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Winemaker Jean-Marc Espinasse
Photo of Jean-Marc taken in 2008, after his first year of making wine in the Rhone Valley. Seven years and two vineyards later, he is in his element here in Bandol, where his natural rosé will be released in 2016!

TODAY'S WORD: levure

    : yeast

la levure chimique = baking powder, chemical leavening
la levure de bière = brewer's yeast
la levure sèche = dry yeast
la levure de boulanger = baker's yeast

Hear Jean-Marc pronounce these French words:
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La levure. Les vins que je pense élaborer seront naturels, ce qui veut dire levure indigène, et pas de souffre ajouté, pour refléter notre joli terroir.

Yeast. The wines I plan to elaborate will be natural, which means indigenous yeasts, and no added sulfur to reflect our beautiful terroir.

Nov2014Mas de Perdrix. A home in France that artists and writers love to rent.  Work on your creative project in this inspiring environment.


Hi there,
You may know me as "Miss France", "Chief Grape" or "Mr Sacks" but actually, I am  Kristi's husband and my name is Jean-Marc. Kristi has asked me to talk about our new vineyard project at Mas des Brun, which actually started 3 years ago and which is, step by step, taking shape.
In 2014, we have planted 0.5 Ha (1.25 Acre) of Mourvedre and Cinsault grapes and this year, we have planted 0.8 Ha (2 acres) of Mourvedre, Cinsault and a bit of Ugni Blanc. Eventually, we plan to plant 3.5 Ha (8.75 acres) at the end of 2017 to produce only rose wines in the Bandol Appellation.

We are farming our vines organically with Biodynamics methods. The wines I plan to elaborate will be natural, which means indigenous yeasts and no added sulfur, to reflect our beautiful terroir. I plan to make a light and high acidity rosé wine to enjoy drinking casually.

Jean-Marc starts the natural yeast process at our previous winery, Domaine Rouge-Bleu

Our first official harvest will be in 2016 with only a maximum of 220 cases produced. Most of them will be sold locally but some will also cross the Atlantic.

Mas des Brun comes from "Brun" which is an olive varietal so we also have centenary olive trees which should produce enough fruit to make a decent olive oil production, after having been severely pruned two years ago. At last, we have a few bee hives to make a bit of honey and make this place as harmonious as possible.

       Bee hives at Mas des Brun

Our vineyard is also our home, so it is private, but we often organize wine tasting upon appointment. Next ones are October 3rd, October 14th and October 19th where we taste some wines I made at Domaine Rouge-Bleu and some rose I made last year sourcing some grapes from local friendly vineyards. You are welcome to sign up for one of these events.  Kristi and I hope to see you.


Chief Grape

Beneath a roof of dried grape stems, Jean-Marc and the agronomist discuss  natural winemaking and permaculture at Hatzidakis winery during our trip to  Greece


Our most recent winetasting grew and grew and included two wine writers Katherine Cole and Robert Camuto. You will enjoy their books:

Katherine Cole's Complete Wine Selector: How to Choose The Right Wine Every Time


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We have added one more winetasting to our October calendar.
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October 3rd, 11 a.m.
October 14th, 3 p.m.
October 19th, 3:30 p.m.


Watering his baby vines during last summer's heatwave. Thank you for reading and for sharing this post with a friend. And thanks for checking out our sponsors: 

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