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Almond blossoms outside Roussillon church
The first time I heard the words "Et patati et patata" was in church. The whimsical expression was even funnier coming out of the mouth of a priest. (Photo taken inside church, in Roussillon)

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TODAY'S WORD: Et patati et patata

            :  and so on and so forth, blah blah blah
         : yada yada

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Et patati et patata, évoque des bavardages intarissables ou une suite de paroles qu'on ne peut deviner.
And patati and patata, evokes inexhaustible chatter or a series of words that one can not guess. (Google translation)

Listen to Jean-Marc read the example sentence in French

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    by Kristi Espinasse

Just as I was wondering how to present to you a disjointed amount of information (our weekend in review) I noticed the definition of the word of the day and took heart:

"And patati and patata evokes inexhaustible chatter or a series of words that one can not guess."

Isn't that the beauty behind the blank page? It is no more than a series of words that one can not guess.

Though I always anticipate the challenge of recounting a story, today I did not count on so many computer and technical problems discouraging me from writing more about our weekend away (we spent the night near Roussillon, at Domaine des Peyre--a vineyard and gîte that welcomed our dog, Smokey--and on Saturday enjoyed celebrating Aunt Marie-Françoise's birthday at Domaine Tourbillon along with all the Espinasse family).

So before any more computer blips (including these italics which come and go as they please) prevent me from finishing, I shall turn the rest of this post over to you: please share with us today your favorite French words and phrases in the comments at the end of this post. Merci beaucoup and have a great week!



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Accompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations by artist Mélina Josserand, Edible French explores whimsical turns of phrase such as:

Falling into apples (falling into the apples) = fainting
Be rolled in flour = being fooled
Having an artichoke heart (having the heart of an artichoke) = falling in love

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Smokey in front of roussillon landmark
The new ambassador to Roussillon. Smokey would like to encourage everybody to come visit this charming town perched above the famous ochre canyon. See some inspiring places to stay in Roussillon, here.

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Sheep donkey and goat
(photo by Jean-Marc) Good things come to those who wait. Do you remember when Jean-Marc was looking for sheep? The sheep that were supposed to graze in our vineyard and help with all the weeding? He wrote about this in his bilingual story, here. Well, they finally showed up. And they brought friends!

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