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Le Changement d'heure : do you like it or dread it?

Here in France, we set our clocks back one hour on Sunday. And you? Do you have a time change coming up? And how does it affect you, le changement d'heure? Share your thoughts in the comments at the end of this post.

TODAY'S WORD: le changement d'heure

    : time change

heure d'été = daylight savings time, summer time
passer à l'heure d'hiver = to change to winter time

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Le changement d'heure. En France, nous avons fait le changement d'heure dimanche dernier. Et pour vous? Ce sera quand ce changement d'heure.
Time change. In France, we changed time last Sunday. And for you? When will you change time?

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    by Kristi Espinasse

I was going to talk about politics today by reminding you to be extra careful with friendship over the upcoming election. I thought to tell you about how I lost what I thought was a solid friendship. I then realized that no matter how careful you are--going as far as to keep entirely quiet about your leanings--you can still find yourself the object of another's political ire, malgré vous!

(Read the bizarre "Ending of an Amitié" here).

But the past is the past! Let's move on while the clock it still ticking! And this brings us to today's topic: le changement d'horaire.  Here in France we set our clocks back one hour, to l'heure d'hiver, on Sunday.  I've never thought much about these forward and backward inchings of the small hand -- apart from the shrug that comes when I realize I have to drive in the dark, now, to pick up my kids at the bus stop).

But our kids are all grown now. Would that I could shrug, once more, about picking them up in the dark!

And now that they are out of the house, I am noticing a few new quirks of this empty-nester. One, I now do laundry like a student--combining both lights and darks to make a full load. And, two, without a 6 a.m.  wake-up call for the school run,  I am now sleeping in. This makes me feel oh-so-coupable. Guilty, lazy, slovenly...

Until this week! With the changement d'heure, I am no longer that lazy loser who is just crawling out of bed at (I won't say!). This morning, while fixing coffee, I looked up at the clock (the red one my mother-in-law gave us.....)


And it read 6:50 a.m. (pay no attention to the hour displayed in the photo, above. The picture of our family clock was taken after my husband, on his way to his wine cellar to check on fermentation, said his infamous, "back in 5 minutes". This time we'd see about that!). (He made it back in 21 minutes. Not too bad.)

This week, with the time change, my self-esteem (or "amour-propre") is back intact! Looking at the clock above la machine à café, I see I am up and ready to seize the day...or to eventually seize my husband...if Monsieur Back in Five  is 30 minutes late!


Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts about setting back the clock or altering the time. Anecdotes welcome. Extra credit for insights and history on the subject of le changment d'horaire! Find the comments link at the end of this post.




malgré vous = in spite of yourself
amitié = friendship
l'heure d'hiver = winter time
coupable = guilty

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