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Why visit La Ciotat? Let these photos endear you to this lively Mediterranean seaport

La Ciotat, hanging laundry, rainbow flag, fish, cat, window shutter
I just discovered a stash of photos taken in La Ciotat, the town in which we hope to move on July 29th. Let's use the photos to go on a stroll and discover this lively seaside town--while learning several more vocabulary words along the way. We begin with a sleepy minou and a rainbow truite (poisson? requin?), both enjoying the salty breeze as a few sweaters dry nearby and pedestrians walk along les rues pavées below.

TODAY'S WORD: le requin

        : shark

I hope never to have the occasion to write a shark am taking the opportunity, today, to feature the word--thanks to our opening photo and the little rainbow shark :-)


Click here to listen to Jean-Marc read the following sentence

Si tu gouvernes le requin en toi, tu seras un ange ; car tous les anges, c'est rien de plus que des requins bien gouvernés.
--Herman Melville, author

"If you gobern de shark in you, why den you be angel; for all angel is not’ing more dan de shark well goberned" (original text from the classic Moby Dick)


    by Kristi Espinasse

Before we begin today's photo périple through La Ciotat, I would like to encourage you now, more than ever, to increase your knowledge of the French language! You will then enjoy chance encounters with the local characters. There is nothing more rewarding, nothing more memorable, than these soulful cultural exchanges.

Having a slight doubt about whether to call this fruit and veggie seller "un maraîcher." What would you call such a shop in French? Comment via the link at the end of this post.
Charlie Vivra
The famous shipyard grues of La Ciotat. After the Paris attack in 2015, the Ciotadens (citizens of La Ciotat) sent a loud and clear message to terrorists: Charlie Lives on! This, from the same citizens that shook their fists at the PESTE when it came through in 1720 (in the end, the women climbed up onto the murailles, or bulwarks, and formed a barrier--pushing out the soldiers! Therefore no terrorists and no peste is allowed in La Ciotat!
Boat show
Every year La Ciotat has a salon nautique à flot (March 25th-April 2nd). If you love boats, sailing, and the rest, do not miss this!
Cinema Lumiere
 "La Ciotat was the setting of one of the very first projected motion pictures, L'Arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat filmed by the Lumière brothers." (Wikipedia) After the historic cinema was recently renovated, Jean-Marc and I went to see the film Lincoln.
Parc du Mugel Tete Aigle
I leave you with one of our favorite places, one my Dad still dreams of returning to (and I can't wait to take him back there!). "The municipal park of La Ciotat, the Parc du Mugel, located on the Anse deu Petit Mugel, is classified as one of the Notable Gardens of France by the the French Ministry of Culture. Sheltered by the massive rock called "Le Bec D'Aigle" (the eagle's beak), 155 meters high, it contains both a botanical garden of tropical plants and a nature preserve of native Provençal plants, covering the hillside below the rock." Wikipedia


le périple = journey
la truite
= trout
le minou = cat
le poisson = fish
le requin = shark
les rue pavées
= cobbled streets
la grue = crane
le salon nautique =
boat show
à flot
= afloat
la gare
= train station
Le Bec D'Aigle
= the eagle's beak

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