Undressed in Aix: A surprise warning posted in Jackie's apartment building
Bilingual Story: Tondre, Domaine Tempier, and Tant Pis

A Tip Jar, a Girl, and Wings

A father putting his artistic talents to work for rémunération. I once had a bird like the little girl's. When it sat on my shoulder I felt invincible. So why is it hard, now, to do certain things? Where are my wings?

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I have been busy around here lately. "Here" refers to this French word journal, which I began in 2002.  Since quitting a full-time job at a Swedish owned vineyard in 2003, I have made this newsletter my vocation. Writing it is my life. I am entirely devoted to bringing you these updates which I hope are educational, entertaining, and worthy of your time.

This year's améliorations include the addition of a twice-monthly bilingual post (thanks, Jean-Marc!), the return of our vocabulary section and, coming up, a summary and sound file of all the mots we have learned each month--words salt-and-peppered into these real-time stories, tucked around the roast chickens, mixed into the yogurt cake, absorbed in context along with the aroma and beat of this ever-changing French life.

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