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Donner son sang + Your experiences and tips for giving blood

Here at Mas des Brun, the leaves are bright red on our blueberry bush. They are also a reminder of our upcoming appointment this morning! Read on!

TODAY'S WORD:  donner son sang

        : to give one's blood

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Aujourd'hui, Kristi et moi nous allons donner notre sang à St-Cyr-sur-Mer.
Today, Kristi and I are going to give blood in St-Cyr-sur-Mer.

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    by Kristi Espinasse

Jean-Marc is giving his blood again this year--and this time he is dragging me along with him! If I am going it is because I am all out of excuses (real or imagined)....

One, I am not underweight. Two, No longer hypoglycemic (got it under control with so much snacking!), and Three, I am no longer a poule mouillée (the French term for wet chicken, or scaredy cat as we say back home).

But this isn't back home, this is France. I wonder what the experience will be like in the land of Bon Sang!? And I wonder what one needs to do to prepare for a blood-giving session. A handy google search gives me a few astuces. Before giving blood:

    : drink at least 12 ounces of water
    : eat iron rich foods
    : wear a loose-sleeved shirt so the manche can be rolled up
Finally, if anxious, do something distracting: talk to the person giving blood beside you, or bring along some reading material (I plan on reading these blog comments. Extra credit today if you can make me laugh!).

I have my doubts about the water-drinking bit...and can already see myself needing to sprint to the W/C - but for the tube stuck in my arm! So now, in addition to the mental games going on in my head (to keep my mind off that blood-sucking tube), my eyes will be darting around the room, scouting out the nearest exit. Come to think of it they're not going to let you just pop up immediately giving blood!

Also, does the oatmeal we had for breakfast have any iron in it? Or should I finally cook up that magret de canard in the back of my frigo?

Finally, this latest google search has brought up a new concern: whether they'll let me give blood after all! I have just failed the Puis-je donner test at Donnerdesang.fr with the following question: Avez-vous voyagé dans les 4 derniers mois ?

Yes! Three months ago I visited my Mom in Mexico!

Zut! I was honestly pumped to finally be giving blood. And now I wonder if they will turn me away today. More than a wet chicken, I'd be crest-fallen!!

*    *    *

I would love to read about your positive experiences giving blood. (See the comments link at the end of this post). And this reminds me, one of the tips I saw on line was this: If you are nervous about giving blood, begin to think about all the people who need it, and how must they be feeling. What are our fears in comparison?


une poule mouillé = wimp, coward, sissy
une astuce = tip
manche = sleeve
le magret de canard = duck breast
le frigo = fridge
puis-je donner = can I give?
Avez-vous voyagé dans les 4 derniers mois ? = Have you traveled in the last four months?

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