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Find out what city we're moving to! La promesse d'achat

Mas de brun rose 2016

Our first bottles of Mas des Brun Rosé just made it to Houston. You can get some at our very good friends French Country Wines. Check with them as they could also ship, depending on where you are, to other cities. Cheers!

TODAY'S WORD: la promesse d'achat

        : promise to buy


    by Kristi Espinasse

Aujourd'hui c'est une grande journée. On va signer une promesse d'achat après 3 tentatives d'acquérir une maison. On espère bien que cette fois-ci sera la bonne. On vous demande maintenant de croiser les doigts et si tout se passe bien, on sera des Ciotadins cet été. On vous laisse avec des photos de la ville des frères Lumière....

Listen to Jean-Marc read the French text, click here

Today is a big day. We are going to sign a promise to buy after 3 attempts to purchase a house. We hope that this time it'll be the one. We ask you now to cross your fingers and, if all goes well, we will be "Ciotadins" this summer. We leave you with some photos of the Lumière brother's city.... [the city where they invented cinema]

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Port of la ciotat


Pizzeria la ciotat
We are moving to La Ciotat and we can walk to the port from our house! I will be posting more pictures at Instagram, but read to the end of the post first!
Salon de the
We can also walk to the Salon de Thé from our place...
Barber shop
We can even walk to the Barber Shop. After 10 years of living on a farm--we'll be cosmopolitans. Make that Les Ciotadens!


EVERYONE LOVES FOUTAS - Jean-Marc and I use these at the beach, for picnics, and it makes a great tablecloth, too!

TISANES - French herbal teas. My family drinks one every night, to help drift off to sleep.

APRONS, French-themed - keep the tomatoes in the tart and off of your nice shirt.

WORDS IN A FRENCH LIFE: Lessons in Love and Language from the South of France
Kristi at the port of la Ciotat

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