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Artisanat, Allez Hop! Come on let's get some beer at a new brasserie in Nice!

Arthur and Dan in the back of their shop, Allez Hops. They are leaning against part of the brasserie equipment where they brew up beer in downtown Nice.

Allez, Hops! is a new "cave à bière" you don't want to miss when in Nice! Located at 15 Rue Défly, it's up the street from the Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain

TODAY'S WORD: Artisanat

        : craft industry, arts and crafts, handicraft


Dans l’artisanat, rien n’est laissé au hasard, et la bière n’y échappe pas ! Avec notre sélection de bières, vous avez accès à un vaste panel de saveurs et de terroirs différents. text from the Allez Hops! website

In the craft industry, nothing is left to chance, and beer is no exception! With our selection of beers, you have access to a wide range of different flavors and terroirs.

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    by Kristi Espinasse

Allez Hops!

Saturday morning Jean-Marc drove us from our vineyard here in St. an exciting new brasserie in Nice! Two hours later, we took a wrong turn near the airport and ended up on the Promenade des Anglais, where I was surprised by a sudden wave of emotion. As our car advanced slowly in traffic and we passed in front of the Hotel Negresco, I wondered if the locals are ever caught off guard by tears, this many months after the attack?

At last we pulled in front of our friends' cave à bière. Seeing familiar faces and receiving a few big hugs from Dan and Julie helped calm this unexpected surge of emotion. And the sign, or l'ardoise, outside their shop held a bright promise and a reminder that in spite of the darkness that visited Nice and Paris, Le soleil brille encore.

As Julie showed me around the boutique, I dried my eyes once again. To see a couple and their young associate venture out with a new business showed that hope springs as eternally as these larmes! I leave you with a few snapshots of the Allez Hops! shop. I hope you will put it on your list of MUST SEES when next you are in Nice. You are sure to have a warm welcome - and maybe even a câlin!

Le soleil brille

Don't you love the play on words for the name of the shop's name, Allez Hops!? Without the "s" the phrase means anything from Come on, let's get crackin' to off you go!

Jean-marc is going to fill that bag full of artisinal beer
Julie and Dan help Jean-Marc pick out craft beer to put in this handy sack (12 individual slots for beers!)
Biere bleu
Bière blonde or bière brune? As well as selling over 400 kinds of artisanal beers, Dan and Arthur (pictured at the top of this post) sell their own crafted-sur-place Bière Bleue!
Jet lag beer
Dan's wife Julie, who is also a web/log/print designer, says she is forever amused by the fun and whimsical étiquettes on all the beer bottles. Do stop in to Allez Hops! next time you are in Nice. Buy a selection of beers, à déguster entre amis…

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Allez hop! = Come on, let's go!
l'artisanat = craft industry, handicraft
la cave = cellar
la bière = beer
la brasserie = brewery
l'ardoise (f) = slate, blackboard
le soleil brille = the sun is shining
la bière blonde = lager
la bière brune = dark beer
une étiquette = label
déguster = to taste, sample
le câlin = hug


TABLECLOTH, Provence-themed linens for the house.

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LAGUIOLE STEAK KNIVES are for sale in many of the local French market stands.

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