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I needed help translating part of Tessa's story (below), so I posted this phrase on Facebook--and chose Joy's lively entry. Then Jean-Marc recorded another entry... and Olivier suggested a word replacement or two. Oups! Many chefs in today's post.

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TODAY'S WORD: bavarder

        : to chat, talk, chatter


Malgré Thomas, qui n'arrêtait pas d'aboyer et de pleurnicher, on a bien bavardé.
  -Translation by calligrapher Joy Fairclough- with help from Olivier Hermon

ECOUTEZ - Hear Jean-Marc pronounce the example sentence in French: Download Bavarder

Néanmoins, entre les pleurnichements et les aboiements de Thomas, nous avons bien bavardé, sans arrêt.

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(The following post was written by Tessa Baker)

I have just come back from Kristi’s house in St Cyr-sur-Mer, my little dog Thomas made what was meant to be a tranquil trip with dear friends into a manic frenetic trip. How can a small dog turn life upside down to such a degree I had to cut my visit in half? In short his overwhelming desire to leap about and have fun with Smokey was less than peaceful, and whenever we tried putting either one of them in another room or outside Thomas made such a noise about it, we were being driven to distraction!

Malgré Thomas, qui ne s'arrêtait pas d'aboyer et de pleurnicher, on a bien bavardé

Still, in between Thomas whining and woofing we managed to chat, pretty well non stop. That's what we do when we haven’t see each other for a while. There is something so magical about a long friendship that has blossomed and grown over the years. That special feeling that we have when we know that the other person knows us a least as well if not better than we know ourselves. That special feeling we have when we know and feel safe, so safe in the other person's love for us that we know we are loved unconditionally, where ever we are, whatever we are doing and how ever we are being.

The magic or even the jewel of a friendship that has blossomed and grown over the years is that we can listen to one another with out judging, that we can tell each other truths without anger and that we can leave one another’s company loving each other more than before if it is possible. I always come away from Kristi and Jean-Marc feeling this way. My dear friends who I will love always.

I am home now, and Thomas, exhausted, is lying asleep in his chair and I am writing this little piece for Kristi. We were discussing blogs and blogging and comme d’habitude I was bemoaning the fact that I don’t get very many readers and don’t know how to get myself out there more. Kristi said “Well Tess, it’s simple you just have to blog more and make it interesting.” Well it is simple really. So it is my resolution to blog more and make it more interesting. Thank you Kristi I shall start thinking of a good blog for Saturday and I will dedicate it to you. Make sure you read it!!

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Kristi and thomas the dog walking along the dig in Les Lecques
My dear friend Kristi with my dear dog Thomas!

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Walk with tess
Thank you, Tess, for writing today's entry. It was a pleasure to walk with you and Thomas, here in the port of Les Lecques.

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