and offer reassurance and sunscreen! (even if, personally, I choose extra clothing and hats over crème solaire).

FRENCH YOGURT CAKE RECIPE - a classic gâteau that kids and adults love to make and eat.

FRENCH TERMS OF ENDEARMENT - always heartening to know people are seeking words to express their love! 

QUITTER - or how to say goodbye (in email). I leave you now with my favorite way to sign off in French...


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Orange blossoms, wooden frog, and green plate--the still life inside that grabbed my attention outside. I set down two wobbly buckets to take this picture, then went back to water the newly-planted apricot trees--a gift from neighbor Annie. (The scarf and hat are the sunscreen I spoke about, in one of the paragraphs above.)

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SOUTH OF FRANCE RENTALS: An elegant Aix apartment or a seaside village home – make France your home for a week! 


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Mimosa bursting to the sky. C'est le printemps!

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Alpine window
Window in Queyras.

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