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Candidature, Applying for a job in France & Jackie's cover letter in French

Today we talk about cover letters in France--an important part of French business etiquette. Listen to Jackie read her lettre de motivation, for a summer job she is applying for.

TODAY'S WORD: la candidature

        : application (for a job)

un appel à candidature = a call for applications
poser sa candidature = to apply for a job

    3-minute video lesson: When does the S in French sound like a Z ?
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    by Kristi Espinasse

When I asked my daughter about the cover letter sitting on the kitchen table, Jackie informed me it was not she who wrote it.

"I didn't think it was your handwriting," I said. "Whoever wrote it is left-handed." (The writer, though French, had the same back-handed slant as I once had.)

It was her boyfriend, Jeremy, she said, adding he was indeed gaucher--a lefty. "He was bored and asked if he could help me with my homework. I told him that because my assignment was to draw a self-portrait, that would be impossible! But that he could help me with something else... a cover letter for the summer job for which I'm applying...."

I was impressed. Anyone who would sit down and take the time to forward my daughter's career (and list all of her qualities at the same time), is GOOD in my book! I leave you with a great example of a lettre de motivation in French and in English (Any errors are mine in the retyping.)

Click here to listen to Jackie read aloud the following letter

Madame, Monsieur,

Actuellement jeune diplomée du PSC1, j'ai appris avec intérêt que vous recherchez des employés saisonniers. Je vous présente donc ma candidature qui semble correspondre parfaitement au profil que vous recherchez.

Currently a young certificate holder of PSC1 , I've been interested to learn that you are looking for seasonal employees. I therefore offer my application which seems to perfectly correspond to the profile you are seeking. 

Ayant déjà fait l'expérience l'année dernière en tant que vendeuse au kiosque à bonbons, je souhaite aujourd'hui me diriger vers un poste de sauveteuse. J'éspère intégrer vos équipes et compte sur le sérieux de mon travail pour faire perdurer la reputation de votre établissement. Dynamique et polyvalente, je suis resistante et très attentive aux consignes de sécurité.

Having already had an experience last year, as saleswoman at the candy stand, today I wish to turn (my attention) toward a lifeguard position. I hope to join your team and count on the seriousness of my work to carry on the reputation of your establishment. Dynamic and versatile, I am strong and very attentive regarding security instructions.

On me reconnait également organisée et autonome, deux qualités indispensables pour répondre efficacement aux attentes dans ce domaine. Dans l'attente de vous rencontrer, je vous prie de bien vouloir agréer l'expression de mes salutations distinguées.

I am known to be organized and independent, two indispensable qualities to efficiently respond to the needs in this area. I look forward to meeting you, and please accept my very best wishes. 


Picture of Jeremy and Jackie. Did you enjoy the cover letter? Don't miss hearing it, click on the link below to listen to Jackie read aloud the lettre de motivation.

Click here to listen to Jackie read aloud her cover letter

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