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Mangeoire: a most meaningful French word

Promesse de vente and the Town we are Moving To!

French nativity scene santons yogurt cake christmas cards
End of the year To-Dos. This old photo reminds me--I need to fish out our santons and make a good-for-any-season French Yogurt Cake, (recipe here). I also want to update you on our move and the sale of our vineyard. Read on!

    French Christmas Music: "Mon Beau Sapin", "Sainte Nuit", "La Marche des Rois"... Order CD here.

TODAY'S WORD: la promesse de vente

        : promise to sell

Le 2 décembre, nous avons signé la promesse de vente, et le 21 décembre nous devrions signé la promesse d'achat.
December 2nd we signed the commitment to sell, and December 21st we should sign the commitment to buy.

ECOUTEZ - Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the example sentence:
Download Promesse-de-vente


Hoops, Dots, and Holey Socks

    by Kristi Espinasse

When I spoke about Jean-Marc pruning his vines, last week, and when I write about our upcoming wine bottling, next month, maybe you were (or will be) a little confused. After all, weren't we supposed to sell our vineyard here in St. Cyr?

Yes, and we have! Or have promised to! Earlier this month we signed a promesse de vente!

That moment was surreal in the notaire's office, when before a lawyer we signed over our vineyard and our home. I could feel the jolt my husband took when the notary read a certain "non-compete" clause -- effectively taking away the possibility for Jean-Marc to make wine in the near vicinity of his soon-to-be former vineyard--in his dream appellation of  Bandol! I looked over at my husband, whose thoughts must have been as displaced as his chaussettes (for warmth he wore 4 old--and holed--socks, having come straight from working in the fields to this pivotal rendez-vous).

Jean-Marc-watering olive trees Provence France

Though Jean-Marc did not flinch, a sense of loss, of no-turning-back-now, permeated the conference room, with its tangled cords and pile of presentation equipment which had been shoved to the end of a long table, making room for yet another transaction. It could have been any other day in the world of property sales. Business as usual. Just another dot on the face of the planet up for sale.

But what a wondrous dot is was!

This Wednesday, December 21st--a day before my 49th birthday--we will buy another dot (or promise to), and so continue to connect the dots of this French life. (This next move is to La Cadière d'Azur...make that LA CIOTAT) Wish us luck. In order for either sale to take place a list of contingencies must be met. So you see, there are still many hoops to jump through before either sale goes through. Hoops and dots and holey socks. Le cercle de vie continue.

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Christmas decorations in the seaside town of Bandol

la promesse de vente = promise to sell
le notaire = notary, attorney, solicitor, lawyer for real estate transactions
une appellation = designation of origin
la chaussette = sock
le rendez-vous (rdv) = meeting, appointment
le cercle de vie = circle of life


I asked my computer to find pictures with "circles" in theme with the end of today's stories. This image popped up, bringing with it good memories of the meals we've shared here at home. The artichoke leaves are from the garden, and will be one of the first things I plant in the new garden!

 Paris-peace t-shirt

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Don't forget to try the French Yogurt Cake, (recipe here).

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D. Morgan

I am so happy for your family. La Cadière d'Azur is a wonderful place! All the best and wishes for a smooth move.

Heather in Arles

I am superstitious enough NOT to say anything just yet, but I am thinking it...loudly. ;)


Happy Birthday, Kristi! And, all good thoughts and prayers for the days ahead! A bit of snow on the ground here on Cape Cod!

Bruce in Northwest Connecticut

What an exciting time! Arliss and I wish you and Jean-Marc an easy, uneventful move followed by all sorts of exciting adventures in your new home.


Your new town, La Cadière d'Azur, looks beautiful! It appears to be historic as well. Will you be "townies" or in the "burbs"? It makes my heart happy to know that you will continue to live in Provence! Best wishes for your next adventures!!!


Kristi, I/we (our paint Provence group with Tessa Nelson) had a wonderful day and lunch at your Mas in October 2015. We all loved wearing your hats, painting your olive trees and vineyards, quaint shed and garden, and of course also tasting the wine... I hope you recall that gorgeous day, too! Anyway, I am so relieved to hear that you will re-locate to another (surely equally lovely) spot in Provence, and not attempt to fit into life in the US anno 2017... As an ex-pat myself, I could not visualize that being a success for the two of you! So I am much relieved on your behalf.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a bright and shiny, happy and challenging new year. Will follow along here, thanks to you!

All my best from Denmark


Happy birthday, best wishes for your next adventure. 🎂🍰🎉


Lots of good luck to you and hope your move goes as smoothly as possible. Good to see Smokey there always doing his part.

Suzanne in Monroe, NJ

Although there is still much to do, you and Jean-Marc must feel some sense of relief now a decision has been made and you will stay in your beloved Provence. I am looking forward to reading about this new chapter in your life.

Betty Gleason

Happiest of Birthdays, Kristi! Hope you are happy to still be "Blossoming in Provence." All the best to you and your family always.

Marie-Louise LaFond

Merveilleux!!! Vous allez rester en Provence! Quelle bonne decision!

Aleta Thomas

Happy Birthday !

It seems *the planets are aligning* nicely. I know it was a hard process to go through to change your lives, to sell your home (sob), to decide where to go and what to do next.

We've never met, but maybe someday I will make the trip to Provence from Grenoble (my home for 13 years), but I'm secretly happy to hear that you are staying in France.

All the very best wishes for the upcoming holiday season. Merry Christmas - Happy New Year.


Lin Burdett

Happy Birthday! I wrote to you a few months ago regarding Puerto Vallarta. My husband and I closed finally on our condo there and will leave the States on Dec. 31 for 3 months. I had to write today after seeing where you're moving. About 3 years ago, our two sons and their wives visited us in Nice where we were renting a place in the old town. They had made plans to stay for a few days in Cassis where they'd been before, so we drove one couple there. When it was time to return to Nice, there was a train strike and the buses were booked. Being the good parents we are, we drove back to Cassis to pick them up, and on the way there I noticed again the beautiful town off the autoroute. It was drawing me to it, so we decided to book a couple of rooms there at the Hosterllerie Berard before returning to Nice. All of us fell in love with La Cadiere d'Azur! I'm so happy to read that it will be your new home!
Best of luck with your house sale, and have a very merry Christmas.

Karen W (Parkton, Md)

Promesse de vente sounds like a promise on the wind. I wonder where that came from. Anyway, it's all very exciting and there was not even a tiny mention of remorse which doesn't surprise me with you two adventurers. Keep looking forward!

I love the photos of the beauty you both have created!

Happy Birthday!


The town does look beautuful and close to water.A medieval town first recorded in 993!
Happy for you..Bravo.

Sue J.

Happy birthday, Kristi -- sending good thoughts your way as you move in a new direction --or promise to :)

Bonne fête Kristi! Does is matter what kind of yogurt you use in your uncle's recipe: Greek,stirred,Balkan-style plain, flavoured? Merci, Laurie

Blessings.... for a beautiful birthday, a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful move !!

Kristin Espinasse

Different kinds of yogurt will work. Let me know which ones you try for this cake!

Ellen Hill

Happy Birthday Kristi - have a lovely day.
Hoping all goes smoothly in the house sale and closing for your hew home nine La Cadiere d'Azur!. I remember you taking the time to meet me for lunch there on a cruise shore day. Beautiful town (even in the rain), great lunch, wonderful meeting up with you.
Best wishes for a safe and peaceful move,
Happy Christmas to you, Jean Marc, and the family.

Shannon (Alexandria, VA)

Bon courage!! Je suis contente d'avoir lu tes nouvelles!! Amitiés,


Dear Kristi,
Years ago when I read your book, I was excited when you visited Toulon because it's where I lived for five years as a teenager and it hardly gets a mention as a tourist destination outside of local guides. When you mentioned that you were moving to Bandol and buying your dream, I was overjoyed. I'm glad your upcoming move will keep you in Provence as I know this is where your heart is. It's a bit surreal to be so close to someone I've never met but hope to some day. Thanks for your blog, your insight into your life and your friendship. I really hope to meet you there someday. I too am facing an upcoming move and praying for the process. Wishing you a wonderful birthday on Thursday.

Geraldine Ventura

I am so glad you decided to stay in France because you give all of us the opportunity to learn so much about life in France. Please keep up your blog for all of us. May God bless your family with good health, happiness and great opportunities as you leave your current home to enter your new one. The old saying about closing one door and opening another certainly applies to you and Jean Marc!

Kristin Espinasse

Ellen,  thanks for the memory. That was a lovely meetup!  I took my Mom to the same bistro,  and she loved it. While there,  we ran into Betsy (Betsy are you reading?) 


Happy Birthday! and Bonne Chance with all the 'promesses' and their contingencies. May your holidays be joyful and thank you so much for sharing those small slices of your life in France. I look forward to them and I am also looking forward to trying a slice of your French yogurt cake as soon as I can find the time to bake it!

Alyssa Eppich

Happy Birthday to you, Kristi! I am happy that the sword over your heads has dropped, and that you have signed the paperwork to move on. I can't wait to learn about the new place! Has Smokey got room to run? And is it handleable for a couple? I know you will now be relieved to move on and out of the murk you have been in over the last year. I am thinking of you.......

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristi,

Happy early birthday! La Cadière d'Azur looks beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family. It doesn't look that far from Bandol either, like a 20 minute drive north!

Joyeux Noël!



Congratulations on both selling your home/vineyard so quickly and deciding to stay in France. I have to look up your new town after this. If all goes well,then you get the hassle of moving!! We just did it to a rental while our home is being built in chilly Taos, New Mexico. Change is challenging and good. Happy birthday, Merry Christmas, & again, good job!

Nancy LoBalbo

Happy Birthday Kristi! And Bonne Chance with the move and new venture. Ralph and I seem to have followed your wine making adventures across Le Sud and we look forward to visiting you at a new location! A Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family and we hope to see you in 2017 (our next visit). xoN

Beth Fiacco

Congratulations Kristi and Jean-Marc! Sounds like another adventure begins?! Kristi - I love the picture of the table and how you seem to bring your garden into all your meals and event the decor! Simple, elegant, beautiful. xoxo

lou bogue

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTI,Having been one of the lucky ones, who have had the pleasure of meeting You and Jean- Marc,you know I wish you both the BEST of luck in completeing your sale and move, look forward to visiting you next SEPT. in La Cadiere d Azur, Joyeux Noelle Lou


Kristin, I felt an overwhelming sadness for you both when I started reading your post today, but as I read on and thought about it, the feeling lifted and I am grateful that everything seems to be falling into place so quickly. Allez avec dieu! (That might not be correct French...) Bonne Anniversaird, Joyeux Noel, et Bonne Nouvelle Annee!

P.S. Show photos of the new home a.s.a.p.

Cate S

Happy Birthday! Life is full of surprises. Many blessings and happy Christmas! ❤❤❤



Valerie Meluskey

Dearest Kristi, Blessings to you and all of your loved ones...may your move be with leisurely steps in which you can soak in the beauty you're moving to and departing from. Thank you for sharing all of your beauty and appreciation with all of us. We're all sending our love and clarity to you and Jean Marc.

Angela Sargent

Happy Birthday Kristi. Like many others I am secretly very happy for you both to be staying in France - which I know you love.
So glad that the future has been resolved and you can start a new beginning in the New Year.
Joyous Noel to you both.....and I too would love to meet you one day.

Best wishes from Angela in England


Kristi, congratulations on the sale of your home! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you today, and will wait until tomorrow to send my birthday wishes. What an exciting time this is for you and Jean-Marc! I hope everything will go smoothly and await your next update with great trepidation.

As for that yogurt cake, I have to tell you that it's become my 'go to' dessert and everyone asks me for the recipe. I love the versatility of this cake. The other day, I set out to bake it for a potluck Mr. Wanderlust had at his workplace, only to find out at the last minute that I was missing the key ingredient: yogurt. Feeling cosy at home and being very much against the idea of going out into the -10C night, I improvised, mixing a spoonful of apple cider vinegar into 2% milk. I'm happy to say this worked perfectly. Phew.


Very exciting to have a path forward appear so quickly. Best wishes for everything to proceed smoothly and, as I see here, for a very happy birthday!

Gail Accuardi

Wow, good luck. I know how important it is to you to stay in France and now you can. Keep us posted (the right word) and enjoy the season... Happy birthday too G

Karen Cafarella

Very exciting news. Hope all goes smoothly and wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Sending Hugs.

mary tindukasiri

Congratulations and Happy Birthday. Moves are the best of times and the worst of times. I'm praying that all of the conditions are met with ease. Another beginning for the two of you--and empty nesters, too. Christmas blessings. xoxo Mary

Pam Wing

I hope there is some relief for you and Jean Marc now that you have taken that step. Have a blessed Christmas with your family, and happy birthday. I am waiting for your progress reports.

Best wished for a smooth transition.

Jim Beste

In the Example Sentence shouldn't "nous devrions signé" be instead "nous devrions signer"?


Like everyone else I've been waiting to learn of your decision as to where your next "dot" (love that phrasing btw) would be- -
and am so glad you've chosen to stay in France. I had trouble picturing you and J-M actually living in the US, as one of your musings theorized- & this is not a great time to move to the YS anyway. Can't wait to see photos and read about your new home. In the meantime, happy birthday and Joyeux Noel!


Hi Kristi, I looked at all the images of La Cadiere... looks lovely, and sounds lovely! I don't write often, but I think of you and your family and wish you all the best. Esp. with this move!

M Wheless-Gregory

Congratulations on choosing this new path. Happy Birthday🎂💋


What a wonderful Christmas gift it is to have your life evolving after months of waiting for answers. I too feel very strongly that staying in France is the right move for you and your family. I'll look forward to hearing why/how you chose La Cadiere. It looks lovely. Bonne chance et bonne anniversaire!

Patricia Sands

What news! A new door opens, Kristi, for all of you. La Cadière is a favourite spot of ours ... a beautiful setting for your family to begin anew. Like everyone else, I'm happy you are staying in France. Bonne anniversaire! Joyeux Noël! Le top du top pour 2017!

Sue Lennox

Another milestone in the wonderful life and times of the Famille Espinasse! Keep the blogs coming, Kristi....bon chance pour the next stage of your lives. Be good to yourselves.

Judith Dunn

Dear kristi and JeanMarc and family! Congratulations on new beginnings! You soon will be able to celebrate moving to a new home with new hopes and dreams to come true. How exciting and wonderful for all of you. Bonne anniversaire a toi! another milestone in you life and it will be happpily passed with your loved ones atound you. You both have crossed the rubicon and there is nothing but happiness and the wonder of life's challenges befor you! I am so happy you decided to remain in France, for that is truly yours and his destiny! Best wishes with the sale and purchase of homes... we will all pray everything will go smoothly. Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee!.... Judi Dunn, TaSllahassee, Florida


Happy birthday to you!! The town you are moving to looks very nice. I wish you all the best with your new adventures.


So love your photos and musings. Looking forward to your impressions of and feelings about the changes ahead. Thank you for this blog. Kathleen in Paris


Fingers crossed for you! I hope your hoopes and dots will resolve themselves quickly.Up Up and away to your next adventure!


Happy Birthday to you! I am still so worried for you and your family, although I know it will work out just fine. I am so glad you are staying France. It is pretty nice that you have promised to sell your house so quickly and that you have found another in also good time. I hope the sales will go through quickly, without incident, and the move will go as smoothly it can. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Sandy Maberly

Wonderful news! I'm really happy for you both and the fact that you are staying in France. I just knew that it would tear your heart out to leave it! Hope that everything goes off without a hitch and that you are soon settled snugly into your new home. Think of how much fun it will be to decorate it and make it your own!

Kristin Espinasse

Trilby,  thanks for the wonderful memories you shared. I will not forget that day  either. 

Diane Young

Decembre is certainly a busy month in your lives. I pray that you will have much happiness and adapt to your new home with all your creativity. Joyeux Noel.


Chere Kristi:
When one door closes, another opens both literally and figuratively.
It will be difficult to say good-bye to your beautiful garden but you will plant a new one. La Cadiere d'Azur looks so beautiful and I am sure you and J-M will leave your mark there as well. Happy Birthday and may this new year bring you many new and wonderful adventures. Joyeux Noel et Bonne anneee. Janine


Oooh, la, la! Vous avez décidé votre avenir! Maintenant, tous ce qui reste c'est le déménagement. J'espère que ça passera très vite
comme le mistral! Bonne fête d'anniversaire! Joanne

Carolyn Chase

Is a Promesse de Vente the same as a Purchase Contract in the States? Done with a specific buyer, and if all the conditions are met, a binding sales agreement between the two parties.

GwenEllyn Anderson

I'm sorry I never got to visit your vineyard before the move. Enjoy your new adventure!

Trina from St. Petersburg, FL USA

Wishing you comfort and joy ... on your happiest of birthdays yet, the merriest Christmas so far, and your new adventure ahead! I sense a lightness in your writing, Kristi ... I've even noticed a return to educating us with a more extended vocabulary.❤️

Kristin Espinasse

Jim,  Thank you for the correction. It should indeed be signer. 


What a beautiful and poignant photo of the land and trees you have included. I can only imagine the emotions this venture is creating in you and your family. Best wished for the coming year.

edie schmidt


Bon anniversaire , bon chance et bon Noel!
La Cadiered-d'Azur looks like a charming village.
I'm sure you will find new adventures and new things to write about.

Edie from Savannah

Sharon in N.C.

Ditto to what Trilby said and the Happiest of Birthdays!


Happy birthday and happy move. It looks like another beautiful charming town.... the States will miss you, as now Montana and Oregon are off of your short list. I hope your daughter listens to you , rests and regains her health, helping you pack!


May you have many new adventures while enjoying the memories you already have. Happy Birthday and a Joyeux Noel!


Our dear Kristi,
Many more filled with blessings,health and joy!
You are a gift in our lives,and your beautiful words never fail to fill our days with smiles and hugs.
Wonderful news about both your promised sale and purchase!
Remember "Let go and let God"?
Easier said than done sometimes(!),but you did and the doors opened to welcome you all on this new path in life.
Joyeux Noel,dear Kristi,to you and your
beautiful family.Blessings in abundance now and the New Year.
You all are in our prayers.
Natalia. Xo

Kristin Espinasse

We will be here through April--and possibly as long as June--and will try to organize another couple of meetups,  if possible. Hope to see you here,  or in La Cadiere! 


Bon anniversaire Kristi. joyeux Noêl de tous et bonne chance avec la nouvelle maison.



Dear Kristi,
Bon Anniversaire! Such a joyous posting today - it felt like a ten ton weight had been lifted off of your shoulders. Progress, steps taken, on to new horizons. How very, very exciting! I wish you a wonderful birthday and celebration for all the lovely changes on your horizon! I'm sure Jean-Marc is also floating on air. I am going to go check out the town as soon as I post this. From all the replies above, it sounds absolutely wonderful. Maybe we will meet again, if not at your new home, then maybe for tea in Paris again, on rue Saint-Andre des Arts!! I would love that!

Susan Carter

So happy for you that the uncertainty is over and you know the direction you are headed. This can be a very exciting move.

Pat Cargill

Kristi, this is exciting news! I wish you and J-M smooth sailing through the sale/purchase/move.

Your recipe for yogurt cake still asks for baking SODA, even though in the comments you said it should actually be baking POWDER. Is it possible to update that post to make the correction? I have got to try it! Thanks and H A P P Y Birthday to you! And Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Jan Leishman

Je suis très heureuse pour vous ! Je suis contente que vous resterez encore dans le Var. Joyeux anniversaire pour demain, Kristin, et Joyeuse Fete pour toute la famille. Quelle nouvelle année !


So happy for you and your family that you have made your decisions and will continue to be in the same area you know and love. All your readers will be so excited (vicariously) at the thought of a new home, garden and adventure! It is all working out so well. Wishing you a happy birthday and a wonderful Christmas!


Kristi & JM - congratulations on the sale of your home & vineyard and the purchase of a new hone in La Cadière d'Azur. It looks like a lovely town and as one person commented, not too far from Bandol and the friends you have made there. I'm sure the sale papers were signed with a bit of a sigh, but you both gave it a good go. As you have said before, the daily upkeep of the house & vineyard was all-consuming and physically demanding. Now that your children are making their way in the world, I hope that the new home will give you & JM the time to de-stress and appreciate small, precious things everyday. I am happy that you decided to stay in France and that you will have a lovely garden at your new home. Happy Birthday.


Bon anniversaire et Joyeux Noelle!
I wish you much happiness in your new home and may the move go smoothly for you all!


I read this post while I am staying with my daughter and her family in New Zealand. As always your writing makes France feel so close. For that reason, I am truly glad that you will not be leaving France.

Finally, as I approach 77 next week, mes meilleurs voeux pour votre anniversaire. I hope the next 49 are equally enjoyable.


Wonderful, hope it all works out for you'll! What a nice Christmas present!
Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee!

Lesley-Ann Hoare

Hi Kristi - perhaps you need to really get away for a break... consider Australia!! Especially Western Australia, for a holiday ... and who knows ...
There are so many vineyards here in each state. But also so many new ones developing in W.A.... I'm sure you'd love the warmth and open spaces. Provence is the only place I have found that comes near to our laid-back enjoyment of life!! 😉😉 Lesley-Ann


Happy Birthday and all the best wishes on your move! We go to Grimaud every summer and would really love it if you would like to come visit us in our house there at the top of the old village by the chateau!

Paulette Williams

Thank you.

Charlotte West

Happy Birthday Kristin! Love and blessings for your new home and future there.


Eileen Burns

The point of no-turning-back-now is a good place to find yourself just before the 10th anniversary of your 39th birthday! Think of the other times there has been no turning back.....When your children breathed their first is the first that comes to my mind.....You are now a mom forever! We recently sold my dear father, Jack's beloved apartment with its breath-taking view of Peekskill Bay on the Hudson River. It was not easy to walk into that meeting. But while we were there an amazing thing happened....My whole being was drawn to the elderly man whose nephew was purchasing the apartment for his use. He too had experienced loss. He was clearly struggling with some big changes of his own. When we were finished I happily stood and handed him the keys with a kiss and warm wishes for enjoying the view that brought my father so much joy. HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY DEAR! I look forward to hearing about you both moving forward. LOVE Eileen

G Perrier

Congratulations on the new shift in your lives! Everything is falling into place and a fresh start has begun...just think of all the love your readers send to you and your family, and know that it must somehow reach you and help in some mysterious way. Have a wonderful birthday and many happy years to follow!

G Perrier

Congratulations on the new shift in your lives! Everything is falling into place and a fresh start has begun...just think of all the love your readers send to you and your family, and know that it must somehow reach you and help in some mysterious way. Have a wonderful birthday and many happy years to follow!


Bon chance and Joyeux Noel. It's quite a change you are going to have, but my best wishes are for you and your husband. Enjoy the holidays!

Mary and Rod Neely

Rod and I wish you the very best. We had so hoped to meet you last year when we were in Cassis but that was such a difficult time for you. We have read your blog for so long we feel like you are family. We have worried about you and prayed for you and now we wish you both all the happiness your heart can hold as you set out on this new journey

Robyn O'Neill

I am so very happy for you and your family . . . and that you have chosen to stay in France. I hope you were convinced that moving to the US would be a big mistake. You have such a wonderful life there and I know you will appreciate your decision. I look forward to receiving more from you in my email box. All love and all the best. Have a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful New York.

Robyn O'Neill

New Year -- I must have had my address in my mind and didn't do my usual proofreading !! Pardon !!!

Cynthia Lewis

I am so glad for you and I feel certain that your decision is the right one for you both! As always, my best wishes as you move forward toward these goals. (How is Jackie feeling? Please give her my best wishes, too, along with JULES!) Max, also. ... and Smokey ... cannot forget him!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Chris Allin

Dear Kristi,

The universe is unfolding as it should... Sometimes we can influence change and sometimes change happens and influences our lives. I have always had faith, that in a situation in which you and Jean-Marc can make a decision to influence the change in your lives, that your decision would be grounded and work out for you. This is a wonderful beginning...we look forward to the rest of the story!

Happiest of birthdays! 🌹🎂🎈❤️
And wishing your family a beautiful Christmas filled with love and peace ~

Joan L.

Best of luck in your new adventure. Smokey will see you through it... Happy Christmas and Best New year. And thanks so much for your blog, Kristi.

Barbara Michels

For your Mama: Feliz Compleanos. I myself am very happy you are staying in France. Your kids need you and you need them more than ever now.

Maria E. Sastre

Happy Birthday , Felicidades. Lot of blessings to you and your dear familly,. I'm glad you are staying in France. Hope to meet you one of these days.


I guess it is time to come back to visit.....last time we were there you had just moved to St. Cyr!!! Wishing you all the best in your new home and can't wait for the photos!!! Joyeux Nöel et Bonne Année!!!!

Lee Isbell

La Cadière d'Azur looks wonderful! If I were younger, I'd move there myself. (Am I reading the description in French correctly that there is something like a residence for seniors there?)

Fingers crossed that all the bureaucratic French 'I's are dotted and 'T's are crossed for a smooth move. I'm glad you'll be staying in France. I'm planning a couple of trips over in 2017, should I live long enough. Not sure how far South I'll make it.

Amitiés, Lee

Mimi McG

I am just catching up to all your changes. I applaud you and Jean Marc.

“Change is difficult, but it can be managed when you stay aware of the power of your choices, even if it’s simply your attitude.”

I know your attitude will support you throughout. Can't wait to make the yogurt cake.

Happy Birthday.


-I need to fish out our santons -- what are santons?

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