Gigot: a surprise from our neighbor
Before We Move... The Story of How We Came to Live at Mas des Brun

To be in limbo

It is raining this morning, here in St. Cyr-sur-Mer. Visibility is fuzzy--just like today's word (and our situation).

TODAY'S WORD: être dans le flou

        :  to be in limbo


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Depuis quelques temps, ne sachant pas là ou nous allons déménagés, nous sommes dans le flou.
For a while now, not knowing where we will move, we are in limbo.

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    by Kristi Espinasse

We are in limbo. This state of  "which way will we go and when--next month? Next year?" began when my husband said he needed to turn the page. This vineyard and his passionate pursuit of the grape was fini! Fatigue, discouragement, and bad decisions (according to Jean-Marc) had brought him to his knees.

The revelation came as a complete surprise to me. Having put down my anchor in this "land of milk and honey," I had lofty plans of my own: grow a Garden of Eden (if that was OK, i.e. non-offensive, to God),  move Mom into her dream home (tree-house with wood stove and hammock), and one day see my grand kids run wild through the hills of grapes and avocados.

I know, I know, "Man plans. God laughs". Which reminds me....

Early on in what would become this Season of Limbo, I attempted to nail down the foggy ends of uncertainty (were there ends?). "Plan A" (if I remember correctly) was to move to the States ... "Plan B" involved renting out our farmhouse. Plan C was a combination of A and B - and involved hitting the road in an RV.

After "C "I gave all the ideas a rest and we let ourselves flounder in the valleys and hills of Limboland. Do you know that place? That neither here nor there Waiting Zone? A never-land (you never touch ground!) where all your dreams and fears draw swords and taunt each other. Apart from watching Hope and Despair spar casually with your future, you can do very little when in limbo. Best to go forward with your duties.

One of my duties is to bring the French language to you. So this morning I looked up the French word for limbo (être dans le flou) and was intrigued by the definitions. Did you now "limbo" is that holding place we go to after we die, before we are assigned our forever resting places in heaven or hell? (That would describe the two forces still sparing, oh-so-casually, two  paragraphs up!).

And, on the light side, limbo is a Caribbean dance in which people shimmy while passing beneath a low stick. The stick gets lower and lower as the dance wears on....

This morning Jean-Marc and I woke up under a stick so low one of us asked ourselves whether we should just lie in bed all day, being, as we were, pinned to the floor of incertitude. (Will our house sell this week?) Meantime the other one of us shimmied to the kitchen to make a second cup of coffee.

By the time I delivered that coffee to Jean-Marc we were both sitting up, ready to face another day. As my husband recorded the sound file for this post, using his smartphone, I fired up my computer, determined to set my energies on a constructive path. I am superstitious that way. I believe that if all forces are to come together for the good (the sale of our home), the good must start here--with good thoughts, good intentions--at the very least a good effort!

All this brings me back to Man Plans. God laughs. When will I ever learn the lesson? It is not solely by our efforts that we are rewarded. Good deeds don't guarantee reciprocity. We move on to a better place only by God's grace.

By the end of this week we may have received an offer on our home. I leave you with a picture I took on Friday, when we visited a possible "next place." I love how "place" rhymes with "grace"....


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Carving the gigot de sanglier our neighbor gave us. It was marinated in red wine, herbs, mustard and honey, then roasted in the oven for two hours, basted every half hour. As for the delicious apple tart, with orange peel confetti, you'll have to ask my mother-in-law how she made that.

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