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Bilingual post, broche, and Jean-Marc's surgery is today

Over a year ago, at the summit of his life, my husband took a hard fall. The accident changed the course of our lives. We put our vineyard up for sale and, just yesterday, sold our boat in preparation for our move. Read Jean-Marc's poignant update in French and in English and listen to his reading in today's sound file.

TODAY'S WORD: la broche

        : pin, rod; brooch

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Aujourd'hui, mon chirurgien doit enlever les broches de mon coude.
Today, my surgeon must remove the pins from my elbow.

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    by Jean-Marc Espinasse

Il y a 15 mois, alors que tout "roulait" pour moi, je suis tombé en vélo me facturant le coude. Ma vie et celle de ma famille a peu à peu basculé vers le doute et l'incertitude.

Aujourd'hui, mon chirurgien doit enlever les broches de mon coude.

Le soutien de tous, le travail sur moi, et le temps commencent à faire leur effet positif sur mon moral. J'espère que cette opération chirurgicale marquera la fin de ce douloureux épisode de notre vie et le début d'une ère nouvelle où joie de vivre et projets seront les maîtres mots.

Fifteen months ago, while everything was going so well for me, I fell off my bike and fractured my elbow. My life and that of my family's took a turn, little by little, toward doubt and uncertainty.

Today, my surgeon must take out the pins in my elbow.

The support of everyone, therapy, and time are beginning to have a positive effect on my morale. I hope this surgery will mark the end of a painful episode in our life and the beginning of a new era where joy of life and projects will be the key words.

Jean-Marc and his pal, Nico. We got so much out of this little boat, which Jean-Marc used to cruise up and down the Mediterranean coast from La Ciotat to Sanary-sur-Mer. I'll bet one of Jean-Marc's "projects" is to spend more time fishing! We will find another boat!

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Mr sacks
Content to let others pass him by these days. It's been a humbling year. Photo of Jean-Marc with his trusty leather sacoche called "Mr Sacks". Mr. Sacks went with him to the hospital this morning, for the elbow operation. The two will stay overnight. If you'd like to leave Jean-Marc a message in the comments I know he will appreciate your kind wishes. Merci beaucoup!

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