Undressed in Aix: A surprise warning posted in Jackie's apartment building
Bilingual Story: Tondre, Domaine Tempier, and Tant Pis

A Tip Jar, a Girl, and Wings

A father putting his artistic talents to work for rémunération. I once had a bird like the little girl's. When it sat on my shoulder I felt invincible. So why is it hard, now, to do certain things? Where are my wings?

Bonjour, dear Reader,

I have been busy around here lately. "Here" refers to this French word journal, which I began in 2002.  Since quitting a full-time job at a Swedish owned vineyard in 2003, I have made this newsletter my vocation. Writing it is my life. I am entirely devoted to bringing you these updates which I hope are educational, entertaining, and worthy of your time.

This year's améliorations include the addition of a twice-monthly bilingual post (thanks, Jean-Marc!), the return of our vocabulary section and, coming up, a summary and sound file of all the mots we have learned each month--words salt-and-peppered into these real-time stories, tucked around the roast chickens, mixed into the yogurt cake, absorbed in context along with the aroma and beat of this ever-changing French life.

Any ads you see here help to cover some of the expenses involved in maintaining the French Word-A-Day site. But if you wish to support the effort and time that go into creating this free language service, your contributions, via this link, are greatly appreciated.

Merci infiniment,


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Alyssa Eppich

Merci infiniment a vous, chere Kristi! I hope French Word continues for as long as you want it to! I will try and donate a few francs this year, too,


We had that bird too! Isa was his name (short for the Italian pronunciation of Isaiah). He just passed away (without warning) at age ten two years ago, the day before we left for France for on vacation. I so miss him. He was a walking, talking, samrt-aleck hoot to have around. Totally unafraid of both our Golden Retrievers and would land on their heads. I so miss him.

I bet he loves that little girl as much as her father does.


Thanks for the reminder that readers can do their part too, that this blog does not "just happen." I and many others are so grateful to you for MAKING it happen.
Une lectrice et prof de francais dans un petit lycee a Kankakee, Illinois.

Marie LaSalle

Tu crois être le doute et tu n'es que raison.
Tu es le grand soleil qui me monte à la tête.
Quand je suis sûr de moi.

Je T'aime (Yves Montand) - YouTube, d'apres un poeme d'Eluard

I always think of that poem/song when I think of your generous sharing of your life.


colette malik

Thank you Kristi, i am a recent reader of your email newsletter, and enjoy it VERY much. Please keep up the good work!

Gwyneth Perrier

Thank you for sharing your life and your wonderful writing with us for so many years! It's a very worthy cause to contribute to. :-)

joie in Carmel

Does it still help to order everything on Amazon through your site?

joie in Carmel

Also happy to hear that you are going back to some of the original format. And I will post this to as many friends I think would be interested...and e-mail....both.

Teresa Ewart

Thank you as ever Kristi... (clicking through the ads as i always try to do!...)
bonne année x teresa

Kitty Wilson-Pote

Kristi, I'd love a way to 'subscribe' rather than make a single donation -- sending a small amount each month would delight me and suit my senior's budget very well. Any chance of that as an OPTION via paypal? Fingers crossed!

Stacy - Sweet Life Farm

Your wings, my dear lofty friend, are beautifully in place! Thank you for all you give to others by following your heart. xoxo!!

Kathy Mattern

chère Kristi-
I ahve followed you and your life journey from the very first entry and french word a day you posted. thank you😊


Our dear Kristi,
Each post fills us with smiles and happy surprises;be they inspiration,appreciation,tears(sometimes),and always(always!)
gratitude for the wings you give us confidence to try.
Looking ahead to all the words we shall continue to share together!
Natalia. xo


Can't imagine a world in which FWAD doesn't appear to enlighten, humor, amaze, and move me. I just donated using the link and hope others will also.


I so enjoy reading your posts in addition to making my little grey cells practice my French. I will be looking forward to the revised format. Wishing FWAD a very long and even more successful future. The image at the top is so poignant and has had my imagination running riot. The love of the father for the little girl is revealed in the bag of books to ward off boredom and how she is so carefully dressed against the cold. Hope he earned well on the day. A bientot.

Stephen Battalia

Hi Kristi, I am in hope it helps--Please keep up your work , and know it brings joy to all of us. Cheers Stephen Beza's dad

Karen Rowlands

Merci beaucoup Kristi! Your hard work is much appreciated xx

Kristin Espinasse

Cherie, I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the photo. Someone wrote in to say they found it a depressing scene. It is one of my favorite images. I took it last March, in Porto, after being struck by the gentle scene and the peace emanating from the father and daughter.


Hi Kristi!

Wow, can you believe it has been 15 years! I'm so happy to have found your blog in 2006. I have enjoyed all your posts over the years. Thank you for giving us a peek into your life in Frace! I love the father/daughter photo too! I had two little Budgies when I was little named Fred and Charlie. They were funny little birds.


Hello Kristi. In a sense this is a bit private but I am concerned that others experiencing the same problem may be discouraged from donating. I'm nearly 80 on a pension but your blog has given me much joy since I subscribed a few months ago. Therefore I thought it appropriate that I should make a contribution, though small. But I clicked on the link and it said EUR (for euros I presume - and had a Paypal Logo) and I kept clicking but nothing happened. I then tried GBP (sorry if I've misremembered but it clearly meant English pounds which would be better for me - no bank charges?). That too just "stuck". I'm still happy to donate but a bit stuck. I'm not used to international transfers. In England I'd just get the person's sort code and account no. and do it that way. Please advise.


Re my problem above, I took a few deep breaths, I did press the GBP or whatever and I also unearthed a very old Paypal password which to my relief still worked. The only tricky bit was entering the amount but I persisted and succeeded. So don't be put off anyone please. And I hope donations however modest come in on wings and give you some financial and spiritual comfort.... Margaret

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you very much,  Margaret, for the helpful info and for your donation, which I received. When you click on the link,  it defaults to a page in French (and in euros). I need to figure out how to get this page to default in English,  which would be more reassuring to readers,  I think. 

Frederick Caswell

I am addicted, entertained, educated, inspired, and blessed by your French journal. I thank you infinitment for your writings and friendship. Comme toujours!

Frederick Caswell

Second try -- infiniment (short term memory is like the bird on the little girl's shoulder but never flies away) The photo is superb!


This blog is one of my goals i wish to achieve this level someday. Please check out my link i do really easy to learn and use english and french words just something to improve your daily vocab https://terror16.blogspot.com/

Diane Young

Kristi, I'm very weak in computer skills so hope my donation via PayPal does reach you. Let me know if you don't receive it. J'espere pour vous beaucoup des joies toujours.

Kristin Espinasse

Hello, Diane. Thank you for trying to send a contribution, but there is no record of this at Paypal. Also, you would have received a notice in your inbox, if a charge went through. Finally, your kind words are a regular encouragement here, which is already a great support. Thank you!


Do persevere please, anyone trying to send a donation. It's not perfectly simple but it's not really difficult either, if that makes sense. The tricky bit is trying to enter the amount in figures, but you get a second chance later to verify and correct. (It's the wretched noughts and decimal points which are stubborn - just like memories of school!). I put the amount in (I could see it wasn't correct) then the screen gave me the chance to log into my Paypal account - it helpfully brought up all the details on screen. I checked and - bingo! that was about it. I also could choose right at the start whether to do Euros or GBP (British pounds). There were NO bank charges and to be honest it took me about ONE minute. I should add that the screens all look slightly different whether it's desktop computer, iPhone or ipad.

When I think of all the hours of joy this blog has given me and continues to do so, it's very satisfying to make a contribution to its running expenses however small the donation. So please do have a go! I'm 77 and of little patience or technological skills, but I did it and feel rather pleased. Just because it seems a fair thing to do.

The blog is a work of art and of love but such blogs have a cost in time and running costs. My daughter had a blog so I know that.

Best wishes to all my fellow readers, I also much enjoy reading your posts and thank you.

Patty Cargill

I will take your marvelous blog any way it shows up. You have been a faithful friend, an inspiring and always open & honest person. Do what you can; know that you and J-M are deeply appreciated. Just wish I could get back to la belle France and meet you! Toujours,
Patty in Roanoke

Flavio Cesar

Merci du Pérou

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