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Let's talk about Depression : broyer du noir

 Happy Days then and now.  Photo taken in 1991


Today's Word: broyer du noir

    : to feel defeated, demoralized, depressed

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broyer du noir. Quand quelqu'un est déprimé il voit tout en noir.
To feel dejected. When someone's depressed, the see everything in black.


I am discombobulated lately. Ce dernier temps, je chamboule... This happens when a series of things happen all at once. This week we are having our house painted, I have some writing deadlines, and many guests arriving. Bigger than this is my husband's recent depression (he has a history of it. It is debilitating. And you would never know it from appearances. Please pray.)

Also, I am anxious about the emails, requests and updates that I receive from readers. Please accept my sincere apologies for not answering all emails or being of much help. Please know that it is a great pleasure to read your letters, but that I am unable to answer. 

I resist writing these kinds of posts, and I fear the occasional troll response that would point out to all my readers what a perfect and priviledged life I have. Coincidentally, this is the same thing caring friends tell my husband. But it does not take away his depression. He knows he has a good life. And so do I.

Thanks for listening and for understanding. I recently read that writers write as a form of therapy. In which case, I am very lucky to have so many caring "thérapeutes" reading. Mille mercis. And thank you for praying for Jean-Marc. 




 Today in the comments let's talk about depression. Many thanks for anything you can share, any encouragements you can give. Click here to comment


Jean-marc kristin

Jean-Marc and Kristi-golfing

A random jumble of photos





 Our town hall marriage, in July of 1994

Vendange2004 013

2004. Our 10th anniversary


21st anniversary

 #ChiefGrape #Chiefforever

I've spent the past 3 months trying to think of the right words to encourage Jean-Marc. If you can think of any, thanks for sharing in the comments. CLICK HERE.

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