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French Word-A-Day: Gourde + summer camp in France

Joie de Vivre + A must-visit beach in La Ciotat, close to Paradise!

Parc du Mugel

My dad and Marsha arrived late Tuesday night--despite the national strikes!  I am taking the next two weeks off to enjoy every minute with family. Today's post was written during their last visit in September of 2014. Photo taken at Le Parc du Mugel in La Ciotat, where today's story takes place.

TODAY'S WORD: joie de vivre (jwah-deuh-vee-vruh)

    : love of life

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La joie de vivre est une façon d'embrasser l'existence avec confiance, sentiment proche de la félicité telle que la professait le philosophe grec Épicure qui enseigna l'art de se préoccuper de ce qui crée le bonheur. Joie de vivre is a way of embracing existence with confidence, a feeling close to felicity, as professed by the Greek philosopher Epicurus, who taught the art of preoccupying oneself with that which creates happiness.

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    by Kristi Espinasse

Seated under a giant fig tree overlooking the turquoise sea, my belle-mère and I are amazed by the spectacle playing out before us.

"I can't believe he's doing this!" one of us smiles, shaking her head.
"He's so stubborn," says the other.

Moments before, while undressing at the restaurant table, Dad paused to reconsider his plan. That's when he opted to keep his orange T-shirt.... Only, it isn't really long enough to hide his brand-new Fruit of the Looms, the whiteness of which is blinding!

And the color of the T-shirt only makes him an easy target for wandering eyes. But how could anyone's eyes wander after spotting the man striding out to sea in his pill-white undies?

"The French don't care!" Dad argued, justifying his decision before walking away--bare-legged--from the lunch table. He had made up his mind the hour before, while observing a group of 80-year-olds splashing in the crisp blue sea. Amid the falling leaves of autumn, the silver-haired bon vivants were another striking contrast of the changing season.

To think one could swim at the end of September! Such a display of joie de vivre tickled Dad's soul, creating a thirst for salty water. That thirst grew until he shot up from the table with a pertinent announcement. "I'm going swimming!"

That he did not have his swimsuit with him suddenly became a non-concern. Instead, tough luck turned to pluck as Dad disrobed--beginning with his sandals and chaussettes.

Still lean and standing tall beneath waves of platinum blond hair, the former marathoner met the water. A splash and my father disappeared sous mer, causing the water to ripple and the sunlight to dance over the waves. 

As the Mediterranean sparkled and mesmerized, my thoughts drifted out to sea. One day, I hope to be as dear and innocent and carefree--as the man I once called Daddy. It's there somewhere, l'insouciance, swimming in these genes. 

*    *    *

Dad and me walking in cassis

Dad in his bright orange T-shirt and those socks he discarded before swimming :-)


Read another story about my Dad, in the book "Blossoming in Provence". See the chapter titled Attentionné, or "Thoughtful".

French Vocab
bon vivant = one who loves life (eating, drinking, living)
la chaussette = sock
sous mer = under water
l'insouciance (f) = carefree attitude 

Cassis beach

Another of the beaches along Le Cap Canaille, in Cassis: La Plage du Bestouan.

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Just the right story to read early in the morning on a day off in summer. Thank you, Kristi! My love to your family and I hope you enjoy your break.

Kathleen from Connecticut

Yes, you can do that in France but not here in the US. You would probably get arrested for indecent exposure. Although small children can do it.
Enjoy your time with your dad and his wife. Almost summer here in Connecticut.


Chris Allin

Dear Kristi,
Sometimes your stories wrap the heart in ribbons and then, at the end, tug gently on them. Wishing you many more moments like this one with your family...


Thanks for the great summer story. Enjoy all your family.

Petrina in Brittany

Have a wonderful time Kristi; you certainly deserve every second of happiness.

Leslie NYC

As my friend from Atlanta says, "Carpe diem, y'all!"


Bravo; much joy with your family. Vivian


Utterly charming.......wonderful start for my day.

Judi dunn

...Kristin... you photo looks like a painting of the landscape... worthy of framing! I absolutely love your dad's attitude. I think his 'devil may care' attitude is something any Frenchperson would appreciate. I hope you and your family have a fabulous 'vacay' and Dad does just one more outrageous thing you can share with us! Carpe Diem! a tous!! Judi , Tallahassee, Fl.


Savor every moment!

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm

I love this story---I'm still grinning! The picture of your dad in his orange tee makes it that much more endearing. Enjoy this time with your dad and Marsha. If the opportunity arises might want to dive in to whatever folly your dad inspires! We're never too young or old to play and practice being carefree.


Is that where there was the escaped jaguar for a while? Beautiful beach... wish I was there now!

Joanne Ablan

Dear Kristi,
Thanks for the happiness wisdom. Wishing you many more
carefree moments with family.


Our dear Kristi,
Today's post is so lovely,and fills us once again with your inspiration to find and treasure the joy with our family.
Wishing you a wonderful visit!
Epicurus is a favorite of mine,and thank you for sharing his beautiful statement!
May I also share one by John Grayson,in his Countryman's Year:
"Back of tranquility lies always conquered unhappiness."

Diane Heinecke

Amusez-vous bien! A bientot.


Enjoy your family time!!!!!, profitez bien!!!

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