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Don't worry be happy & SAIP: the official government alert system to inform populations


Joy alert. On the eve of the 1st anniversary of our dog, Breizh's, passing, there was a rainbow on the horizon. More joy alerts in today's story.

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TODAY'S WORD: avertir

    : to warn

ECOUTEZ--Listen to our son, Max, read today's word, conjugated below:
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SAIP pour « système d’alerte et d’information des populations » est l’application d’état d’alerte géolocalisée du gouvernement qui vous permettra d’être averti en cas de crise majeure (attaque terroriste, alerte à la bombe, enlèvement, etc.). Ce service a pour objectif le renforcement la sécurité en France.

SAIP, for Alert System to Inform Populations, is the geolocalised state of alert application of the government, permitting you to be warned in case of a major crisis (terrorist attack, bomb alert, kidnapping, etc). The objective of this service is security reinforcement in France.


    by Kristi Espinasse

Yesterday, while reading the news about the terrorist attacks, I learned about a new mobile application offered by the French government. The app is called SAIP, and it stands for System d'alerte et d'information des populations. (Alert System to Inform Populations.) Sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi book or George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, doesn't it?

An article in The Guardian explains:

Available in English and French, the app can be configured to receive an alert if an attack occurs near the user. In the event of a terrorist bombing or shooting, the smartphone screen turns crimson and displays the word “ALERT”, a brief description of what is happening and advice on how to react.

Whether by curiosity or by vigilance or by my internal drama queen's insistence--I downloaded the app onto my smartphone. Three seconds later, superstition rattled me. Had I, in preparing for such an outcome, just sent a message to the universe? Checking the screen, I noticed it hadn't suddenly turned crimson. But would it? When?

"No, Mom! You don't need that thing." Max's response had nothing to do with superstition or the power of suggestion. My son probably thought there were better things to track in life, than terrorism. And this got me thinking....

Instead of waiting around for a doomsday warning, what the world needs now is an app that alerts us to all the positive events happening each instant!   An app where, at any given moment, people from around the world can send happy alerts for all of us to see!....

Lyn writes: "Over here in Portland, my 1st grandson "Jack" has been born!"
A message from Adela reads, "Coming to you from Puerto Vallarta, Valentino is out of the hospital!"

Those were a few example inspired from news, this week, of my family and friends. Do you have a happy alert to share? Something that recently happened to you or your child or your friend? While you are thinking about that, here's one more joy alert-- a photo of my daughter and her new copain (see below).

Your turn. Share a happy alert concerning you or someone you know. I look forward to reading some good news!

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 Romain, Smokey, and Jackie

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For as fancy as the French language is, they don't seem to have a term for the caprese salad (they call it, simply, salade tomate-mozzarelle--more often than salade caprese)!
No matter how much I talk about gardening, and post pictures, the truth is only two tomatoes have grown in this year's potager. Neglect and the heat have taken a toll. Still, I took those tomatoes and some wilted-and-near-death basil, and made this! The olive oil is from our trees. And the tapenade is from Michèle-France, my mother-in-law.

I leave you with a few items, chez nous, that you might enjoy chez vous!

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French Facial Moisturizer - though we have different types of skin, my daughter and I both love this well-known-in-France moisturizer. Also good for removing makeup and for ues as a primer, before applying makeup. (And men use it for aftershave!) Click here!

French chair. If you like the wicker chair in the opening photo, you might find something similar, or French-inspired,  here.


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