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Vocabulary Roundup + Audio file for all the French terms we learned in January!

If you read all the stories posted here in January, your French vocabulary grew like the dickens (il a beaucoup poussé)! Let's go over some of the terms we learned in the context of this French life. Click on the titles below to read any stories you missed. Be sure to click on the sound file below each list.

1. Hospitality, a recipe, and keep things simple

pas si simple que ça
= not so easy as that
comme d'habitude = as usual
un oursin = sea urchin
le déjeuner = lunch
une patate = spud, potato

   Click here to listen to the vocabulary list above


2. False Friends, La Deception, and it wasn't meant to be?

la bastide = farmhouse or country house
le notaire = (in real estate transactions) attorney, lawyer, notary
un pot = drink, cocktail
ça reste à voir = that remains to be seen
consacré = devoted
divertissant = entertaining
gratuit = free

   Click here to listen to this vocabulary list

3. Le Soulagement: Relief after a stormy delivery at our vineyard

une allée ou voie privée = driveway
le prestataire
= a service provider
avec une telle efficacité = with such efficiency
la camionnette = small truck or van
une bouteille = bottle
un souci = a worry
c'est bon = everything is under control
tu peux rentrer = you can return
à la maison = to home
c'était la paix = it was peace

   Click here to listen to the list above

3. Bilingual Post, Broche, and Jean-Marc's surgery

(translation and soundfile , click on link above)

4. Amitié: What Balzac said about Friendship

une année = year
une amitié = friendship
avec une telle = with such
le pointu = traditional Provencal wooden fishing boat
trop tard = too late
le voisinage = neighborhood, vicinity
la gare = train station
en avance = early
le couloir = corridor
faux-pas = etiquette mistake
la soupe aux lentilles = lentil soup

   Click here to listen to the list above

5. Bavarder: Catching up with a friend amid canine chaos

(A guest post by Tess, sans vocab....)

6. Hygge in French: Cozy Weekend & Easy 3-Ingredient Duck Recipe

la pantoufle = slipper
le feu de cheminée = chimney fire
le câlin = hug, cuddle
le plaid = throw blanket
le coussin = pillow
à table! = everyone to the table now!

   Click here to listen to the words above

7. Biliingual Story "Time to Prune the Vines"

(Click on the link above to listen to the entire story in French)

8. Undressed in Aix: A surprise warning post at Jackie's apartment building

faire le linge = to do laundry
le drap = sheet
un étendoir = drying rack
putain! = expletive, worse than dammit....
Tu vas me donner une crise cardiaque! = you're going to give me a heart attack!
la pantoufle = slipper
le poulet rôti = roast chicken

   Click here to listen to the words above

9.  A Tip Jar, A Girl, And Wings

(Here's a translation of some of the words used in my letter)

le pourboire = tip
un travail à temps plein = full-time job
le bulletin = newsletter

   Click here to listen to the words above

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